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Submission Closed
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No Plagiarism!4sWlWuPSBwBC25XtU2ejposted on PENANA

1st place: One of Many by Chunwacopyright protection1442PENANALId1AK8mpN

2nd place: The Water Nymph by Foxheartcopyright protection1442PENANANtfJPcdE4P

3rd place: Even Heaven Must Bow To Me by jtqxcopyright protection1442PENANAaGsdLpGFrV

Xianxia is a genre which is very popular in China. It directly translates into 'Immortal Hero' and the stories usually takes place in a world unlike our own. A world filled with demonic beasts and extraordinary powers. This is a world where a person's level of strength is what determines their future accomplishments.copyright protection1442PENANAZcDdedXnAn

This genre already has a good amount of followers, however the society is pretty tight and we wish to allow more readers to enjoy the pleasure of a good Xianxia story!copyright protection1442PENANAanRq6GCkkG

This contest is to write a scene from a xianxia story. The theme is completely up to you, but I will list a few suggestions such as:copyright protection1442PENANAavnCI82pOu

A Fighting Scenecopyright protection1442PENANAlNHY0WcYjM

A Romantic Scenecopyright protection1442PENANAltacUhSwCd

A Cultivation Break through scenecopyright protection1442PENANAdMJAprJsRx

A Scene where the MC meets their mastercopyright protection1442PENANAWclEalAnkT

The start of a xianxia novel where the MC might have some trouble? copyright protection1442PENANAaFnkRhCKNe

The scene is not allowed to exceed 1000 words.copyright protection1442PENANAY11HBr9kT0

Violence is allowed, but no smut. copyright protection1442PENANASQcdunz4KT

Prize: $20 to first place, $10 to second place, $5 to third placecopyright protection1442PENANAXUzkfqBSbp

(Prices gets paid through PayPal so make sure you have one.)copyright protection1442PENANA6aq8R2z0mt

The winner will receive a private message from me, Tinalynge, asking for a paypal account and the prize will be paid out the 31st of December.copyright protection1442PENANA0fjdsNA1Rk

Winner gets determined by the amount of likes they get.copyright protection1442PENANAVPfu9vVLn6

If there are more than one entry with the same amount of likes, the winner will be the entry with most views.copyright protection1442PENANAbugBC8Ec90

If you have any questions, feel free to join us at Xianxia Society or on the IRC chat Lightnovelscopyright protection1442PENANAF9gYnIMXJD

Comments ( 2 )

ThatOneGuy - Is there a limit on how much stories we cand submit?
2 years agoreply

Tinalynge - You can submit as many stories as you like to write. The audience decides whether it is quantity or quality that they prefer.
2 years agoreply