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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 11: And It Begins
Jennie Camacho
Dec 20, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QZJEtgAgEXlkuWPAYnoJposted on PENANA

Izzy looked up at me; her cheeks stained with tears. She was sitting on a worn blue recliner that made her look tiny in comparison. Her knees were pulled close to her chest, as she turned toward us. Izzy appeared to be so vulnerable that I couldn't control the urge to try to comfort her, despite my own pain. Without even realizing it, I slowly began walking towards her. We stared into each other's eyes, Griffin's presence was long forgotten. I stopped just feet from her, not sure if I should get any closer. My raised hand hovered just a mere inch or two from her face. I felt the need to wipe the tears from her face.copyright protection144PENANAzCC822Ppdj

Griffin cleared his throat, causing both Izzy and me to turn and acknowledge his existence, my hand dropping back down to my side. His facial expression said it all, the way his eyes glared at her and eyebrows knitted together. He was angry that she was here, in Olivia's sanctuary and confused by my behavior. I couldn't blame him, none it made any sense. I was sure that there was no chance of us being mates, but I couldn't explain the strong pull I felt towards her. Her touch, even her smell that somehow reminded me of Olivia's but was unique in itself, drew me to her. Unexpectedly Izzy started into a fit of laughter though the sound of it was unnatural. It was as if it was forced- holding no humor.copyright protection144PENANAO4jxIMOj3s

"You know," she began to speak to no one in particular "I shouldn't be surprised by this. All my life, I never really met anyone's expectations. It was always 'Izzy's wolf is too small to be any use.' and 'Why couldn't Izzy have been a boy?' And now this is just the icing on the cake. A mate who is not only an alpha but already had a mate. I mean really, why does the moon goddess hate me so much?" I could hear the sarcasm dripping off every word. I also didn't miss the disdain in her voice when she said the word alpha.copyright protection144PENANAgoNKlDlj0J

"Wait, you think Logan here is your mate?" Griffin asked pointing at me, almost sounding amused.copyright protection144PENANA3AmFIoHxOU

"I don't think, I know!" She growled at him, her face turning bright red with rage.copyright protection144PENANARCZaaIXZ10

"I am sorry to tell you, miss, but we already had a luna. And you are definitely not her." I should have been proud of the way Griffin was defending my mate. Instead, I was furious. I couldn't prevent the growl that escaped my mouth.copyright protection144PENANArhpf2KSn4T

'Wait, hold up a second. Are you telling me that this she-wolf is your mate? That's not possible." His tone was accusing.copyright protection144PENANA77ttMbSuJH

"Olivia was my mate, that I am sure of. It's just ....." I could see how they both waited with baited breath to hear what I had to say, for some sort of explanation. One I couldn't give either of them.copyright protection144PENANApBkoMu6Jt7

"It's just what?" He barked at me. Griffin had never spoken to me with such anger. It wasn't just that I was his alpha, but we were best friends. I could feel my wolf growing angrier by the second. It was strange for my wolf to put in his two cents anymore. Since, Olivia died he seemed to go all but dormant.copyright protection144PENANAKVpabrV3PZ

"I will not be spoken to--"copyright protection144PENANAWW7qqUBjol

'Alpha, three of our she-wolves have gone missing.' The blood drained from my face. This can't be happening. Griffin and I looked at each other for only a moment, before springing into action. Someone must have also informed him of the situation.copyright protection144PENANA0NWlcIQisk

'Alex, double the guards patrolling the borders.'copyright protection144PENANAqcgPmrhiu6

'Asher, send out every tracker we have and make sure each is accompanied by a fighter.' Before we could leave the room, Izzy grabbed onto my arm, causing me to feel the same tingling sensation.copyright protection144PENANAhr3oRtitNH

"Where are you going?" She looked at me with pure determination.copyright protection144PENANAOOvL9HtZ0V

"Pack business," Griffin answered for me.copyright protection144PENANAkr8Ahv1yNw

"I wasn't talking to you." She snapped. "We need to talk about this," Izzy said turning to me and motioning between us with her hand. Although I knew it was true, I was glad it had to wait. I honestly didn't know what this was. How could we be mates? What did it even matter, if she only planned on rejecting me anyway. Either way, it wasn't something I was prepaid to deal with at the moment.copyright protection144PENANAF5XItPcMiZ

"We have a pack emergency. Can you wait in my office until I can sort this out?" I asked. Looking down, she nodded and released her grip on my arm. Griffin and I walked out the room without looking back. I wasn't sure I would have been able to leave if I saw the sadness in her eyes, that I was sure would be there. My pack needed me, and they had to come first.copyright protection144PENANAt7OYSXFmXG

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