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Disguised Beast
Dec 5, 2015
2 Mins Read
451 Words
No Plagiarism!PK2Nexwn9jFA85Du1SUeposted on PENANA The man's ears had a belly full of cheers from the crowd that sat around the massive arena. The man clutched his sword as if it was his mom's hand. A sleeve full of armor swarmed around his arms and hands, and the sun's light shaded his skin.

On the other side of the arena was a little boy, no hair stood over his head, and no iron protected him from the harm of battle. Though the day was at its brightest, all the boy saw was darkness, his eyes might as well have been old rubber balls that got lodged in his eye sockets, because the little boy was as blind as a naked mole rat.copyright protection198PENANApGKwivGaHK

"Fight!" Yelled the king who was on the top balcony looking like an angel among savages.copyright protection198PENANAaxvckKJR7T

The man ran like a hungry cheetah towards the little boy, his sword pointed towards his little stomach, just waiting to bath in gore. But the little boy moved as swift as the wind itself, it was inhuman, the eye could not keep up, like he was teleporting. The man swung his sword at the child, but always struck air. copyright protection198PENANAaMtjS7NUZH

Swing, and the child moved. Swing, and the man missed. Swing, and the child caught the sword, encridible, by the bare blade, bare hand, bare blade, No blood escaped from the child. The man tried to pull the blade out of the child's grip, but it was no use, he pulled with all his might, all his body muscle, but the child's arm was to strong to be overpowered.copyright protection198PENANA8poTWGpDR7

But just as the man was about to get his sword back, the blade shattered in half. The child's fist, balled up as the pointed side of the blade fell to the ground. "I can smell your blood, like river flowing around and through your body, it is poor blood," said the child.copyright protection198PENANAn1ETdYDWQL

The man tried to speak when he opened his mouth, but all that came out was pure nothingness.                                                          "King, you see me as a small child, but your eyes deceive you, you see the world with your eyes, try and see it through your soul, your soul knows what is beast, and what is human," said the child. And with that, the child lunged at the man, but he didn't lunged to knock him down, he did not lunge to reach his throat, he lunged through his stomach. copyright protection198PENANAP0yjjqq6kq

Through the armor and through the flesh, crippling bones, and destroying organs. The child's clothes and skin was soaked in blood. And the man lay on his back, lifeless.copyright protection198PENANAOtQcnNTMqK

"Demon child, I shall call him demon child," said the king.copyright protection198PENANATNMyHZxkWn

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