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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 7: Never Assume
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!RRjoV0gWG57xQGfKGe9oposted on PENANA

As we ran back to our territory, no one spoke. I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. Alex and Joshua, two of the pack's top fighters, ran in wolf form on either side of Asher and I. I could tell by their continuous glancing between me and the pup that they had many questions. None of which they voiced, it was something I was thankful for. I wasn't sure if I could answer any of them.copyright protection42PENANAUyqi8wElfa

The problem with the silence was it allowed me to get lost in my head, which resulted in me asking myself the same questions. Why? Why did this pup matter so much? What was it about him that made me want to shield him from the dangers around us? The only answer that I could come up with was maybe it was because he didn't seem to have anyone else looking out for him, but even as I thought it I knew it wasn't quite true.copyright protection42PENANAk62DvXDLTk

Looking down at the little sleeping wolf's form, front paws tucked under his head, his tail hanging off the side of the stretcher, helped calm me. His fur, which was this fascinating shade of gray had this shine to it making almost appear to be more of a silver color, had patches of blood and dirt mostly covering lower back. I wasn't sure why but watching as its chest slowly rose and fell made me feel content, almost at home.copyright protection42PENANAQ1RHH7somB

Once we neared our land Alex and Josh shifted back and took over carrying the stretcher.copyright protection42PENANANhadziKeEZ

Arriving at the gates, I was met by three young fighters and Griffin. He appeared to be scanning Asher and me, with concern clear on his face, to make sure we had no injuries. We didn't other than the larger bite mark on my leg, which was not visible beneath my jean and was nearly healed already. Then he noticed Joshua and Alex carrying the makeshift stretcher with the pup asleep upon it.copyright protection42PENANApY6rCBpfmj

'Um...uh...??' That was all he seemed to get out through the link. Griffin's lack of ability to form a coherent thought almost made me smile until I looked back down at the wolf.copyright protection42PENANAAdkrV2znrW

"Bring the pup to the medical building. Have Doc Havers take a look at him then get him settled in the suite that was prepared," I directed Joshua and Alex, as I began heading towards the pack house.copyright protection42PENANAZed9sNsc16

"Yes, Alpha," they both responded in unison, not wasting any time to carry out my orders.copyright protection42PENANAcq5iSHTiWg

'Care to explain?' Griffin asked through the link, knowing he shouldn't question me out loud in front of other wolves. I could hear the confusion and annoyance in his voice. He was mad that I had risked my life for some rogue pup.copyright protection42PENANACxuWYpZyNr

"Not really," I said aloud. I walked off smirking, knowing his curiosity was getting the better of him.copyright protection42PENANAuMFHW7uokw

I was exhausted, and a nap was in order. I had not slept at all last night since we were traveling back home the entire time. I knew I wouldn't get much rest if any, but my body was demanding I try. Once I opened the door to my room and saw my bed, the extent of my exhaustion became more apparent. I didn't even bother to change, only slipping off my shoes before flopping onto the bed. It didn't take long for sleep to come.copyright protection42PENANAvwXAPQhI8e

'Logan!' I heard her calling me through our mind link.copyright protection42PENANAZLLtIKTHiG

'Olivia?!? What's wrong?'copyright protection42PENANA8MtOupVZOf

'I am so sorry,' she cried out as she began to cough.copyright protection42PENANAwjMtTBjaks

'Sorry for what my love?' I was confused, but only half into the conversation as I tried to fight off two wolves.copyright protection42PENANAojdaNVUGDc

'I know you told me to stay behind.' The coughing continued. 'But I had to help keep our pack safe.' It was in that instant I realized why she was apologizing. The sharp pain in my left side, I had felt earlier wasn't a wound on my body but hers. My blood ran cold, and in the midst of a fight, I stopped frozen with fear. No, no, no, NO!!! This just wasn't happening. It couldn't be true.copyright protection42PENANAnMZRAuhvt5

Moments later one of the wolves bit into my ankle with a loud crunch. I could feel the bone being crushed under the force of his teeth, but that didn't matter. These wolves were stopping me from going to my mate. My Olivia.copyright protection42PENANALZoxti9Ntt

Without thinking, I let instinct take over becoming a bloodthirsty beast ripping and clawing at these wolves, tearing their flesh from the bone. I was a wolf possessed. What seemed like only seconds later, I was covered in blood surrounded by pieces of wolves.copyright protection42PENANAgSNu2AqWh3

'Olivia, baby, I'm coming!' I took off following my gut. I kept telling myself this wasn't right how could I be losing my mate. She had told me only four days prior that she thought she might be pregnant. We had an appointment with the pack doctor the day after tomorrow.copyright protection42PENANA9FQ8wqCOW6

I ran into a small field and just at the edge I saw her. She wasn't in her wolf form. I knew upon seeing her lying there naked in a pool of mud and blood, that her injuries were life-threatening, fatal even.copyright protection42PENANATH6ifzAon4

"Olivia!!!" I cried out, but she wasn't there. I was on the floor in my room, confused for a moment. Why was I forced to lose her over and over again?copyright protection42PENANASDWF7YfyVx

'Logan the pack doctor would like to speak with you,' Alex informed me. It was moments like these where being an alpha was the hardest. I couldn't escape the responsibilities that were constantly thrust upon my shoulders. I couldn't show the pain and sorrow that never left me.copyright protection42PENANAC4cscJSPxO

'I will be there in five.' I tried to hide the exhaustion and anger from of my voice, but I was sure it came through.copyright protection42PENANAWrw2KMClb0

"Alpha," Doc Havers greeted me with a small bow.copyright protection42PENANAp3ElIMkYkf

"How's the pup doing Doc?"copyright protection42PENANAvWjIowshm0

"While there was quite a bit of blood loss, most of the injuries have healed, and I am sure she'll be good as new a few days time?" I only stood there looking at the doctor with a blank look. Surely he must have been mistaken?copyright protection42PENANA6isClcpYxA

"You mean HE right??"copyright protection42PENANAZWDDhmpCkJ

"No, I am positive the wolf is a female, and SHE is not a pup. See for yourself," He said, extending his arm towards the suite the wolf was resting in.copyright protection42PENANARQFbz4H2l3

Slowing opening the door, I saw a young woman lying on the bed. I just stood there in shock.copyright protection42PENANA2rmv4IHtHe

"GET OUT!!!"copyright protection42PENANA4GaIjs4I4p

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