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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Cat Came Back: The Gathering
Oct 6, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9lcV6jCxmzWYyKmkN5dPposted on PENANA

“Damn little beast! Filthy damn animal!” Jack screamed as he clutched his burning face. The cats he had killed before had scratched him many times, but none of the little bastards had ever had the audacity to scratch him in the face! The nerve of that foul creature!copyright protection53PENANAxbEYINODKi57Please respect copyright.PENANA4qjtMAvM30

57Please respect copyright.PENANAVHawMWcgbj
copyright protection53PENANAiUEuPKNria57Please respect copyright.PENANATAtnXxNR0j

Jack picked up the meat tenderizing hammer and scrambled into the hallway after the black cat. His head swung back and forth as he scanned for the wayward animal. He started to go into one of the bedrooms, but the burning on his face reminded him that he had been wounded.copyright protection53PENANA0f9zZvTNB757Please respect copyright.PENANAE5KXywx3jB

57Please respect copyright.PENANA4eieK5bWmn
copyright protection53PENANAD8ih715VEP57Please respect copyright.PENANAgfXJDVgqMh

He walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. It was worse than he imagined it would be. He had several deep scratches on his cheek and forehead. To top it all off the malicious varmint had bit him on the nose! Four red holes right in the center of his nose dripped blood down his face. All of his wounds were bleeding, but the ones on his nose was dripping at an extraordinary rate. copyright protection53PENANAdWJRqzCe0U57Please respect copyright.PENANAKrmupV0WZj

57Please respect copyright.PENANAy3yRijWtgj
copyright protection53PENANAp1ayA94tXF57Please respect copyright.PENANAQwyOfbKwCw

How could he go to work looking like he did? What would Mr. Mitchell think? What would Marcy think? Would they think that he was some sort of hooligan who had gotten into a bar fight? Would they think that he was too weak to defend himself from a small animal? No this wouldn't do. This wouldn't do at all. After he was finished with the cat he knew that he would have to call in sick for the rest of the week in order to heal. copyright protection53PENANABAOTSVUYRz57Please respect copyright.PENANANmX9Rm4Rj3

57Please respect copyright.PENANAbS7KKq3HUj
copyright protection53PENANAN4wxWW7yb857Please respect copyright.PENANA0LPyz5KjCn

But calling in sick led to being written up. Being written up led to unemployment. It would never do. It was all the fault of that damn cat. He put a few band aids on his face, grabbed his meat tenderizing hammer and went to look for it. copyright protection53PENANAtA9D9JNedL57Please respect copyright.PENANAQpKOzBbEtv

57Please respect copyright.PENANAIEoQp8gsPa
copyright protection53PENANAUOlIIeEDcv57Please respect copyright.PENANAMPVCovH9Pk

After searching the entire bottom floor he couldn't find hide nor hair of the rotten stray, so he quietly went upstairs to find his prey. Even though his face was burning and itching he found the hunt quite exhilarating and thrilling. When he killed this one it would give him a sweet gratification that he hadn't felt in years. copyright protection53PENANAc0AIywFF5R57Please respect copyright.PENANAwGKgujRGYk

57Please respect copyright.PENANAbHZzxoIORx
copyright protection53PENANANysXcBG0QU57Please respect copyright.PENANAYDnUgLpXVf

What a sight he must have been. A grown man in his forties wandering about his home in his tighty whiteys and socks , holding a wooden meat tenderizing hammer with a shirt and face full of blood. It would be disgraceful if his dear mother had seen him that way. copyright protection53PENANALKJ7trl74y57Please respect copyright.PENANAhrV2Hply6k

57Please respect copyright.PENANATh1TRzhAn9
copyright protection53PENANADhyd07KGNP57Please respect copyright.PENANA7mNvg3hG0c

As he was about to abandon his hunt for his attacker and go put on a pair of respectable pajama bottoms, he heard a cat’s screech come from his bedroom. Something about it made his blood run cold. There was something different about this cat, but still, it was his duty to rid the world of it. He was as stealthy as he could be as he made his way towards the open door that led into his bedroom. copyright protection53PENANAxBoZyBBfBr57Please respect copyright.PENANAViDQklgGUm

57Please respect copyright.PENANA1NE3GwCY60
copyright protection53PENANAamcTuFkPNp57Please respect copyright.PENANA8emVJCY0jZ

Peeking around the corner of the door, he saw nothing. He walked into his room, the carpet silencing his steps. He searched everywhere, but found nothing. It wasn't under his bed or in his closet. It wasn't behind his nightstand or on top of his dresser. It was like the wicked feline had disappeared completely. copyright protection53PENANAoqGXEH4onR57Please respect copyright.PENANAdeiQ4Cbkj5

57Please respect copyright.PENANAHlTloAR1zX
copyright protection53PENANAeVtCV1dxhP57Please respect copyright.PENANA1HbnCV0AWj

Giving up looking for the creature, he grabbed a pair of pajama bottoms and a white tee shirt, and made his way out of the room. He reckoned he would go back to the bathroom, dress his wounds and then get dressed. He would find the cat sooner or later and he had to look presentable for when the trick or treaters started arriving. copyright protection53PENANAZrbbkFQEvE57Please respect copyright.PENANAz9xR0CubXO

57Please respect copyright.PENANAhE9aZyLQzk
copyright protection53PENANA4T4KRJsV8P57Please respect copyright.PENANAOA10YEVYfS

He started to step down the stairs when he realized what was happening. A flash of black bolted out of the shadows and blocked his step. Jack tumbled down each and every step that made up the flight of stairs. Twenty six of them to be exact. Each roll down the steps added another painful explosion into his world. He screamed as he came to the bottom of the steps with a thud. copyright protection53PENANANmKgZGiddA57Please respect copyright.PENANAiO1QG1sbdp

57Please respect copyright.PENANA0u39F3IrUh
copyright protection53PENANA3c1enmUe1q57Please respect copyright.PENANALIRNJQrFOG

He coughed and spat and rested his head to the side, when he saw the flash of black run into the kitchen once again. Jack screamed in rage and, with much effort, sat himself up. His whole body now burned and ached. copyright protection53PENANAS5kXQbGi7P57Please respect copyright.PENANAx7vyXcAqnN

57Please respect copyright.PENANAPnhTxXWfoQ
copyright protection53PENANA7VbScbyupL57Please respect copyright.PENANAxazpXifpX4

Never in his life had a cat caused him so much trouble. He would show that cat. He would put an end to it. Jack gripped the rails of the stairs and pulled himself up. He walked into the kitchen. He intended to grab the large kitchen knife and continue his search, but he wouldn't have time to enact his plan. copyright protection53PENANA5sX6HlsCzt57Please respect copyright.PENANA5vbB39NEzb

57Please respect copyright.PENANArpzJi6Gem5
copyright protection53PENANA2synpoz6GG57Please respect copyright.PENANA5TfEidXyCV

As soon as he took four steps into the kitchen, the cat pounced. From the kitchen counter it launched itself at Jack and landed on his back. The cat's claws and teeth shredded Jack’s skin. copyright protection53PENANAVOB7HNifiI57Please respect copyright.PENANACIqOkuX78w

57Please respect copyright.PENANAjzVSieYZsl
copyright protection53PENANA1naZuRkWuU57Please respect copyright.PENANA5yflcyy96b

Jack screamed as fell onto his knees, which was a terrible mistake that cost him dearly. His knees plopped right down into the shards of the broken plate. A howl of rage and pain filled the air as the crisp, new pain invaded Jack’s body. Involuntarily he fell forward. The cat was still shredding his back and the shards from the plate drove deep into his knees. copyright protection53PENANAqxmZUMouS557Please respect copyright.PENANA5IUvxeZum8

57Please respect copyright.PENANA1FHWx0aw0D
copyright protection53PENANAaOTMVAAeQT57Please respect copyright.PENANAR6b6roE0yL

When he landed from his forward fall new jagged pieces of the broken plate drove into his hands, wrists and torso. He screamed again and began thrashing as he got to his feet and ran into the living room. The cat continued chasing him into the room and Jack, with heaving breaths ran away from it.copyright protection53PENANAWRh7QLZaIt57Please respect copyright.PENANAbDu681k8vG

57Please respect copyright.PENANAgwlYtTZEpZ
copyright protection53PENANA490r8Udwo657Please respect copyright.PENANAih6tnxS2xq

The creature was mad! It probably had rabies! He couldn't go to work if he had rabies. Oh how he hated this cat. copyright protection53PENANABzUvmQ6X5W57Please respect copyright.PENANAOJ3iPckalP

57Please respect copyright.PENANAQCmcAQ6zuv
copyright protection53PENANAR1N89DU8OD57Please respect copyright.PENANAzMNGgbd8eL

Jack glared at the cat with fire in his heart. He had never wanted anything more than to see that cat dead. Forgetting the pain that was shooting through every ounce of his body he sprinted towards the cat as best he could with his knees being injured. copyright protection53PENANABTMBlVwzsV57Please respect copyright.PENANAy2vCllPFva

57Please respect copyright.PENANAvmMRznIFXc
copyright protection53PENANAF3vAzSrFPw57Please respect copyright.PENANAbxZYdf9qnn

Much to his dismay the cat didn't run. Not this cat. This cat was vicious. This cat had as much hatred in its heart for Jack as Jack had for it. The black cat with the white soul patch sprung at Jack and planted itself firmly on Jack's face once again.copyright protection53PENANABHypPH3KPS57Please respect copyright.PENANAcWqHzL2orx

57Please respect copyright.PENANAzWUlOtJw8G
copyright protection53PENANAnqLa175yGx57Please respect copyright.PENANAIkdIjqXsRl

The cat tore and shredded while Jack punched and attempted to choke it. During the struggle Jack didn't notice how close he had come to his front window. The large one that looked out over his front lawn and onto his street. So intent on the struggle with the cat, he was, that he barely noticed when the two of them tumbled into the glass and through it. copyright protection53PENANAtmBYWbQoQG57Please respect copyright.PENANAQ3hgKR2Nft

57Please respect copyright.PENANAkPqebeIUKR
copyright protection53PENANAUsnsSd9VXY57Please respect copyright.PENANAAtbObue9X5

A crashing sound was heard throughout the neighborhood as the man and cat fell through the window and onto the ground while locked in mortal combat. The cat bolted off of Jack as soon as the two of them landed. “I'll kill you!” Jack screamed as he chased the cat down the street. copyright protection53PENANANlozvqHBYn57Please respect copyright.PENANAuO9L5TD7GS

57Please respect copyright.PENANAB1I1gTfYN0
copyright protection53PENANA9sJLqGWh4N57Please respect copyright.PENANAPou0cGvrPt

Several of his neighbors came out to look at the bloody man in his underwear chased a cat down the street, but they shook their heads as they figured it was just some elaborate Halloween prank. copyright protection53PENANAYYflr7yA3w57Please respect copyright.PENANAxjhG5mAIug

57Please respect copyright.PENANAB5ij7ycmxZ
copyright protection53PENANAzRSYroo8Zn57Please respect copyright.PENANAnmoRnAxT1m

Jack ran as quickly as he could down the street after the beast. He was screaming and making guttural noises in his rage. His rage would help him destroy the beast. He couldn't let it get away. Catching and taking it’s life was the only thing of importance to him. copyright protection53PENANAv9PfUgWQy057Please respect copyright.PENANAmyGDfL0Ptu

57Please respect copyright.PENANA64AonHXA4u
copyright protection53PENANADwZTSq1r1557Please respect copyright.PENANAArQYjezR7B

With all of Jack’s focus on the cat in front of him, Jack didn't see all of the other cats that were gathering behind him. As Jack ran block after block chasing the black cat with the white soul patch other strays began following them.copyright protection53PENANAXAWQyneXwe57Please respect copyright.PENANAetaU7pG7e9

57Please respect copyright.PENANACkecJCUGdY
copyright protection53PENANAl2nbhhrd8057Please respect copyright.PENANAaNq1MJflBm

First an orange cat ducked out of the bushes and began following them. Then a gray one and a white one. Then a calico with four multi colored friends. Then another black one. Then six kittens of varying hue. They kept coming and coming and coming. Pouring out of the woodworks.copyright protection53PENANAeMxdGpEIQG57Please respect copyright.PENANAWPQ6KXwq4K

57Please respect copyright.PENANAAH5OTOrNuE
copyright protection53PENANANOhKEP8SNE57Please respect copyright.PENANALFscGeWVzx

Finally Jack noticed them. He stopped in the middle of the street and turned around. He couldn't believe his eyes. There, in front of him, stood and army of cats. One, maybe two hundred of the filthy creatures. How could there have been so many of them? He had been carefully removing them from his nice little suburb for a such a very long time now. There was no way there could be that many just hanging around. copyright protection53PENANA68GujYLLcU57Please respect copyright.PENANAiwn8C768xb

57Please respect copyright.PENANAT8SYWLMozh
copyright protection53PENANALqHiEnHj5y57Please respect copyright.PENANA3lWvxCJtyj

The army of cats stood still. An eerie still. There were no tails waving. There was no licking of paws. There was no shifting positions. There was nothing save for the eerie stillness, as they watched his every move.copyright protection53PENANAZTmgD06MTT57Please respect copyright.PENANA1RPo0sv6B3

57Please respect copyright.PENANAhubat8Wfxv
copyright protection53PENANArZ17tk6f5i57Please respect copyright.PENANAxARt6o6PSE

The stillness was bad. The quiet was worse. A silence had settled over all of the cats. The very world itself seemed to be void of all sound. The only thing Jack could hear was the ragged sound of his own struggling breath. copyright protection53PENANAaRJRanfSGl57Please respect copyright.PENANA9TwYiwqOD1

57Please respect copyright.PENANARVw35Zb1fJ
copyright protection53PENANAqGeMXSN3FG57Please respect copyright.PENANAxMjofpNlfF

He turned his head from side to side, trying to figure out exactly where he was. He had lost track of his position in his blind rage. There was a street sign in the corner. Bingham street? How could he have gone that far? Bingham was six miles from his home. There was no possible way he could have ran all that way in the condition he was in. copyright protection53PENANAX6GYeajkqp57Please respect copyright.PENANA0ozxnS3NGG

57Please respect copyright.PENANAPxClAHkMJA
copyright protection53PENANADAhmsrJHjq57Please respect copyright.PENANAvgmPFCfsYu

Bingham was the street that he grew up on. It was where he lived with his dear mother and father. He saw their old house, sitting there in all of it’s baby blue glory. He started to take a step towards it, but a sound broke the silence.copyright protection53PENANA2K7hx4ak8P57Please respect copyright.PENANA8YTIwgAz4g

57Please respect copyright.PENANAgTOSfpAAcj
copyright protection53PENANA15VI49Snuj57Please respect copyright.PENANAaIAxxf9MI7

From behind Jack, the black cat with the white soul patch rumbled and hissed. Jack turned to face it. It's eyes were filled with hate as it bristled it’s hair, and hissed in a menacing manner. copyright protection53PENANAN7T4tmvd4P57Please respect copyright.PENANAhQ6bzCs9bw

57Please respect copyright.PENANAqsqelGEVgQ
copyright protection53PENANAD7AKo7PzsX57Please respect copyright.PENANAeryOY647SM

Jack’a eyes widened. A strange feeling found itself planted inside of Jack’s heart. Fear. A cat had never caused him to feel fear before. It was an odd sensation. Jack didn't enjoy it. Not one bit. copyright protection53PENANAou2kc6t5uY57Please respect copyright.PENANAeaCllbXOl9

57Please respect copyright.PENANAlLBL0XsFSI
copyright protection53PENANAoh5imzERMI57Please respect copyright.PENANAv6a4V8aZg3

The black cat with the white soul patch reared it’s head into the air and screeched at the top of it’s lungs. The yell sent chills down down Jack’s spine. Every fiber of his being told him to run. copyright protection53PENANAHqPhbep1NS57Please respect copyright.PENANAMudpQzBNnW

57Please respect copyright.PENANAXIIzuJwWoo
copyright protection53PENANAYcm1wy80EC57Please respect copyright.PENANAFUvPYqX8qd

Run he did. He ran as if his life depended on it. copyright protection53PENANAY2U4kgDZ8q57Please respect copyright.PENANAbcIpBzYcmm

57Please respect copyright.PENANA9k5STzBpvZ
copyright protection53PENANAIQQy82Mx3A57Please respect copyright.PENANANbUj0SJY0a

And the cats followed.copyright protection53PENANAp2MM3ilbiZ57Please respect copyright.PENANAccnVBZuAcR

57Please respect copyright.PENANAXlb2e4BPu7
copyright protection53PENANAOg1IkmYYm757Please respect copyright.PENANAPiiJBjBkiC

Now the army of felines was being led by the black cat with the white soul patch. They could have overtaken Jack at any time, but they just seemed to jog in formation behind him. copyright protection53PENANAo4XfC5hpCl57Please respect copyright.PENANAvuPTqrSV14

57Please respect copyright.PENANAMYqY0E3Cux
copyright protection53PENANAZ2nMOq49Cn57Please respect copyright.PENANAKjP23qmELE

Jack ran to his childhood home. He tried the door, but it was locked. He pounded on the door and pleaded for someone to let him in, but he didn't have time to see if anyone answered. copyright protection53PENANA8qEa8Zx7XT57Please respect copyright.PENANAhh96azy2uz

57Please respect copyright.PENANA7hyygzcjcG
copyright protection53PENANAemYcBBhT1U57Please respect copyright.PENANARW0HY37lIT

An orange tabby launched itself at Jack while his back was turned and bit him in the Achilles' tendon. The man screamed in pain and started to run again. This time at a sprint, the speed of which his body had never experienced.copyright protection53PENANAf0WCNL3SUF57Please respect copyright.PENANA0Za96lJEne

57Please respect copyright.PENANAevwN3Mmf6y
copyright protection53PENANAf36UeeTMmR57Please respect copyright.PENANAWXuWEt0MPI

He swiftly ran down the street and a few more blocks up. Now the cats were becoming more bold. They would take turns catching up with the exhausted man and giving him playful little scratches to goad him along. copyright protection53PENANAGBdENPg4Ih57Please respect copyright.PENANAGPIQYObHtz

57Please respect copyright.PENANAVH5sv8eRok
copyright protection53PENANAYXiVA5HDXB57Please respect copyright.PENANAqliVhXpiJe

Jack’s legs were a bloody, burning mess when he came to a little park. He sprinted as quickly as his jellied legs would carry him. There were woods out behind the park that he knew well when he was a boy. He had buried many a cat there when he was a boy.copyright protection53PENANAjdFp7UE0G157Please respect copyright.PENANA0p3Ig2xsK0

57Please respect copyright.PENANA2GI78dgm5E
copyright protection53PENANARmC51pUhuC57Please respect copyright.PENANAHvZZrhXQzG

The cats allowed him to run into the woods. Jack thought that if perhaps he could make it into the woods he could lose them there. He didn't realize where they were leading him. copyright protection53PENANAytAQpbV6PS57Please respect copyright.PENANA4A68inaPQU

57Please respect copyright.PENANAQSAy0ILg5Q
copyright protection53PENANAI86nydideY57Please respect copyright.PENANAUMmUMNbJEL

Every time he tried to turn or weave to try and lose them the cats would form so that he couldn't go any other way, but the way they were allowing him to go. They herded him for another ten minutes into the woods. Until he finally came to their final destination. copyright protection53PENANAe5lQamg5DK57Please respect copyright.PENANAqJlxRDU2tL

57Please respect copyright.PENANAXkDySEhEUm
copyright protection53PENANAIbdi2CuXIj57Please respect copyright.PENANAvP9SKVGWFk

Jack dropped to his knees when he realized where he was. The band of felines had led him to the place that started it all. They had led him to the final resting place of his aunt’s cat, Cleopatra. copyright protection53PENANAQqsWO097dn57Please respect copyright.PENANAH532CVGxYa

57Please respect copyright.PENANAiVuWunBL1w
copyright protection53PENANA5rtqiENyJq57Please respect copyright.PENANA7xmhp6d52S

There was a hole that looked like it had been dug out from the bottom up. And a few feet from that hole Cleopatra was patiently waiting for him. Except it no longer looked like his aunty’s beloved Cleo. It was a cat made of bone and mummified meat.copyright protection53PENANAisCwKE8fBR57Please respect copyright.PENANAqKYuNBpt9o

57Please respect copyright.PENANAEsj9pNw0zy
copyright protection53PENANAysi0o71yee57Please respect copyright.PENANAwH5TYuZbA2

Flies buzzed around the zombie cat as it gazed at Jack with eyes that were no longer there. Patches of fur were still on Cleopatra, but they were so covered  in mud that you couldn't recognize what hue they were originally. copyright protection53PENANAWkGqLY5ywP57Please respect copyright.PENANA40N2uADU4N

57Please respect copyright.PENANAiIfCREqoEZ
copyright protection53PENANAYPhAl2fuhR57Please respect copyright.PENANAWbG14Fw4Q6

Jack looked back at the other cats. They all were the same. What was once an army of vibrant, colorful cats was now a collection of rotting corpses and skeletal remains.copyright protection53PENANAlPjEQILRh057Please respect copyright.PENANA6U7UXCuBxy

57Please respect copyright.PENANAoPhDs9iSxW
copyright protection53PENANA6dkME5LJEh57Please respect copyright.PENANASt8zvce1g4

One by one Jack began to recognize them. He had killed them all. Every last one of them. Cleopatra was there. The black cat with the white soul patch was there. Marcy’s two cats were there. The cats he hacked, sliced, pummeled, choked, burned and sawed were all there. copyright protection53PENANAyC7PdsSsW957Please respect copyright.PENANA8nZfhWSMyp

57Please respect copyright.PENANAkWfCAHLSAj
copyright protection53PENANAkiZDXPlIHC57Please respect copyright.PENANAPsMX2hagjr

Jack began to sob as the dead cats slowly made their way towards him. They didn't make a sound as they pounced on him. Nor did they make a sound as they started ripping the flesh off his bones. They tore and scratched in silence.copyright protection53PENANAJNQ4AualdO57Please respect copyright.PENANAlrOkH6hzTQ

57Please respect copyright.PENANAYdMeQnVCfw
copyright protection53PENANADMrKCFcu7957Please respect copyright.PENANAV4YI21Zchj

Screams of anguish emitted from Jack, but they didn't last long. The cats that had had their lives snuff out by this cruel man were now the ones doing the murdering.copyright protection53PENANADssD5psq8957Please respect copyright.PENANADCKsXrze1s

57Please respect copyright.PENANA40GRewea8u
copyright protection53PENANA3RXTVxo6SC57Please respect copyright.PENANAG3yFLBGLNX

In the end all that was left of Jack was a few bones that the forest animals gnawed on. What was left of him was found a few years later by some boys who were wandering in the small woods. copyright protection53PENANAUwolg10tv857Please respect copyright.PENANA4qAPSxhrMi

57Please respect copyright.PENANATRjzIx6XHe
copyright protection53PENANAD9A5MFuf6C57Please respect copyright.PENANAroi034BKQp

His remains were never identified and they now sit in an unmarked grave in the local cemetery. And, oddly enough, every Halloween an army of cats come to his grave to pay their respects. copyright protection53PENANApaum4pUswN

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