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I arrived at a strange cliff and met a crazy master
Dec 2, 2015
4 Mins Read
872 Words
No Plagiarism!mb45reHv9jY6MoAHUweEposted on PENANA

"Arghh" Choumen got up unsteadily as he looked at his surroundings in confusion. 'Huh? Where am I? The hell?'copyright protection442PENANAD6DvRV35Su

Looking at his surroundings, Choumen was utterly confused. "I think I drank too much scotch last night. Did I drink too much? Or am I still drunk? No, wait.....maybe.... just maybe.....I've used drugs when I was drunk? No....Then why am I still conscious?"copyright protection442PENANA0fG4l8j3Dt

"No....No.....Yeah, I'm on drugs..... still this is one amazing drug. I'm on top of a DAMN CLIFF! WITH NO F*CKING ROAD DOWN! Ahh.... Is that the word? Hmm? What the hell is that?" looking of into the distant blue sky, Choumen can see a large 4 meter tall bird that has bright green fur and wings that span more than 15 meters.copyright protection442PENANAmCz809QUG5

"That is one huge bird..... Why do I feel like it's looking at*t, it is looking at me! Gotta run!" Choumen yelled as he turned around.copyright protection442PENANAzjbdP28T70

"RUN! WHERE?!" he just remembered that he was stuck on top of a cliff with no way down. If he were to try climbing down that steep and rocky cliff. Then he was sure that he'll fall down and like a watermelon that has been hit by a metal bat! 'SPLAT!'copyright protection442PENANAo8g5dBdwER

Choumen was completely frightened. Although he believed it to be that he was having some type of hallucinations or he was probably too drunk. Deep down inside, he knew he had to face reality and he cursed it.copyright protection442PENANAZ0tz9uJ0pp

But, there was nothing he could do. Absolutely nothing. ''Ah..... mother...i'm sorry for be a lazy bastard kid who always did nothing at home and not study. Sorry pops....I stole your booze from time to time and told you that it was our gay neighbor who did it. Ah sorry little brother..... every time you played with your toys, I would put them down my pants and.......'copyright protection442PENANA5YJgbzjjsr

Choumen knelt there thinking about the bad deeds he did and felt refreshed. 'Aiii...I'm such a bastard for thinking that the things I did are funny and... THE BIRD IS COMING!'copyright protection442PENANAkQzAWMc9jQ

The large green bird stopped in midair and it starred at Choumen. Looking up, Choumen was terrified as he looked up. With just a gaze, His entire body shuddered and his entire body began to sweat like a waterfall. copyright protection442PENANA0jRtT1YC1n

"Oh? To think a puny mortal is on top of a Cringe Cliff huh? How did you get up- wait! You......" the birds eye widen as it starred at Choumen like he was an interesting object.copyright protection442PENANA26lLmwkFQN

"Kukukuku" the bird began to laugh strangely. At this time, Choumen was bewildered. 'A talking bird? The f*ck?! Okay, I am seriously hallucinating here!" he thought as he looked at the large green bird with a strange look.copyright protection442PENANA7aEGLAtXJN

5 minute later......copyright protection442PENANANK7Fe0GcDH

"AHAHAHAHAHa...... .KUKUUKUKU...... MUHAHAHAHA"copyright protection442PENANAzFNVrarMQi

10 minute later.....copyright protection442PENANAzXsdDdN7ax

"Kekekeke...." copyright protection442PENANAUYh2Dw2kIG

"AHHH!!!! SHUT UP!! What the hell are you doing? That disgusting laugh of yours is like a damn cartoon character from sponge bob!" Choumen roared out loud as he looked up annoyed.copyright protection442PENANA1ilOdMZFyP

"Hmm? Oh, got carried away aga- Hey brat! You dare to say those words at me!?" the large green bird coldly said as killing intent poured out of is body. Feeling that cold killing intent, Choumen became frightened out of his wits again and immediately shut his mouth shaking his head.copyright protection442PENANAX8NplqD9yO

"Hmph, I'll le- oh?" The large green bird's eye flashed with a strange light as he paused to think about something.copyright protection442PENANAHtNZvrvxLd

The large green bird began to transform! It's form suddenly became human like. Watching this, Choumen thought of one thing.  But, he is definitely shocked. 'Am I going crazy?' Wait....the way he transform is so similar to one of the anime's I watched last week....what was it?' .copyright protection442PENANAdMvzBJmAoV

 Choumen felt his head hurt and yet he still tried to remember the anime he watched. "Hey brat!" the large bird that transformed now looks like an elderly old man with grey hair. "Eh..y-yes?" Choumen looked up nervously and inwardly cursed his luck. copyright protection442PENANAql3dLpDpzc

"Become my disciple!" the old man(large green bird) smiled mischievously. "Huh?!" Choumen's face began to change. He didn't know what was going on and really wanted to know why he was here. But, he didn't have those options available to him as he is stuck on a cliff in the middle of the mountains.copyright protection442PENANAdgF0fasKId

He also didn't want to become the disciple of that strange green bird/elderly man. However, he had no other options. If he refused and the old man who heard this would probably kill him. But if he refused and the old man didn't mind, what in the world is he going to do now? He can't survive on this strange cliff. He'd die either way.copyright protection442PENANAYWZuwAdSbC

The only way was to accept the old man's proposal. "A-alright...." he muttered softly. "Good! Hahaha, it'll work, ehehe! Kakaka" the old man laughed in creepy manner. Even though Choumen muttered softly and the distance between them is a total of 15 meters! Yet he could still hear him!copyright protection442PENANANBYROJgs9P

 'Huh? The f*ck, I have a bad feeling here'copyright protection442PENANAEm6knmuQ6d

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