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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 5: Loss All Over Again
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!azVZzwibfoi43q45on6yposted on PENANA

Racing towards the noises, I was hoping it would lead me to some action. The sounds were becoming clearer more discernible. Snarls, jaws snapping- there, was a fight, and I had to get in on it. Normally, my wolf and I weren't this aggressive, but the smooth, copper taste of blood called to him today.copyright protection86PENANAT3dmRlvbf5

 I could hear the crunching of dried, dead leaves as paws crushed them. I was close. Turning into the edge of the forest with ash-white, baron trees towering over us, Asher and I finally found them. Circling one another, the two wolves sized each other up, waiting for the other to make the first move. The coarse brown fur stood straight up on the back of the larger wolf, anger filling his hazel eyes as he let a throaty growl rumble-free.copyright protection86PENANANqEIqdfIov

Glancing to the other wolf, I had to stare a moment. Small-no tiny for our kind, the gray coated opponent looked more like an ordinary wolf than a werewolf. It was hard to call the little creature an opponent when it seemed more like pray. I was sure that this small light gray wolf was still a pup.copyright protection86PENANA7Hzb8Egx2m

'What's that wolf thinking going after a pup?' Shock and disgust laced Asher's tone. It was indeed a disturbing sight. The pup was unsuccessfully trying to dodge the wolf's advances. It was clear to me the brown one was playing with, almost taunting the little one.copyright protection86PENANA6VqjhiEMtU

Without wasting another second to respond, I jumped from behind the large lush green bush that hid my enormous form and bared my huge razor like teeth at the aggressive brown wolf, drool dripping from my open mouth. They both stopped mid step looking at my menacing stance seeming shocked by my sudden appearance. Both growled at me not sure of what my intentions were. I let out a deep, angry snarl after turning and facing the larger wolf in a warning for him to leave. I was sure by his matted mud cover coat, and putrid stench, wafting into my nose from his direction, that he was a rogue. Although he was abnormally big for a rogue, my wolf still towered over him, almost dwarfing him. copyright protection86PENANARhkvZKJft7

After taking in my appearance, his eyes widened with trepidation then quickly narrowed into slits as if realization hit him that he now had a real fight on his hands. It didn't stop the furious growl that he directed at me. I readied myself for the impending fight, my paws scratching at the dirt below in anticipation of him making the first move. He didn't disappoint, throwing himself at my right hind leg, sinking his teeth deep into my flesh. He had been faster than I had anticipated, and it allowed him to get a good bite on me. The pain surged through my leg into my hip causing me to stumble, landing rather ungracefully onto the cold dirt floor. Quickly recovering, I managed to get back up my back paw barely touching the ground, my blood trickling down from the fresh wound on my leg. Limping, I turned and faced him again.copyright protection86PENANALBPlMYZ3v2

'Alpha, do you need my assistance?' an unsure Asher asked as he peered through the shrubbery, which he was hiding behind. Not even seconds after he had asked, the smaller wolf launched itself onto the brown wolf's back with such force. It wasn't until then did I notice the amount of blood in the young wolf's shiny smooth coat. This pup was hurt pretty bad. Nevertheless, it was still fighting. copyright protection86PENANApBXQUe8z1C

Looking into the gray wolf's determined gray eyes as it held on, I suddenly felt this overpowering need to protect this pup as if it was my own. Pushing aside the pain I clamped down on the rouge's front leg, causing him to buck the pup off his back. I could taste his blood in my mouth and feel the crunching of his bones, as I saw the other wolf land harshly against a large barren tree. It looked broken, lifeless.copyright protection86PENANAuSTOoTz793

'GET THE PUP OUT OF HERE!' I screamed at Asher through the link. Without questioning, he leaped out from behind the bush grabbing the gray pup by the scruff. He raced off with it in his hold. copyright protection86PENANAfUE5fq3fty

Fighting with the rogue, he didn't seem to notice the sudden disappearance of the gray wolf. But once the wolf realized it was just him and myself, he seemed to lose it. He bit and clawed at me frantically not seeming to care that he was leaving himself exposed. It didn't take long for the rogue to tire himself out. Once I saw my opening, I swiftly ducked under him and slashed across his abdomen. Not long after he laid in human form lifeless on the ground. My wolf should have been satisfied with this, but his only thoughts were for the safety of the pup Asher took off with.copyright protection86PENANAhTaeK4tTEu

'Asher, where are you?'copyright protection86PENANAv8noXMiwTr

'Only about half a mile west of you. Please hurry,' he replied. I took off running as fast as my paws could carry me. All thought of the pain surging through my hind leg forgotten. All I could imagine was the pup must have been more injured than I had thought. What if it died before I could get there. What if I failed to save this pup as I failed Olivia?copyright protection86PENANAA9lefAEiQ8

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