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    Aspiring writer eager to share his stories. My favorite literary genres are adventure, fantasy, and science fiction, with hints of comedy and romance. I hope that whoever is reading this has an excellent day, and I invite you to enjoy the works that I will publish on this platform under the pseudonym "MrLightningBolt".
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Persona 3: First Light
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Disclaimer: This narrative is a work of fanfiction of my own making, inspired by the "Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3" (and the rest of the series as a whole) video games. Therefore, it is NOT canonical to the games or official expanded universe material. Even though it pretends to maintain continuity with the canon timeline while introducing its own lore as a prequel, some minor "retcons" have been added for heightened dramatic or comedic impact. Those who have played the games (especially Persona 3: FES) and have good memory might spot them.

In the bustling city of Iwatodai, an unlikely team: the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (S.E.E.S.), is being formed under a veil of mystery and intrigue.

After displaying his prowess in the ring, a young boxer named Akihiko Sanada receives an unexpected and bizarre invitation. As he grapples with the eeriness of the Dark Hour, Akihiko is introduced to the power of Personas, and along with his longtime friend, Shinjiro Aragaki, they are ushered into a world filled with Shadows and secrets.

As they navigate highschool life and uncover the depths of Tartarus, the founding members of the S.E.E.S. also find themselves caught in the crossfire of a deadly conspiracy, orchestrated by a sinister mind that is closer to them than what they imagine. The stakes are in place for a path filled with danger, camaraderie and struggle.

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