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Demon King's Love

Girl torn between two forbidden loves and two worlds.

Trapped in the human world, the Demon King struggles to resist falling in love with a girl as he plots to overthrow the 'gods' and conquer all realms upon his return.

Matian Meilin is an 18-year-old girl with a passion for gaming and a very well-known figure in the Esports community. One day, her life takes a turn when a handsome tyrant, Feng Deming, the ruler of the Astaran realm, enters her world. Initially assuming him to be another Prince Charming, Meilin quickly realizes that Deming is anything but charming and the last person she wants to be acquainted with. "Silly Little Human, as much as I despise it, I'm stuck with you," Deming sneers. Meilin fires back, "Stuck with me? I'M stuck with you!"

As they face various obstacles, Deming finds himself drawn to Meilin, ultimately falling deeply in love with her, despite being aware of the potential separation that comes with the mission of fulfilling his destiny.

However, Meilin's heart already belongs to another man with an equally intriguing background. Ningshun, the attractive leader of her Esports team, has a charming personality and flirty humor that easily sway her, making her yearn for something more between them. But he's a man of many mysteries, and his hidden side carries a risky secret.

Why do Deming and Meilin need each other? Is this truly Meilin's first encounter with something otherworldly? And what secrets does Ningshun have about his connection to Meilin?

"Demon King's Love" is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

GENRE: Fantasy (Xianxia), Romance (soulmates, forbidden love), Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure.