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    Rahaf Eliwa
    Rahaf Eliwa
    Hello, I'm Rahaf. I'm a daydreamer who's decided to try to turn her dream into reality.

    "the desire to write was planted within you for a reason"
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Rekindled Embers

“Your smiles are trying to break through my barrier and get to my heart. that small little flame in the depth of my heart that wants nothing but to be seen and let out. your voice is getting louder and louder trying to cover for the fact that that flame exists even if it’s unseen, even if it’s not acknowledged. They don’t know they are only adding fuel to it increasing the risk of unintentional burns.”

Adeline is throbbing for freedom, she’s struggling to find in her controlling family. She always thought she was weak but when he made her see her true self she changed everything.

“I will make these cocky creatures pay for the pain they caused my mother, for the misery they made me see as a kid. I want them begging at my feet. I want to make my uncle who helped him pay for running away. I want to know whether my parents are trapped, tortured or chained. are they eating or not, would they know me or not? are they alive?”

Lucus’s heart is aching for revenge, he’s tortured daily for not knowing who is he truly. Until she appears, showing him acceptance and truth.