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Mother Hulker (She-Hulk fanfic)
PG-13 Completed

Jennifer was starting at a cushy, less stressful, job. Additionally, she was going by her true name again. Well, at least God-given first name. As to her last name, not so much. She had altered her last name to "Sassy". She figured if you're assuming a new identity why not give it some zing.

Jennifer established a new identity and was in hiding because of computer hacking crimes she committed years earlier. Government agents thought they should be looking for a socially isolated individual. They didn't think to question a six-foot, seven-inch, green-skinned attorney.

Agents that might have suspected Jennifer also knew there was no reason to aggravate a person known for flare ups of anger. Indeed, everyone who had ever interacted with her even a little bit knew there were days when she had on "The Jennifer Face". It wasn't an emotionally cold 1,000-yard distant stare. Although hard to define, everyone could see "The Face," even when she wore sunglasses. At those times, no one approached her without an essential reason for doing so. They all stayed the hell out of her way.

On Jennifer's first day in her job as a law professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School, she had to prepare for two classes. Intellectual Property was her morning class, and Criminal Law was her afternoon one. Jennifer was on her way to the students' Memorial Union to get a cup of their much remarked upon coffee when she received an email on her Blackberry from the school's receptionist. The email read: "Professor, a young man who gave his name as 'Quickie' is waiting here. He's like you." That "like you” part in the email message was the receptionist's nice, passive, way of saying that Quickie must have an unusual physical feature, or demonstrated a superhuman feat. This would be similar to Jennifer's amazing height and green skin, plus enhanced strength and invulnerability.

Jennifer had been exposed to radiation from one of two nuclear bombs that went off years earlier in the American Southwest. Perhaps because neutron bombs had been employed, rather than the type of atomic bombs that had been used earlier, no one died within the radius of the explosions. Indeed, some people in the blast radius had ended up gaining various superpowers. Apparently, Quickie must have been exposed to this radiation as well. Jennifer knew she had to turn around and find out what the heck this Quickie fellow wanted. She was going to have to talk to him and lose the spare time she had set aside to more fully prepare for her first class. Furthermore, she was going to have to talk to him without her morning coffee. Involuntarily, before she even laid eyes on Quickie, she was going to arrive sporting the "Jennifer Face".

Author's Notes
In 1989, a comic book series began where a green-skinned heroine "broke down the fourth wall" to address her author. A red costumed mercenary appeared for the first time in 1991.

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