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Writer Capt. leon
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Return to Shadizar
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!a3WMJI5mk6hzbi6l0Ll7posted on PENANA


Chapter 2: Return to Shadizarcopyright protection4PENANASLSOxCwCYR

Dead weight, that's how Conan considered Fleur de Lis. He would not be able to enter any city with the striking creature as it would attract much attention, even if he were to cover her with cloths this would also be suspicious.copyright protection4PENANAIgqUyxfzjB

At first he was shocked when the unicorn told him that some unicorns knew how to locate gems and gemstones with their magic, however, she was only doing some levitating.copyright protection4PENANAGZP2qpl6pW

“Dead weight," Conan muttered quietly, having to abide by his barbaric code of honor that forced him to help any woman in distress, and though the creature could not be classified as a woman, it was no ordinary animal either.copyright protection4PENANAVhHO5fqCSo

Fleur de Lis could not hear what the man whispered to himself, but she could imagine it. What most outraged her after recovering from the shock of seeing herself on another planet/dimension was the fact that the coarse man did not consider her magic or her previous work as a special guard of the capital as something useful.copyright protection4PENANAtAEUudsKML

“This is so humiliating, but I have no choice but to trust this guy.”copyright protection4PENANAltLavcARiZ

There was only one place where the creature would be accepted, and Conan moved quickly to that place: Shadizar.copyright protection4PENANANehv2nLsZD

The young Queen Jehnna was very happy to see the man who was her first love, although she knew deep down that the giant would never correspond to her feelings.copyright protection4PENANARsdwnIKPsx

Zula, the captain of the royal guard; Akiro, the court magician; and Malak, the palace jester, were also pleased to see their friend.copyright protection4PENANABO0mZvyzmR

After the greetings, Conan removed the furs that covered what appeared to be a horse and all of Conan's friends, including the queen, drowned out a cry of surprise. And if that were not enough, they almost fell backwards as they heard the unicorn present herself in a very polite manner and ask for her majesty's favor.copyright protection4PENANAza6RG8erBd

“Of course... any friend of Shadizar's hero will have my protection and help," said Jehnna, who was very impressed.copyright protection4PENANA4tFiZ31KSu

The young monarch invited Conan and his strange companion to a royal dinner, trying to be very subtle as she did not know how to deal with such an exotic guest.copyright protection4PENANAhtihQiNpSa

Fleur de Lis correctly read Jehnna's expression of concern, giving her and those present a brief description of her world and her customs, especially those concerning food and rest. She did not want to be treated like an animal by giving her water in a bucket or to be sent to sleep in a simple pen.copyright protection4PENANAhslnj1wxt8

“There are some magical creatures in this world," said the old magician Akiro. “None as smart or charming, though.”copyright protection4PENANAKxBqQAtRlm

“You are very kind...”copyright protection4PENANAlCQEUGWH6O

Akiro was very interested in Fleur de Lis because of its magical nature and they had a pleasant conversation, while on the other hand the fierce and noble Azula, together with Malak, asked their enormous friend for more details of their meeting.copyright protection4PENANASngdLzfh7I

“…And that's the story," said the Cimmerian. “From the black forest to here, Fleur de Lis and I came all the way.”copyright protection4PENANApRf0i6BMXW

“You went all the way alone!” Jehnna suddenly exclaimed. Fleur de Lis was so distracted with Akiro that neither she nor the old magician listened to her.copyright protection4PENANA8jzZXtGTaM

“Wow, you're jealous, my queen," joked Malak, and then he was glared at by Jehnna, and he lowered his head submissively.copyright protection4PENANAI3aYgVyvdG

“Of course not, I was just... surprised that nothing happened to them on the way back, they could have been assaulted by bandits or something," Jehnna said quickly, knowing deep down that her silly friend was not entirely wrong.copyright protection4PENANAdDxtDQzfCx

After dinner, the queen offered her horse guest one of the best rooms in the palace. Fleur de Lis thanked her very much for the gesture and prepared for a well-deserved rest.copyright protection4PENANAcLQLKNfrHq

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAdptooJkXfx

The things they send me to write.... Don't forget to vote and comment on pretty please.           copyright protection4PENANADtabWO2w4F

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