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One Of Many
No Plagiarism!EJPO08yEUc7IwKn9OZcOposted on PENANA

The setting autumn sun shone down on a hard working youth in his courtyard. Despite the hard labour occupying him all day, his golden coloured hair swayed while he whistled a tune he heard somewhere.290Please respect copyright.PENANAvHaDpAt659
copyright protection286PENANAQJxkvyMEPu

The golden colour drew attention of female cultivators and they sometimes gave him a small compliment or winked at him. He wasn't lead astray by the attention he received, well aware of his mediocre features and just above average strength for the outer court.copyright protection286PENANAquegieoRSj

When he was 14 years old Jianyu entered the annual talent selection with the hope of escaping a farmer's life and attaining fame, glory and immortality as a genius never seen in history before during.290Please respect copyright.PENANA5UDY89bUse
copyright protection286PENANA401AKpJzoV

It was also the only time he ever stepped into the large sect hall at top of the mountain where the inner and core disciple trained, receiving direct tutelage from the instructors and masters. Unlike himself they were the pride of the sect and exempt from doing physical work or paying for their residences.copyright protection286PENANAnfFVzbulPj

A smile sneaked onto his face. Life wasn't bad for him, and he wasn't lonely here. After getting accepted into the outer court he tried his hardest to rank up into the circles of elites at the top of the mountain. He was admired in his age group and had a girlfriend soon after placing in the top 100 of the rankings. Despite that he never succeeded in the actual advancement trial a year later and got left behind by the girl  and most of his friends. Losing his genius status dealt him a hard blow at first, and he frantically trained and trained to close the gap to his peers, giving the instructors the impression of a serious child.copyright protection286PENANAQfN4w6iVXb

After he failed the selection for the second time, one of the more friendly instructors allowed him to use one of the courtyards coiling around the mountain like a dragon, where the corn to feed the sect was grown, in exchange for him working and nurturing the plants.copyright protection286PENANAe1bgBWFlv3

Jianyu became a farmer in the end after ten years of living in the sect, and the irony of the situation wasn't lost on him. Happy with his current situation, the girl he dated currently stormed into his place with a flustered look. "Yu'er, one of the masters wants to see you! One of the masters!". Jiangyu wasn't too sure why she was so flustered and looked this disturbed.copyright protection286PENANAhTjXOS8ieY

"Is something going on?" He took her into his arms, calming her down bit by bit, speaking to her. "You don't understand! It's not one of the Outer Court Masters, one of the Inner Court Elders came down the mountain and is looking for you!" He finally understood why Lin was this shaken, the elders never left their lofty residences. Reassuring her that nothing bad will happen he made extreme haste to see the elder that was requesting his presence.copyright protection286PENANAC4ep9KvsFt

A black robed old man sat in the garden of an instructors grand residence, drinking some wine, when Jianyu found him, kneeled down and pressed his forehead against the marble floor. "This unworthy disciple greets the master!" After getting told to rise his head, the man introduced himself as Hai Wengcheng, one of the elders raised in the Hai sect. He also reassured him that nothing bad has happened and explained his situation. None of the current inner disciples trained in the way of the gauntlet, his weapon of choice. When he asked for the most talented gauntlet user, he was the disciple that stood out the most.290Please respect copyright.PENANAFdA5jKZVR9
copyright protection286PENANADTvP97MPsh

"After hearing all of this, would you like to train under my care, young one?" The old man looked him over carefully, a slight look of pride and satisfaction flashing over his face while he waited for a response. Jianyu didn't have to think over the answer and threw himself to the ground again, pressing his temples down three times. "Disciple greets his master!" He couldn't wait to tell Lin he finally gained the right to carry the Hai surname after getting accepted by a master. Jianyu was excited beyond comprehension, he would finally have the chance to become a true expert.copyright protection286PENANATKacHZ5Phj

-----------------------------copyright protection286PENANAOUo2jxMP0r

Five years had passed since Hai Wengcheng accepted his disciple and today he could only grind his teeth in anger and swallow his grief as he accompanied the young a last time, yet couldn't demand justice for him. Between him and Hai Lin who had tears streaming down her face was a small procession of people, carrying a body that couldn't be recognized anymore. They reached their goal a good way down the mountain, the courtyard Hai Jianyu trained and lived in. The grains hung low and almost overripe, a testimony of the current owner of the courtyard neglecting his duties.copyright protection286PENANAjElOtvVfko

Even after raising to the peak of the Inner Court under the guidance of his master, Jianyu never forgot the hard life of a disciple and treated others as friends instead of followers and was well liked by everyone. They couldn't forget their anger and rushed out to get revenge after saying their piece.290Please respect copyright.PENANASmQ20fDtlJ
copyright protection286PENANAxd8HqPHvFY

Wengcheng hated losing his heir but he was even more despaired by losing the bright young man he considered a son. At first he only approached someone using the same weapon as him, but in the end he would have trusted him with his life. He felt the need to say some words to Lin, yet before he could offer words of comfort, she spoke up for the first time since his dead body was ripped from her cradle, and the constant weeping roughed up her voice.290Please respect copyright.PENANADqDgpMqAGT
copyright protection286PENANAPuTdwcLi2L

"Please leave now Master. I know you held him dear too, but today I mourn for my husband." Unable to look him into the eye, she kept them fixed onto the small mound in the back of a desolate courtyard, weeping greatly.copyright protection286PENANAKmp6aTB69W

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