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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 4: Crescent Moon
Jennie Camacho
Nov 16, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XGuMhFawMFrE7lj1vH21posted on PENANA

Arriving at the Crescent Moon pack house someone might have believed we were royalty, not a smaller pack coming for help. Phillips had spared no expense for this party. Wolves were everywhere, drinking, dancing and have an all around good time. A large banner with 'Welcome Silent River' hung just inside the large entry way. Did he honestly think a party would change my mind?copyright protection58PENANAgJjpL9kkIT

Asher stayed close by. He had remarked at the guest house that he wouldn't put anything past the guy. Frankly, neither would I. Phillips never had a very good reputation as far as alphas went. He was secretive, and constantly working some sort of angle. Olivia had always said she had a bad feeling about the guy, and now that she was gone I distrusted even more.copyright protection58PENANAtFzXsRCDop

"Alpha Blackmore to what do I owe the honor of your presence here?" Phillips over enthusiastically greeted me. I had to suppress the urge to roll my eyes.copyright protection58PENANAiQ3pbnrG5u

"Alpha Phillips, I was actually hoping to talk with you in private about a very pressing matter," I said attempting to keep the agitation out of my voice.copyright protection58PENANAIld2KZb5jT

"Of course, of course, but first enjoy yourselves a bit. Eat, drink, and unwind. I am sure the run here must have been exhausting." He replied putting his arm around my shoulder. The way that he acted people might have thought that we were close friends. That couldn't have been further from the truth.copyright protection58PENANAYNzxK1pnEN

"I really must insist due to the nat.."copyright protection58PENANAMXEQmPeOwj

"Yes, yes, " he cut me off. "all in due time." His nonchalance about the situation was seriously grating my nerves. My wolf was itching to come to the surface and make this sad excuse of a man show us the respect we deserved.copyright protection58PENANAieFvgqusvO

'You would think for someone trying to poach your pack; he would care a bit more about the pressing matters involving it.' Asher linked me, earning only a small shake of my head and an eye roll. Even so, what he said was right.copyright protection58PENANAltBU1mWqKA

Some five and a half hours later we were finally sitting in his study getting down to business. I didn't waste any time getting straight to the point. I needed to get the protection my pack needed before it was too late.copyright protection58PENANAexxSnUICJe

"As you may have heard we have been having an increasing number of rogues near our southwestern border," I began after taking a seat in front of his desk. He nodded for me to continue. "I was just informed by Alpha Davidson that these rogues have taken three of their she-wolves," I told him, stopping to give him time to absorb the information.copyright protection58PENANAV1tBxJ11cw

"And you are concerned your pack could be next?" He asked already knowing the answer.copyright protection58PENANAQxZrs0Nory

"Yes, and with our current size, even a small loss could be devastating." I hated admitting especially to him.copyright protection58PENANAZG5wztrh5a

"What can we do to assist? Name it and it is yours." He replied as if it was no big deal.copyright protection58PENANAv0cZBJJCLV

"Thank you, we were hoping to borrow a few guards if you can spare them." It took everything in me to remain calm, but underneath my blood was boiling, my wolf furious.copyright protection58PENANA9Bs82U9QjB

"How does fifteen sound?"copyright protection58PENANAoihuPQXg82

"That is very generous, thank you." Fifteen had been more than what we were hoping to get from all three packs combined. It made visiting the other two packs unnecessary.copyright protection58PENANArE3DDEnmh8

"Now that that's taken care of, I insist you both join me for dinner with my family." Agreeing out of courtesy we all left his office and made our way to the dining room. His very pregnant mate and teenage son were already at the table, which five place settings.copyright protection58PENANAhqJKzLFJCY

'And it begins' Asher said apprehensively.copyright protection58PENANAk1gCv6tsmB

'Yeah, wish me luck.' I joked humorously.copyright protection58PENANAuOfxsTcPfu

"Alpha Blackmore this is my lovely mate Victoria, and my son and future alpha Eric. Regrettably, my daughter Isabella won't be able to join us. She is visiting another pack."copyright protection58PENANAXxVGhvsXe5

"Alpha" Phillips mate greeted slightly bowing her head.copyright protection58PENANAVy6caCiE4F

"Please, call me Logan. This is my third in command, Asher."copyright protection58PENANAfzuv7WojME

"Luna," Asher bowed.copyright protection58PENANAOJbJqteTqt

Dinner was going better than anticipated. There was not one mention of plans for my pack.copyright protection58PENANAYm15zcHRQM

"So, Alpha Blackmore, have you made any plans for your pack's future?" Phillips inquired.copyright protection58PENANAx6l1BsY0MK

"What do you mean?" I asked hesitantly know exactly what he meant.copyright protection58PENANAFBuRlUkANL

"I hate to pry, but after the tragic death of your mate, it must have occurred to you what will become of your pack once you can no longer continue as alpha." He was doing his best to sound sincere. It hurt just hearing him utter those words, but I couldn't show it. That would be seen as weakness.copyright protection58PENANA3M85RHiyz9

"I have thought it over a great deal, and I have a few plans." I didn't want to want to discuss this, not with him, anyway.copyright protection58PENANAl6fG8R97RW

"Would you mind me asking what those plans might be?"copyright protection58PENANARwyloTgIt4

"Not to be disrespectful, but I wouldn't feel comfortable discussing my plans with anyone before I let my pack know first. My apologies."copyright protection58PENANAuxQCDHkVgT

"No, no I understand. I would just like to offer you an idea if you don't mind. I just found out we are expecting a son." He glanced at his mate and placed a hand over hers. "I was hoping you might consider him for the future alpha of Mountain Ridge."copyright protection58PENANA4B0ki8bsg3

I felt my eyes growing darker by the second. I was barely containing my wolf. How dare he propose that. I knew he was going to, but hearing it in reality just set me off. I could feel Asher's eyes on me. When I looked over I saw him staring at the edge of the table in front of me. Shocked, I realized that my claws had extended and were current destroying the portion of the cherry wood table. I quickly removed my hands and stood up from where I was seated.copyright protection58PENANAo7AWtYQKHk

"I think it's time we get on our way," I said through gritted teeth. Asher got up from his seat, and we hurriedly made our way to the front exit. Without thinking, I shifted midway out the door. I had to run off the pure fury running through me before I did something I would regret.copyright protection58PENANAObRFOum8qD

Running blindly through the woods with no concern for where I was going, I tried to gather my thoughts. Suddenly, I heard the footsteps of a wolf behind me. Turning and baring my teeth, I realized I was fully prepared to rip Asher's throat out. He stopped dead in his tracks lowering his head in an attempt to show he was no threat. Breathing heavily I tried to calm myself and my wolf.copyright protection58PENANA2uf2Oxb0Zr

'Alpha?' He asked, sounding very unsure. Seconds after he spoke through the mind link, I heard it. Faintly in the distance, I heard growling and a few whimpers. Without a second thought, I took off in that direction, leaving my third in command behind. This was exactly what my wolf needed. He was desperate for an outlet for his aggression. And I would give it to him.copyright protection58PENANA3ozEl2CcNj

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