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When the huge bells toll
By Eis
Dec 3, 2015
5 Mins Read
1,000 Words
No Plagiarism!PVgFnu31ov4AS6VPpL2Gposted on PENANA

 There we were,in our secret spot,surrounded by forests and caressed by melodic bird songs and the occasional gust of wind.Me,my three friends and Eis whom I met on my failed trip to the academy. Eis had played,what he calls,a song of wind for us,a shiver still traverses my whole body when I think of that indescribable experience, and thus he managed our musical prodigy Nitl to grace us with the 'Fable of Rhodorea',a famous song for it's difficulty and the bittersweet aftertaste it leaves you with.239Please respect copyright.PENANAgxqjavJVhq
copyright protection235PENANAFd4vJkjOlP

 We were gorging on the food we prepared,since Eis had managed to miraculously start the fire,sharing stories and jokes and sweating in the summer heat.As we were talking Eis was the center of attention and I was surreptitiously sizing him up.As I said his height was average,pleasant face with a tiny birthmark and a chin-dimple, the most striking visual feature being the five long slender braids coming out the back of his short dark brown hair.An unusual haircut,I must say,but there was nothing on him that could explain that tension I felt around him,like some huge bells going off telling of incredible danger but so far away that one can never be sure if he's hearing them or it's just a trick of his mind.His lips are always sharing a pleasant smile and he enjoys laughing as much as I do,that at least we have in common.239Please respect copyright.PENANA5Sykp0RpV8
copyright protection235PENANA4aLkP8PTad

Suddenly Eis' smile disappeared to a serious expression and shortly afterwards Sandalz' expression turned ugly.My little friend's uncanny detection must have picked up trouble heading our way.Eis stared at Sandalz with a hint of amazement and asked:239Please respect copyright.PENANATxMkoxzIGd
copyright protection235PENANAofNhlI6Lu9

"Can they cause trouble?"239Please respect copyright.PENANAyWLZgVuZQM
copyright protection235PENANAsanwF6RZVc

"Karls shouldn't be seen with us!",answered my little friend full of anxiety.239Please respect copyright.PENANAqWEYg4Z8tU
copyright protection235PENANAPZmAkcJ95T

As a noble's son,for Karls,hanging around with commoners like us, let alone a beggar like Sandalz,is very degrading.If he gets spotted he'll have it very hard from his parents and haters always try to catch him red handed and dirty his reputation.239Please respect copyright.PENANAgnr3IQAhyh
copyright protection235PENANAmu89LuSSgn

 Eis rose abruptly and heaved Karls,gently but firmly,on his feet,while telling him to hide quickly.A,rather strong,gust of wind swept much of my sweat and brought some of my lost alertness.Karls hid swiftly,on a tree I guess.The rest of us pretended to be busy,I picked my book,the gift from Karls,and nailed my eyes in it,Nitl fiddled with his flute while Eis and Sandz picked up a discussion on the river Mir.Soon a refined young man, five mean looking militia and..and the most beautiful girl I had seen were upon us.The gods were very generous to this girl,before I could distinguish her features I knew that she was gorgeous.As she came closer I couldn't pinpoint the reason I felt utterly attracted to her,she had all the right stuff,stunning proportions,green eyes,almost blonde curly hair and a symmetric oval face but those don't account for the lustful feelings raging inside me.I wanted to grab her,hug her,ravage her,protect her,engage her,be cool for her,be strong for her,marry her...9 hells I said it.I will just add that she was lucky that I couldn't settle on which want I wanted to display for her first and that kept me from doing something I would regret.The rest didn't seem so affected.I stared at Serina till the whole party came in talking distance after which I didn't dare look at her again.I focused on my book,not daring to take another peek.239Please respect copyright.PENANAv7dg6ucBu3
copyright protection235PENANA1Iyofev6dq

"Have you seen Lord Karlrheandris?",her melodic voice made my heart stop for a brief moment,but we ignored it.239Please respect copyright.PENANAnUZ2Tg6SoA
copyright protection235PENANAi2pFCJRmSX

"Are all of you deaf!?",she asked with anger that I dreamed to quell.239Please respect copyright.PENANANFXfIF5iXD
copyright protection235PENANAgfrpodUh6a

"Captain Hardi has a way to make deaf people hear again.Captain...",said the other young noble in a calm voice.239Please respect copyright.PENANAzsLNJRhVtL
copyright protection235PENANAF7Sdw8r1fE

A gorilla in militia outfit drew his baton and started to approach us,his eyes brimming with pleasure.239Please respect copyright.PENANAZQGYSzfZrD
copyright protection235PENANArxHRdkB4Gu

Then it happened.The almost unbearable summer heat vanished.The birds stopped singing.In a blink I felt as if the coldest winter was upon us.My sweat froze and my body started shivering. That tension or uneasiness,that I was starting to get accustomed to,around Eis grew by orders of magnitude.If before the tension could be linked to far away bells,then the bells were tolling in my ears playing my funeral rite.I felt the terror of death for the first time,a voice in my head was compelling me to start reviewing my whole life since that's what you should do before you die.I was too numb too think though.239Please respect copyright.PENANAzfjxu1dzka
copyright protection235PENANA2XJum8IgpO

Eis' vision was on the captain.He first peed himself and then fainted.His party fell on the ground as if their feet couldn't support them.They were all pale with horror painted on their faces.239Please respect copyright.PENANAdTDYHnQZjj
copyright protection235PENANAr4WkissJuH

"Hi there,I didn't see you,may I help you with something?",asked Eis casually as if he was a server at bar.I couldn't fit his voice with the whole atmosphere of terror all around.Nitl and Sandz were pale on the verge of loosing consciousness.Puddles of liquid were visible beneath the fallen militia,the noble and even Serina.239Please respect copyright.PENANAKi9qh20w1r
copyright protection235PENANAoWf5Osppx6

A moment later the oppressive atmosphere eased up a bit and the militia rose and picked up their fainted captain and then started running away like rabbits.Serina mumbled a few indiscernible words and fled with the young noble in a separate direction.239Please respect copyright.PENANAaBGt8bulKP
copyright protection235PENANATz3C4qKMGa

A soon as they disappeared from view,the bells stopped tolling,the summer heat came again and the birds began singing anew.239Please respect copyright.PENANAwXJ9WqxMpQ
copyright protection235PENANAA8fxsxZUgu

~What the bang just happened?,Who or what exactly is Eis?~239Please respect copyright.PENANA6a8fBpiBVk
copyright protection235PENANACEqRKej9EQ

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Chunwa - A bit rough around the edges with the grammar, but a nice story
1 year agoreply