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    Hi! I'm Strawberry >:3. Writings not really my main gig. See, I don't want to grow up and become a writer. But this site's full of great people and awesome friends that I just want to stay and continue posting! **mean comments will be deleted, cry me a river :D ** Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle, and come along with me for this bumpy ride, will you? My Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/user/jrns0mxm4iyzuxchibf5oeumg?si=581d1b7d081049ca My Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/user-410985096 - she/her - sleepy gf - average electric car hater - current crush: . . . ur mom. - Honest (maybe even brutally) - I DJ in my spare time - Loves helping my community/volunteering - I like rocks :D - Video game Addict (Currently playing God of War) - My taste in music is much different than my personality "I've been hating myself You're the only one who sees me for somebody else When I'm hanging by a thread, a thread, a thread I'll remember what you said, you said, you said 'Cause it's all I've got"
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The Cop and the Prisoner he was Chained To (COMPLETED)
PG-13 Completed

All that needed to happen was a simple transport. There and back. All that Duncan needed to do was to accompany him. Well, everything was simple up until the plane crashed in the middle of a Wyoming forest with no food, no water, and a prisoner who may not be who he seems.

*A story of survival and finding camaraderie in their most desperate hour*