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Challenger Mr.Sniper
Challenger Crazy
Challenger jtqx
Challenger FoxHeart
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Challenger Eis
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Submission Closed
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Closing Remarks
Dec 28, 2015
1 Min Read
30 Words
Comments ( 10 )

Mr.Sniper - Uh, I think you picked the wrong guy for third place, in the intro you said third place was even heaven must bow, but it says I'm at third place.
3 years agoreply

Tinalynge - You have the same amounts of likes and as such I wrote in the promt that the third place will go to the one with most views, that is why he is third place. Penana's results does not count the views and makes shared third places but I am afraid that I cannot  give a money pize to everyone with the same amount of likes which is why i chose the one with most views to be the third place
3 years agoreply

Mr.Sniper - No I get that, but in the entry lists, it says I'm in third place, and in the intro, it says another story is in third place
3 years agoreply

Tinalynge - @Comrade, I am sorry but I cannot see where it places you third place.

The three winners are:
1. One of Many bu Chunwa
2. The Waternymph by Foxheart
3. Even Heaven Must Bow to Me by jtqr
3 years agoreply

Mr.Sniper - In the list of entries, I see a green third beside my story, and on my notifications it says penana has rewarded me with third place
3 years agoreply

Tinalynge - @Comrade, Penana only goes after the amount of likes while I had to split it into views as well.

You received three likes, the same as Even Heaven Must Bow to Me which means that in penana's view you have a shared third place. 

I have rewarded third place to the other story as it has more views - this was explained in the promt, as the third reward was not really able to be split between more people.
3 years agoreply

Mr.Sniper - Oh ok, but you can't really change that third on my story then?
3 years agoreply

Tinalynge - @Comrade, I'm afraid I am unable to do so :/
3 years agoreply

Mr.Sniper - Oh OK then
3 years agoreply

Mr.Sniper - I mean ok. Auto correct, sorry.
3 years agoreply