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    Hello! I am a 22 year old from Melbourne, Australia!

    I have just migrated over here from Wattpad where I have been writing fantasy novels since 2014!! You can find me on that platform with the same username and pfp
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The Kings Kitten


"Do you believe we're really soulmates?" I asked, if there was anyone I could trust with this answer it would be the High Priestess of The Divine Coven, she was the most powerful supernatural being in our society.

Cressida smirked. "Do you not feel the bond, dear? The warm sense of safety he brings for you? The way his voice makes you feel? The way your body reacts when he touches you-"

"Is the answer yes or no." My father interrupted. Cressida giggled lightly. "I believe it's for Madeline to decide. Werecats don't mate the same way Werewolves do, it's a mutual decision that gets built upon and a bond doesn't occur until the mating process is complete. However, the fact she is the destined soulmate to a werewolf the residual bond felt by Alpha Renwick may very well be evident within Madelines own body already. It's not a matter of whether or not they're soulmates, it's a matter of whether or not Madeline will allow them to be." She explained.

Cats and Dogs were never meant to get along. Cats are hygienic and picky, they are intelligent and agile. And Dogs? Well they're loyal at least. The contrasting differences between species are only exaggerated when it comes to the supernatural, of which make a defining combination when paired together, and as fate would have it - it happened. Follow fate on the journey through the challenging bond made by the goddesses above for an unfortunate She-cat whose outspoken personality landed her right into the arms of her worst enemy, the Werewolf.