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Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Chapter 9: The She-Wolf
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!msFGZh5Zm6iY4hB4o3q4posted on PENANA

After we left the gym, Griffin decided to take off, while I went to my study to get some long-ignored work done. As I entered the room, I was surprised to see Asher half slumped over on the large leather couch. He seemed to have dozed off waiting for me, drool slowly trailing down the left side of his face. I knew like myself he had not gotten a proper sleep in the past few days, although our reasons for the lack of sleep were very different.copyright protection45PENANAG7zENFHSS9

"Asher, can I help you?" I spoke louder than necessary. My words seemed to startle him, bringing a smile to my face. He pushed himself up from his slumped position and sat up straighter, looking momentarily lost.copyright protection45PENANA7fBMVA31Aq

"Alpha! Uh... Sorry, I was just um waiting for you." I could see the embarrassment on his face from being caught napping, his cheeks and neck slowly taking on a pink tint to them. He rubbed the back of his neck which was more than likely stiff.copyright protection45PENANA8Tpcb0hz4H

"I can see," I said smirking at him. His cheeks turning even pinker, if possible.copyright protection45PENANAEKOdoCS6vK

"I have been speaking with the she-wolf, and well, she's a rogue."copyright protection45PENANAfCZQpVrtX2

"A rogue are you sure?" It was hard to believe such a small she-wolf would dare to go rogue.copyright protection45PENANAT5Wii7jzHn

"Yes, she left her pack just a few weeks ago, but she refuses to tell me what pack she came from." How had she been surviving all this time? Her wolf was small, and the number of rogues in the area just seem to be increasing.copyright protection45PENANAhl76zwJrCe

"I want to speak with her. Maybe she knows what's going on with the other rogues in the area." I couldn't help but wonder if she was involved with the group that was behind the kidnappings.copyright protection45PENANAcRRcIg8aJ5

"But Logan, the only thing she requested is she not have to see you," Asher said almost like he was scared to repeat it.copyright protection45PENANAdCa9Vshe2Y

"Did she say why?" I asked my tone becoming slightly harsh. I had done nothing but help her.copyright protection45PENANABkkIqTf9kR

"Only that she despises alphas and what they stand for. I think it explains why she seemed to take such a disliking to you and Alpha Phillips."copyright protection45PENANAoxJfKrwSCg

"I am nothing like Phillips!" I yelled pounding my fist on my desk. Asher seemed taken aback by my sudden outburst.copyright protection45PENANAXPT8YOAf2D

'Alpha, Izzy wants to speak with,' Jake informed me.copyright protection45PENANAeDYymorCyM

'Izzy?' Was I that out of touch with my pack that I didn't even know all their names anymore?copyright protection45PENANAtXkdd4FJWh

'The she-wolf we brought in today.'copyright protection45PENANA0U7T26HDmK

'Are you sure she requested to speak with me?' I asked emphasising the word me. Here I had Asher telling me not more than four hours ago she wanted nothing to do with me, and now she wanted to talk to me?copyright protection45PENANAhAof9KEAnc

'Yes, sir. She asked if she could speak with my alpha.'copyright protection45PENANAnQaH4nMJ7I

"She requested to speak with me," I told Asher. He raised his eyebrows as if to ask if I was serious.copyright protection45PENANA17C81FeJiB

"Why?" He asked sounding as confused as I was at her sudden change of mind.copyright protection45PENANAtzbROkCtVZ

'Please escort her to my study.'copyright protection45PENANAFiQQ0VdMEl

'Yes, Alpha.'copyright protection45PENANAvGs8PtN4c6

"I don't know, but she's on her way here."copyright protection45PENANAFGGQxvbaY6

"Well, then I should be getting to bed. I'm exhausted." He slowly stood from the brown oversized leather couch and did a dramatic yawn as he stretched.copyright protection45PENANAaEp1uqWIcA

Only moments after Asher walked out of the room; there was a knock at the door. I wasn't sure what this she-wolf wanted after requesting not to see me, but I had a feeling whatever she had to say would not be friendly.copyright protection45PENANA3IhvQ6ZEac

"Come in." The moment the door open the smell of cherry orchid and lily blossom invaded my senses. It was almost intoxicating. Jake slowly walked through the doorway entering my office. Izzy followed closely behind him. She seemed not to want to walk in any further than was necessary. Her head was down, and her hands were fisted at her sides. Izzy's long curly black hair flowed around her face. Looking at her now, I realized why her wolf might be so small. She reminded me of a pixie, small and childlike. If it weren't for her mature figure, I would have guess she was no older than thirteen of fourteen.copyright protection45PENANAKPSqGqVRBT

"You wanted to speak with me?" I asked after a long silence took over. She didn't even look up. To be honest, I was sure she hadn't heard me.copyright protection45PENANAYLxnM2OIK0

"Could we speak in private?" She asked in a low, strained whisper, slightly jerking her head in Jake's direction. Jake looked to me and with a curt nod he excused himself, quietly closing the door behind him. Again the room went quiet, and I couldn't help but become frustrated. Why ask to speak with me, if she wasn't going to say anything?copyright protection45PENANAjNJAjzHidR

"Sorry I know I have been less the gracious about all your help, but I have my reasons," she paused wringing her hands together. She finally looked up at me with a sad expression. Her gray eyes shined with what I could only assume were unshed tears. I had never seen such large doe-like eyes before. The emotion I saw in them had me getting up from my desk and approaching her.copyright protection45PENANAvXGnomNjep

"Stop!" She yelled holding her hand up. Suddenly her eyes hardened and she to a step back.copyright protection45PENANAdcaKAXMoGx

"I am only here to say my peace and leave."copyright protection45PENANApZk8ADIhWV

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