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Hope’s Bright!
Co-Writer Cynderz*
Beta Reader Kitty
Beta Reader err0r4o4
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Hope’s Bright!
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Sep 7, 2016
13 Mins Read
Comments ( 6 )
deathlessone@hotmail.com - the betrayal is no longer sweet the betrayal  is very bitter by the Blaze.
2 months agoreply

Dlofc84 - Ouch! Betrayed by the Blaze. In actuallity, this should help immensely with the arc you are going for with the three main protagonists. Pennie, Ray, and Noah needed a push to become independent and take on a more of a lead in the fight against CSOG and although the last couple chapters were a nice start the leaders of Twilight, namely Blaze and Master Issac have to pass to the back in order for the limelight to shine on the three leads. But that is just from this reader's POV. Hope I got it right but it was a beautiful transition for Blaze from good to bad.
2 months agoreply

Cynderz - You’ll be glad to hear that this is the last time Master Isaac be involved in the battle. I’m glad you liked Blaze’s betrayal. Originally he was just minor member of Twilight Heart causing trouble. He even had a different name but the way it ended was too cheesy. I realised that characters needed more reasons why they act the way they do, so I altered him to the main character he is today. Blaze is without a doubt my favourite and most complicated character. There are more surprises to come as Blazes backstory revealled
2 months agoreply

Cynderz - The idea for Blaze’s Betrayal came from a TV show i used to watch with my little brother, where this friendly, trusting and a little stupid character turned out to be one of the major antagonists in the series.
2 months agoreply

Dlofc84 - @Cynderz, No worries, I like twisted plots. If you have ever read David Eddings, he will have about ten different plot lines going at once. It is nice, it lets you know the author is honesty emotionally invested into his world to the point it is real to him or her. The number of different plot lines you have intertwining right now is impressive and the relationships involved. I really like it.
2 months agoreply

Cynderz - Question to all those reading.
Did anyone see this coming or where you shocked? What do you think about what happened in this chapter?
Comment your answers bellow
2 months agoreply