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Even Heaven must bow to me!
By jtqx
Dec 2, 2015
4 Mins Read
960 Words
No Plagiarism!xn49X0bkPxVSR5Sqh74Iposted on PENANA Wang Yuan faced the strong pressure being emitted by the obelisk at the top of the world. It was as if it was the will of the heavens to grind him into dust. He could feel his Immortal Dragonscale Armor weakening under the pressure. The armor, which did not even show the slightest signs of weakening from a blow by another Overlord level figure was being eroded at this moment! 

Wang Yuan's face paled, but he showed no signs of giving up. Against this pressure not of this world, he endured. copyright protection383PENANAHCeKsvHrkC

Nothing shall stop me, not even heaven itself! copyright protection383PENANA5R091YaciZ

Will of the oceans! copyright protection383PENANAKdSCjL2AT6

Woosh!copyright protection383PENANAjAJxlb32Dn

Water from the 8 seas across the world flooded, in cities, mortals and cutivators alike were stunned when the water did not drown them. The water that Wang Yuan controlled was able to tell between friend and foe.copyright protection383PENANAFJfGSgE3tW

Will of the Earth!copyright protection383PENANA2daUQtGS3z

As the people were being covered by water that seemed unreal, the earth shook violently. Even the top ancestor level figures from the major clans and sects all woke up from their slumber. One of which was Reverend Kong Li, whose hand shook as he stared at the highest mountain of the world, where the sun shone on from in between the clouds, where the earth seemed to shake the strongest, where the waters tried to bury. copyright protection383PENANAZmaIUvUYyy

The Obelisk of the 88th Heaven...copyright protection383PENANAldhBTaSxdm

Reverend Kong Li's eyes turned cold as he stared at the Obelisk, but there was a warm smile on his face. Evidently, he bore strong enemity towards the obelisk, but today, someone was finally going to destroy it!copyright protection383PENANAufAEaq7Qjb

At this moment, Wang Yuan took a deep breath, and with great effort, he opened his lips.copyright protection383PENANAqiyA1t5VrD

Will of the Sky! The three mortal wills, combine! copyright protection383PENANAuNRLpLVhj9

The whole world shook! The seas roared, the earth rumbled and the skies opened up! It was as if the world was at war with itself! But with Wang Yuan's command the three forces stood still, just like an obedient dog at its master's behest. copyright protection383PENANAENoerzFzqY

No one can go against my will! Even the heavens must bow to me!copyright protection383PENANAKQgjqhMwdd

Determination filled Wang Yuan's eyes even as he spat out a mouthful of blood, his vast Overlord Spirit Essence boiled within his immense Spritual Ocean. Emitting a strong pressure of his own, a will that was so domineering and absolute, he willed the world to break the obelisk, to break free of the heavens itself!copyright protection383PENANAaH12sqNoH6

Crack!copyright protection383PENANAxmTWAlwfUW

Lines appeared on the obelisk. It must be known that the obelisk existed since the beginning of time, when the Creator made all worlds. That was truly, a countless number of years, of eras ago! But today, under Wang Yuan's persistence it was cracking! Surely, given enough time even the heavens will fall facing the three mortal wills, but Wang Yuan did not have that time. At this moment, he was not just burning his Spritual Essence, he was burning his soul, his lifespan and his blood!  copyright protection383PENANAdFNuYeMKLZ

And now, even his body! His hair turned into dust, his outstretched arms were slowly dissolving, and what blood he had left was escaping through his seven orifices. But still he continued!copyright protection383PENANAYVGZY9qLy8

Perhaps his determination could truly destroy the heavens!copyright protection383PENANAS5uM257yk2

Alas, perhaps this unyielding determination of his attracted the Eye of Heaven, or perhaps it could be his use of the three wills, but a blinding flash that originates from the obelisk shone through the world, and the obelisk was perfect once more! Despair filled Wang Yuan's face then, because now that heaven was focusing its attention on the obelisk, unless he was on the Divine Monarch level, there was no way! And since primordial times, all worlds under the rule of the heaven could only have cultivators up to the Overlord level! copyright protection383PENANAvyHi3GxPri

It's over...but how could I just die like this? Even if I die, I must have someone to fufil my mission!copyright protection383PENANAOqevqcFQYd

I am Wang Yuan, the Overload of the Three Wills! This will be my legacy!copyright protection383PENANAYRjtDlyLTT

Wang Yuan's shout resounded throughout the whole 88th Heaven!copyright protection383PENANANorvHvcekD

A loud sound exploded from the peak of the Sky Peak Mountain, thousands of miles away, cities shook and people trembled under a terrifying pressure that swept across the Grey Plains, the Western Cities, the Northen Ports, the Eastern Castles, the Citadels of the West and the Islands of the Sunset Seas. Even on the minor continents could people feel the horrifying pressure coming from the middle of the central continent.copyright protection383PENANAw93LFtXkkW

Reverend Kong Li opened his eyes despite the dust in the Citadel, excitement shone in them. But what awaited him left him both disappointed and hopeful.copyright protection383PENANAxiNQLqbjb5

The mountain had been throughly destroyed! Not just that! The area previously known as the Sky Sundering Moutains no longer had any mountains, instead it only had a crater that originated from where Wang Yuan was standing.copyright protection383PENANAdZuEvbaHqu

Self-destruction......this Wang Yuan, just why did he hate the heavens to such a degree, that he broke his own soul apart? Perhaps our world will never see someone like him again...copyright protection383PENANAkXDoIiSFDc

Reverend Kong Li sighed. copyright protection383PENANABbvp1gPdA1

But it was not all in vain. The obelisk, which now stood solitary like a huge finger extending from the heavens, had been fractured. Even though it remained, surely with that fracture, it will weaken. copyright protection383PENANAjN1NswZCdp

And on that day, Wang Yuan's mission of breaking free of the heavens, to cast off the reins held by heaven will be fulfilled!copyright protection383PENANA7ymLW44OKH

After all, heaven took away Wang Yuan's family, friends and children! It may not be today, but in the distant future, heaven will lose this 88th Son for sure! And on that day, even heaven will have to bow to acknowledge Wang Yuan's sacrifice!copyright protection383PENANA1mSwLUNB8o

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Douhet - Why 88th?! From the Tao Te Ching, it is held that «the Tao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced all things». The eight trigrams in the bagua derive from this to give symbolic meaning to many numbers 2, 3, 4, 8, 32, 64, 96, 108, 128. As for 88, I don't know any!
2 years agoreply