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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
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Co-Writer Ethan Redmace*
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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
The monster, Villain's POV chapter,
Ethan Redmace
Nov 12, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3eTRrhFHtTVVX42ItWZHposted on PENANA

I wrote down on paper. I marked it off with my paper multiple times. Lana was now in the hospital. Creeping out of my hideaway and grabbing my precious possession tight, I laugh as the moon frowns in my direction. To me, frowning is another word for smiling.copyright protection11PENANAigKc7HC0Iu

"We need to talk." Someone stepped up to me during my stroll.copyright protection11PENANAvMJoDaGiR9

"Go ahead! Try not to prove it!"copyright protection11PENANAbN48S6Rm3Q

"I don't need you anymore." Dark clouds enveloped around the both of us and that someone pulled us up both into clouds even though the rain was pouring down and we couldn't reach up to the Heavens. The rain poured and I clutched my precious possession tight within my fingers," I could click you away."copyright protection11PENANA3l7Oxfvafd

"So could I. I choose not to."copyright protection11PENANAFKZo8CzOVq

"You will pay."copyright protection11PENANAX6e2f696sc

"You will pay." We stood up to fight, his hands aimed at my masked face.copyright protection11PENANAXwx4k5jPgz

"Magic doesn't stop me." I was out of sight, out of mind while his magic tried to detect me. His dark magic, I presume or some form of magic. It didn't matter. I would kill him and get out of here. Lana and her friends would get it. Everyone would be gone. Everyone.copyright protection11PENANA3Vj2jsFShA

"Magic is unseen! You can not-"copyright protection11PENANAjfHxhWEq37

"I can see you alright."copyright protection11PENANAC1Da5XgpNw

................................................................................................................................. copyright protection11PENANAZQrjTLLyD2

Suddenly they clashed and began to fight for hours, making the trees shake and the earth around them tumble. The two villains couldn't let themselves stop until all the forces of good were attracted to them. Armies came around them and one of them was left for dead. The man the Monster had fought had been clawed up, scarred from head to toe, desperately needing help or he would die by his hands and lasting scars. With the catch of infections that could enter his system, making him crack before it was too late. copyright protection11PENANA9XhRuzN9ZR

"He-almost killed me. I used to be his master."copyright protection11PENANAgCSUNYR4oF

The policemen raised eyebrows at this. Their medical surgeon attended to him as they got him ready to go to the Hospital in town. The same hospital some young girl had gone to. They helped him into an ambulance, unknowing of something that was about to go down.copyright protection11PENANAAnv2GoNsXr

Somehow they didn't think about this. They had arrived too late. No spies or cameras on the scene. However, they sent their best detectives into the fields to scan for evidence; Shawn and Gus, not from the show Psyche however, but still a couple of the best around. They would question this surly weak looking man after he was finished being treated.copyright protection11PENANAv7oNYTmM2m

A shadow echoed around them. A shadow with the face of moonlight and the eyes of the dark wind right as they were loading the ambulance and moving all their police cars, turning off their sirens and getting on the road, all the way to the hospital and other deployments.copyright protection11PENANADjZwdMv5QT

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