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The Water Nympth - A BP Side Story
No Plagiarism!52pZOU5QPisMnELJL9Uwposted on PENANA

In a distant, ancient forest in the Northern Continent, Hui Yue and the Rong Twins are traveling at a leisurely pace. Heading up the front, Hui Yue constantly scans his surroundings, vigilant against beasts due to the forests infamy.733Please respect copyright.PENANAIekMKerHKL
copyright protection729PENANAGZ2cxIg5CJ

As he continues his vigil, the Rong Twins chat happily, but their chatter has an edge to it, as if they are constantly on guard.733Please respect copyright.PENANAA7dyoYKXBG
copyright protection729PENANAPIMeHB9MrY

"Rong Ming, when are you going to get a girlfriend? I still remember the time when you fell in love with Hui Yue, thinking she was a girl."733Please respect copyright.PENANAMvcfEIrsMv
copyright protection729PENANA5TLsywcjG6

Spluttering, Rong Ming's entire face turned bright red at the mention of "the incident", as they like to call it between each other. Seeing his face, Rong Xing just giggles audibly.733Please respect copyright.PENANAHuJ2hugJc1
copyright protection729PENANAQn5SzDAQId

"Sis, please stop teasing me. I am still waiting on the perfect one for me. I can plenty of time, especially after breaking through to Master rank!"733Please respect copyright.PENANAuN8HlxF5vg
copyright protection729PENANAAxVmMCXWpo

Rong Ming puffs his chest up with pride, a smug expression on his face. Letting out a sigh, Rong Xing simply shakes her head.733Please respect copyright.PENANALhMYxqGYSt
copyright protection729PENANAVuiGXQd9aU

"Until you have the battle power of a Duke class fighter like Hui Yue, I don't want to see you bragging about being Master ranked, bro." 733Please respect copyright.PENANAuAXdCfITYU
copyright protection729PENANAg0hmSRZtHH

Rong Ming simply waves it off, letting out a sigh.733Please respect copyright.PENANAUtH3a2BQ76
copyright protection729PENANAGhfCD2eBYD

"You and I both know that is impossible. Besides Hui Yue's hard work and luck, he's got Lan Feng, that stupid parrot, teaching him since he was born. We simply cannot compare."733Please respect copyright.PENANA7ToTRVkyTd
copyright protection729PENANAZT8iz68Ngj

Hui Yue simply shrugs at their comments, keeping his silent vigil.733Please respect copyright.PENANA2oN0Bpfjje
copyright protection729PENANAHwjYScQSFx

The Rong Twins continue their chatter until they walk into a clearing with a beautiful lake in view.733Please respect copyright.PENANAddHVhSXSI5
copyright protection729PENANAzmOPYsRd3P

Stepping into the clearing for a better view, Rong Ming's and Hui Yue's breath catch immediately as their eyes dart to the center of the small lake.733Please respect copyright.PENANAZPYnJQi3pc
copyright protection729PENANAR3J0lj6u6n

Skin white enough to reflect the light, eyes as blue as a clear ocean, and hair long enough to flow into the lake like a waterfall, such an unheard of beauty was standing in the water without care with her eyes seemingly searching the horizon.733Please respect copyright.PENANAgrA3rctHwN
copyright protection729PENANANOT7NMjDEZ

Not to mention the danger of this ancient forest where seeing Duke class monsters was unheard of, the fact that said beauty did not care for her surroundings attested to said beauty's strength.733Please respect copyright.PENANAWK1DFivCbe
copyright protection729PENANAaemZ3lrVyv

Instantly on alert, Hui Yue snapped out of his daze and crouched, ready to pounce at a moments notice while Rong Xing slapped the back of Rong Ming's head and went into combat mode as well.733Please respect copyright.PENANAHa4GyNxRQW
copyright protection729PENANALpzuqVNwqU

The slap rebounded across the lake and got the attention of the beauty as she watched the three, her eyes showing no signs of caution. As she turned around, she showed her ample bosom and hour glass curves.copyright protection729PENANAUeINlvAF8f

"W-water... nymph..."733Please respect copyright.PENANA37oEbPRExn
copyright protection729PENANAEjt0ixmKtU

Rong Xing immediately dismissed her idiot brother's drooling, completely focused on the woman's movements. After a while, Hui Yue's voice interrupts the silence, except it sounds ancient, yet not as ancient as the forest itself.733Please respect copyright.PENANArt7s7MLDpW
copyright protection729PENANAgekPJKLwhb

"Lady Elemental, we pardon our intrusion into your domain. I, Lan Feng, eternal phoenix beg for forgiveness."733Please respect copyright.PENANAR77VOFIlwz
copyright protection729PENANArbp9ZKFApO

After saying so, Hui Yue's body bowed down politely to the female. Confused, the Rong Twin's followed his lead as they know it was Lan Feng speaking for Hui Yue.733Please respect copyright.PENANAhAGGfRw6w3
copyright protection729PENANAP47i5qQraj

After that declaration, the "Lady Elemental" simply smiled before nodding towards the group. Her mouth opened and a voice as calming as the ocean waves breezed past them, as if speaking to the area they inhibit and not towards themselves.733Please respect copyright.PENANAuYxBrEochO
copyright protection729PENANAlryGghq1OI

"I believed all of your kind was exterminated by the menace... good. We may have been as water is to fire, and fire is to water, but you were always polite."733Please respect copyright.PENANA99Wg5KWO5t
copyright protection729PENANAcfUCpUm5uM

Her smile widened before turning away, going back to her vacant stare.733Please respect copyright.PENANAnn343iVzps
copyright protection729PENANATjQ1CVrsmC

"Lan Feng, why are we bowing again? Elementals are common."733Please respect copyright.PENANADTqavRPT47
copyright protection729PENANAMI3kojBPlp

Rong Ming is clearly unhappy, frowning as he can't see the beauty when he's bowing.733Please respect copyright.PENANAIegEvmorau
copyright protection729PENANAyyFsa4mx9R

"Idiot! All the Elemental's we've fought were lower elemental's with barely any consciousness. She is a High Tier elemental on the brink of breakthrough to the Elemental Lord level, a step even higher than Saint but lower than God for human practitioners! It is the highest attainable rank that Elemental's can reach as Elemental Kings are formed through a natural process through the melding of elemental essence, not ranked up into!"733Please respect copyright.PENANAUxSYCVgxvG
copyright protection729PENANAj3aa4N5vgs

Hui Yue as Lan Feng quickly explained, keeping his expression neutral but his voice has hints of excitement.733Please respect copyright.PENANAZ9zqj4i8Yn
copyright protection729PENANA72abnzuYpQ

Suddenly, elemental essence started to converge into the center of the lake, swirling around the Lady Elemental. Her vacant look turned into one of ancient power, one that can weigh one down from a single look. Her body turned rigid and her mouth opened, an ancient voice filling the entire area with power laden within.733Please respect copyright.PENANAgGBxl6TJy3
copyright protection729PENANAoXo4qz8M6i

"I am the water, and the water is me! I, the lake, the lake is I! Converge into one, form the self! Cast aside the mortal, and fill the immortal! Unite the spiritual with the mortal to become one with the immortal!"733Please respect copyright.PENANAesB6qd2HLx
copyright protection729PENANADpmOzqBFWR

After speaking, all of the elemental essence surged through her body, allowing the three witnesses to see her very soul as it enlarged and became human sized. Her very soul overlapped her physical body until said body started to disintegrate, clearly unable to withstand the pressure of her cultivation base.733Please respect copyright.PENANAnLGXb02t91
copyright protection729PENANA83UifhSJgh

Finally, the process completed. However, her beauty turned ethereal, as if looking upon a god of oceans herself. Her smile turned towards the group, nodding towards them as if thankful they didn't interrupt before she slowly disappeared, as if combining with the lake itself.733Please respect copyright.PENANAQpHsW2yQM6
copyright protection729PENANAAEeZIEyRrE

Hui Yue and the Rong Twins suddenly gained enlightenment, realizing what they must do to break through, but just as suddenly, as if divine providence, it was forgotten.733Please respect copyright.PENANAU0zv7ZJ9Hu
copyright protection729PENANAa54wUEWvjT

'Lan Feng, I have sealed their memory. Once they reach Saint Rank, they will remember and ascend.'733Please respect copyright.PENANAH4gn2ro5Vx
copyright protection729PENANAnrXhKcyDWO

Lan Feng bowed deeply in thanks as her body disappeared.733Please respect copyright.PENANA6MXOeURMKD
copyright protection729PENANAUwt8vcN33f

Comments ( 3 )

ONI_Ghost - pretty good
1 year agoreply

FoxHeart - Most Wuxia novels determine immortality not by the transformation of the body but by the transcending of moral limits, that usually being the body. Hence, the power of the soul, that which transcends all mortal limits and is a limitless power used within all of the multiverse.
1 year agoreply

Tinalynge - Well isn't this just awesome and stunning! Seriously though, this is really making me astonished and I adore the short story you made. I'm flabbergasted !
1 year agoreply