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Dec 3, 2015
7 Mins Read
1,419 Words
No Plagiarism!cH23ZwmwFdvKCkQjzIwTposted on PENANA

Mika was standing atop a hill, gazing down the the burning village he once ruled. The once hustling and bustling village between the two kingdoms, where trade and exchange of cultures was prominent, bards on the streets singing and dancing in trance, mercenaries drinking, laughing and joking with each other, children playing and running around and lovers walking along the streets teasing each other, all of it lay to waste. There was no laughter, no singing, no jokes, no whispers of lovers, just screams of agony, clanging of metals, angry curses of soldiers and hymns of whisper to summon catastrophic magic. Just destruction.221Please respect copyright.PENANAF7047AdJxy
copyright protection217PENANAstpbxUw9qG

221Please respect copyright.PENANATY2oZoUS3E
Mika had a solemn expression. Gods are unfair. He thought. He left the village a month ago to gather more materials for expansion of the village, but upon his return, all the plans have turned to dust. 221Please respect copyright.PENANAH82XYfrqqt
copyright protection217PENANAMCnPGnl2T0

221Please respect copyright.PENANAv5AvaI6nrD
Is this your will? Oh the Gods of mine,221Please respect copyright.PENANAWlCYKCnEvq
who have inducted this for me?221Please respect copyright.PENANAjcyl9wABX1
Have you dethroned me in this mortal realm? Oh the Gods of mine,221Please respect copyright.PENANA4s6FXgo4EP
from every human pleasure?221Please respect copyright.PENANAIAbkyVXVzs
The Church preaches that every torture is the will of the Gods,221Please respect copyright.PENANAmSFUeOrPqp
But Oh the Gods, be my witness, for I denounce this Judgement!
221Please respect copyright.PENANAQuRXaPeyTS
copyright protection217PENANAfoLRJBbjjH

221Please respect copyright.PENANAoCtzW2vUY5
Mika was the cultivator of the light elemental path as the world saw it which bestowed upon him fast speed and healing powers. He revered the Gods for bestowing the living things in this world the ability to absorb the essence present between the earth and the heavens. He was the model for the practitioners cultivating in the Holy Church. But little did the world knew that Mika was not just able to sense the light element, but darkness as well. He was one of those rare cultivators, one in a million people who could comprehend the laws of elements that govern the heavens and fused the two elements together. By merging light and dark attributes, he broke through and transcended by shedding his mortal vessel into purified one. 221Please respect copyright.PENANAmkX1fcQH1g
copyright protection217PENANAcLaCWIxtRX

221Please respect copyright.PENANA6SLXPWN3vG
Where there is light,221Please respect copyright.PENANAWTiqtfsY9q
There is darkness,221Please respect copyright.PENANA4wL2x0eoHg
Even the Gods can be deranged!221Please respect copyright.PENANAFO8rLXny1S
copyright protection217PENANA9EAwugUPiN

221Please respect copyright.PENANAfYMyogORfY
BOOM!221Please respect copyright.PENANAiju3l24zqM
copyright protection217PENANAQycBpWcAfw

221Please respect copyright.PENANAQ6AYxmWUUX
Mika was startled awake from his dazed state, and turned his gaze towards the two people who seemed to be in a stalemate. One was wearing a crimson red robe with a dragon embroidery on it. He had carried a heavy sword, and was excuding a thick aura, an aura that could block anything thrown at him. The other man, wore a fine blue robe with a tiger embroidery on it, he held two fine sharp swords, emitting a sharply condensed aura, which could pierce anything.221Please respect copyright.PENANANaWzJkQxc5
copyright protection217PENANAirit4fcBI4

221Please respect copyright.PENANAvup0xK2Ckt
"Jim. I was sure that this time you would have died under my heavy sword but who would have thought, we broke through the same time!" boomed the crimson fellow, seemingly disappointed with the outcome.221Please respect copyright.PENANAoazY86l41g
copyright protection217PENANAyRI8ocpj2H

221Please respect copyright.PENANA2OqYoajeHv
"Haha, Gods sure play fair." snickered the fellow in blue robe, pretty dissappointed with the outcome as well.221Please respect copyright.PENANAkd0JdytgaO
copyright protection217PENANA6SfjtFfGgv

221Please respect copyright.PENANAJzYjy7qTcr
"The ruin of every house will not be enough to compensate with your lives." Their short exchanged was interrutped by a voice will with grief and fury.221Please respect copyright.PENANA9egzdFKxTs
copyright protection217PENANAdzXv21LeCt

221Please respect copyright.PENANA3dF3XTBqaM
Mika was right in front of them in a flash, he was in despair. He looked like a wounded animal, heaving huge mouthful of breaths, who could not be healed even if he destroys everything in his path.221Please respect copyright.PENANAfUledTlDMy
copyright protection217PENANAibl1kKeJ4g

221Please respect copyright.PENANA5VNmv01fyU
Both cultivators and commanders of their armies erupted in laughter. 221Please respect copyright.PENANAHB8nF5hhwr
copyright protection217PENANArb8GuCmKjC

"What are you going to do? Hit and run? heal us?" Boomed the man in crimson robe.221Please respect copyright.PENANA3Llo0zild4
copyright protection217PENANAfwbc2eeOsQ

"All you have is speed and healing powers! What can you do to us? Annoy us to death?" snickered the man in blue robe.copyright protection217PENANAiL2ENmp16t

Mika has already reached a new level in power, but he never displayed it because there had never been a situation where he could flaunt his powers in order to subdue any subjects. His small village had a natural benefit in geographical location on the border of both the kingdoms, where he did not need to exercise much power and only administer it to make sure peace and harmony existed. People in both kingdoms only knew that he was a devout follower of the Holy Church and practiced in the light element. Hence the majority of the villagers were believers as well, and would seldom fight for power and only survive, living the life to its fullest.221Please respect copyright.PENANAUi0HFwHGLg
copyright protection217PENANAixEqe93ATn

He was awake now, he now knew and despaired in not able to protect the lives of his fellow villagers. copyright protection217PENANAc9UolXCAL5

"Massacre is not something I indulge in but today is an exception." With that said Mika's aura erupted. This aura was the polar opposite of light element,. It was dark, gloomy, and housing enough power to rot and decay anything it comes in contact with.copyright protection217PENANAq3RtIEQ7FW

First Step, the green shrubs around Mika started to decompose and wither one meter in radius around him.221Please respect copyright.PENANABtRKRxP8Om
copyright protection217PENANAAXufoIosih

Second Step, the aura was swept passed the 5 meters and engulfed both commanders.221Please respect copyright.PENANAAR8Wg8wyuJ
copyright protection217PENANAPvrJTNGwns

The commanders were shocked but soon their hearts were filled with dread. Caution overcame them as sense of crisis filled their hearts with imminent threat. 221Please respect copyright.PENANADo2D5H9NoV
copyright protection217PENANABOwthe77mM

They both started to circulate the heavenly qi stored within them as their bodies gradually covered itself with a thin layer of water and wind elements. Trying their best to resist the suffocating aura of darkness.copyright protection217PENANA4WKzc9hABA

They both glanced at each other, coming to an understanding. If we cannot kill each other might as well join hands to kill Mika. They both brandished their swords and erupted with their respective heavy and sharp auras.221Please respect copyright.PENANA3ZpVJgszpg
copyright protection217PENANASr5jaZ6Rvt

"Take this! Devastating Sword!" said Dave in a booming voice as his heavy sword drew a circular arc with rumbling sounds, with might enough to create a huge crater.copyright protection217PENANAk7hQAz4IGq

"Piercing Sword!" shrieked Jim, as his sword zapped through the air, shredding it, with power enough to slice the heavens.221Please respect copyright.PENANAV074WodsWH
copyright protection217PENANAuLnfkzoCa0

Mika just stood there, unaffected by the two incoming sword slashes. He raised his right hand and a barrier was materialized around him. Repelling both the attacks. A translucent sphere of 3 meters in diameter was around Mika, with him in the center.221Please respect copyright.PENANAcA6eebWnZk
copyright protection217PENANAc2rilChsuN

"You, you....r.r.....reached the Purified Body Stage!!!!!" Both the commanders were dumbstruck and shocked to the core as they stared Mika with disbelief! They could not believe it! It was enough shock to cultivate in the dark elements but to break through to next stage which was so difficult that in both kingdoms only two people were able to cultivate to that level and they were the emperors of the kingdom, the deities who ruled their respective domains.221Please respect copyright.PENANAj2jIY3ZqCo
copyright protection217PENANAVOVcEwMJes

But a mere ruler of small village to reach this stage. This was enough to make their scalps numb in fear as their bodies trembled with fear.221Please respect copyright.PENANAHyoPCldPNa
copyright protection217PENANAaJeyYz8nbi

"So what? This achievement still could not prevent my people from perishing!" Spoke Mika in trembling voice but the fury in his eyes was imminent. The time was nigh, he raised his hand and pointed his index finger at the burly man. The pointed finger condensed the the dark elements and formed a small sphere in front of it. It then beamed through the air by the flick of his finger. copyright protection217PENANAnolPGHsX9W

Dave knew it was too late to regret and was too shocked to react in time when the sphere zapped through his heart and the decay spread throughout his body. He could not even utter a word as his body decomposed and turned to ashes which scattered away with the winds.221Please respect copyright.PENANAxZKDeYPamO
copyright protection217PENANAL4KGhpc38r

Jim was flabbergasted and startled from his stupor. "Mika, do not be rash, the Emperor would be furious if you lay a hand on me" said Jim, trying his best to appear collected but his heart was in turmoil.221Please respect copyright.PENANAuFROoPRngt
copyright protection217PENANAwjaLR9k0ww

Mika looked at Jim straight in the eyes and said "This river of blood formed from the slaughter of innocent, sprinkled on the ice cold stones will be  repaid with blood to whoever obstructs my path, be it your emperor or the Gods" While speaking he condensed a black sphere and flicked his finger.copyright protection217PENANAjUUEKBlczv

In but an instant, Jim perished, not being able to refute or convince Mika otherwise.221Please respect copyright.PENANAMX2aMFvZvj
copyright protection217PENANA8kzS0RidVq

His last thoughts were of regret and sorrow for not being able to see through Mika.copyright protection217PENANAEsKOdCXyCu

Mika looked up at the heavens. His heart filled with dread of the lost lives he should have protected. He sighed, cursing himself for the way he lived his life. He vowed to show his might and authority if there is a next time he needs to protect someone.221Please respect copyright.PENANA92jTFySvIe
copyright protection217PENANA5Vp0A9BWla

He turned towards the soldiers who were sweating cold beads on their foreheads.copyright protection217PENANArtv1mvSEJO

Mika unleashed his wrath.copyright protection217PENANA5ogPdtsa24

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ONI_Ghost - felt to me very like CD almost for some reason, which is good! Liked it
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