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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 8: Frustrated & Confused
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!30RM6VfGIwxPWtEuWmwlposted on PENANA

I felt someone pull me from the room by my sleeve, but I didn't even react. I was just in too much shock. The pure hatred that she-wolf seemed to harbor towards me didn't make any sense. What had I done?copyright protection59PENANAuhxJLHLcvs

"What did you do?" Asher asked, still with his hand on my arm.copyright protection59PENANAlytckz8zgR

"Nothing?" I replied though my answer sounded more like a question. I still hadn't taken my eye off the closed door.copyright protection59PENANA5OG2hkxeH3

"Wait here, okay?" Asher asked. I merely nodded and waited for him as he disappeared into her room. Standing there waiting in the hallway for Asher to return felt like forever, but it did give me time to think. Why had I assumed she was a male pup. Well, she was smaller than every other she-wolf I had ever encountered, and she had been so aggressive, not something I came across among female werewolves, I tried to reason.copyright protection59PENANAzbl7V6PHjk

Asher slowly slipped through the door closing it softly behind him.copyright protection59PENANA9FSDScc0Mt

"Well," He began scratching his head. "She's requested permission to leave and would appreciate it if you would keep away from her," He said sounding really uneasy.copyright protection59PENANARShyVzTsNA

"What?" I asked aloud more to myself than to him.copyright protection59PENANAwnMRuHYjpi

"She didn't seem this upset when I went in earlier to talk to her. She was very polite and friendly. Even thanked me for all my help."copyright protection59PENANAEyXwcPJoQw

"YOUR help?" I yelled a little riled up, taking a step toward him.copyright protection59PENANASIoahjKaMx

"Her words, not mine." He defended, putting both his hands up in surrender, his back against the door.copyright protection59PENANALiVyaqg8JF

"Yeah, yeah," I said backing off. "Just tell her she is free to leave as soon as Doc clears her," I replied trying not to let my frustration get the better of me as I walked off. "Oh, and see if you can find out what pack she's from and why she was out in the woods alone."copyright protection59PENANAqneoUqeEP4

What was with this darn she-wolf? How could she hate me so much when I had yet to utter even a single word to her? All I've done is try to help her. More importantly, why did I even care? Whatever, she would be gone in a day or so.copyright protection59PENANAaHNzS4TCeF

I wandered back towards the pack house without any apparent destination in mind, when I realized I had ended up in front of a room, I haven't entered in forever. It's not that I didn't want to enter the 'everything room', but it simply hurt too much. I would usually pause here when I walked past, but I could never get past my hand hovering over the doorknob. I was sure it still smelled of her. She spent all her free time in there.copyright protection59PENANA90Y5y8vOhf

"Finally going to go in there?" Griffin asked, startling me. I hadn't even realized he was behind me.copyright protection59PENANAuHDI6x8kbX

"Uh, no, maybe later," I said hesitantly. "I have a heap of work to do."copyright protection59PENANApmFcVxgOav

"Who are you trying to sell that lie to me or yourself?" He knew me too well. No one had been in there since Olivia's passing.copyright protection59PENANAukwsp4AUTR

"You know, sometimes I wonder if she repainted it again since I was last in there. She seemed to be redoing it every other week," Griffin reminisced with a slight smile on his face. They were close, and sometimes I forget he lost one of his best friends not just his Luna.copyright protection59PENANA9nzN6Fke0w

"She was pregnant, you know," I blurted out after a long silence. I hadn't told anyone once the doctor confirmed it after doing her autopsy. I had ordered him not to tell anyone and to destroy any records of it. I know that wasn't the alpha thing to do, but I couldn't help the few tears that broke free and slipped down my cheek.copyright protection59PENANAcpSSCOqSCA

"But how?" He eventually managed to ask. I could see the pain and pity written on his face.copyright protection59PENANAo6UUzkZ9fT

"She told me a few days before the attack, but she hadn't been certain. Doc Havers confirmed it after the autopsy." My words came out in a low whisper. I wasn't even sure Griffin heard me.copyright protection59PENANA1pgAcngxCh

"You both would have been great parents." I nodded still standing facing the doorway. I just couldn't do it. Everything about that room was Olivia. No one ever went in there except to talk to Olivia or to view her latest masterpiece. I didn't want to contaminate it, to lose the last bit of her. The fact that I had not only lost her but my unborn child had made things so much worse.copyright protection59PENANA3OGWHjL7bo

We had spent nearly a yearly trying for a child. Olivia loved kids. Every time she saw a small baby she would get the gleam in her eyes and a dreamy smile on her face. I hadn't been so eager to have kids. I mean I knew I wanted one eventually, but I wasn't sure I was ready to be a dad just yet. Then when she had told me the knew that she might be pregnant it was like all my doubt vanished.copyright protection59PENANAIAvDu4Yudd

"Come on man, let's go train for a bit." Griffin started to steer me towards the training room. He truly was my saving grace. It was like he could sense when things became too much for me. As we walked downstairs, he kept looking at me like he wanted to say something.copyright protection59PENANAneCEPO16lD

"What? Spit it out already." I said.copyright protection59PENANAnps4m9n7hz

"It's nothing. It's just I understand now why you cared so much about that pup."copyright protection59PENANAv090DE4B8i

"She's not a pup," I informed him.copyright protection59PENANAOvxr9mfbtB

"She? I thought you said the wolf was male." He seemed more than shocked.copyright protection59PENANAOQ0gVmqitH

"Yeah, well, I was wrong," I replied, feeling frustrated all over again. Why did the wolf detest me so much?copyright protection59PENANASYH2ZlG3XP

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