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Hope’s Bright!
Co-Writer Cynderz*
Beta Reader Kitty
Beta Reader err0r4o4
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Hope’s Bright!
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Knockbacks and Promises
Aug 23, 2016
13 Mins Read
Comments ( 5 )
Cynderz - To all those reading i have a question. Who do you feel sorry for the most at this point. Comment your answers bellow.
4 months agoreply

Dlofc84 - The good, easy going pennie broke, nice touch. Replaced by a determined young woman, who, with her innocence stripped is determined to make the world better anyway. Then you have Ray, finally learning to show emotion on the top end and his self-confidence shattered, has to put it back together at the end.
4 months agoreply

Cynderz - Pennie does grow a lot in this chapter and the next but she definitely has a long way to go. A lot more happens which really gets her questioning whether she is doing enough to achieve her goal of saving her country. As for Ray, most of his confidence is a charade, it is mainly built from working hard and is easily torn down, especially when his memories are concerned. There is still a lot to come when it comes to Pennie and Ray
4 months agoreply

Dlofc84 - @Cynderz, I like them. At first, I was iffy about Pennie. Too innocent for my taste but this chapter her growth and change was astounding and my reservations about her was blown away. Curious, is that why Ray idolizes Blaze. Where Ray is still searching for self-identity, Blaze is sure of who and what he is?
4 months agoreply

Cynderz - @Dlofc84, Yes, its one of the reasons. However, in reality, Blaze is actually more unsure than Ray, which you’ll find out as you keep reading. It is not mentioned till a later chapter (one i have yet to publish) but the major reason for Ray idolises Blaze is simply because he is able to get along with him easily, as if they knew each other before is memory loss. If you think the change in Pennie is surprising wait till you see what happens to the others
4 months agoreply