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    Pono Phantasia
    Pono Phantasia
    > Cebu, Philippines...
    > I started writing this year, February 2024
    > I create my own fantasy maps, and book covers using Clip Studio Paint
    > You can message me anytime, but I might not be able to reply directly
    > For those who want to work with me in the future, make sure to follow and message your goals!


    Currently making a series called Sweetened Paper and Gold:

    1. N Staged Princess - https://www.penana.com/story/151032/staged-princess/
    a. SN Slay the Valley Unyan - in planning
    b. SN Four Curses - in planning
    2. N Against Angelic Daemons - in planning
    3. N Into the Living Undead - in planning
    4. N For Isaac Littleheart - in planning
    5. N Truth in Crown - in planning
    6. N Of Sweetened Paper and Gold - in planning
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George & Rupert
PG Completed

George and Rupert are your fantasy gay couple who does everything because one secretly has a lot of money and experience in magic that he is practically immortal, while the other is the opposite who is pitiful and baby-needy. Follow their daily life after they had celebrated their 18th birthday and have fun reading!