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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Cat Came Back: Just Another Day
Oct 5, 2017
8 Mins Read
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Jack took a quick look at himself in the mirror, straightened his tie, grabbed the black cat that he had strangled the night before, stuffed it in the white plastic garbage sack he had laid out and flipped it into the trash bin.copyright protection52PENANA9XUdzXWvVj56Please respect copyright.PENANAFKBOHVIw2A

56Please respect copyright.PENANACpuNjrVwXx
copyright protection52PENANANJQrYI5CON56Please respect copyright.PENANAe0nofVxKWj

He scanned his yard to make sure that no delinquents had smashed the three jack-o’-lanterns that he had carved a few nights before and then got into his baby blue Prius and drove to work. Beside the fact that it was Halloween, it was a typical Tuesday morning. copyright protection52PENANAZj6TtVNItF56Please respect copyright.PENANAFC3hrKd9gg

56Please respect copyright.PENANAJTFdGZFCvC
copyright protection52PENANASCCNQbLMHG56Please respect copyright.PENANAaJCx8RtGCq

He looked at the Halloween decorations as he drove and thought to himself how ridiculous and childish his suburb looked. Scarecrows and ghosts and ghouls and spiders and vampires and pumpkins and zombies and clowns were everywhere he looked, decorating the houses of those around him. It was disgraceful, but luckily it only came once a year. copyright protection52PENANA6uqXVoF01u56Please respect copyright.PENANAZi23ztNND4

56Please respect copyright.PENANA3mYIAFIfhd
copyright protection52PENANAO0NUUhQIZj56Please respect copyright.PENANARsXu06mtMZ

A frown of disgust spread across his face as he thought of all the little trick or treaters who would be knocking on his door when he got home from work. But if you didn't answer the door for the little hooligans they were just as likely to play some sort of prank on you as not. copyright protection52PENANAnSW0GMbrzS56Please respect copyright.PENANAUMhXPRqDE3

56Please respect copyright.PENANAIHqGq1m8gE
copyright protection52PENANA8FnzDiXijZ56Please respect copyright.PENANAm86kD6qZAd

Anger welled up in him when he thought of how his home had been wrapped in toilet paper six years prior. It took him three hours to get all of it off. It wasn't a particularly pleasant way to spend his morning and Jack did not wish to repeat it. copyright protection52PENANAN80B2USTCR56Please respect copyright.PENANAYv0gsQ7TtM

56Please respect copyright.PENANAXcunTUof3F
copyright protection52PENANAd0K90rWcSv56Please respect copyright.PENANATqN0Kq7bqH

Over the years the houses that didn't hand out candies to the little costumed beggars had been egged or had flaming bags of feces thrown onto their porch. Eggs caused damage to a house’s paint and brought down its value. Flaming bags of poo could catch a house on fire or cause disease. Either one of those things were unacceptable. copyright protection52PENANA51bsAOLy7556Please respect copyright.PENANAppcpFFfNyJ

56Please respect copyright.PENANAzvV3SPYh42
copyright protection52PENANAxUdxvgsoa556Please respect copyright.PENANAWYsKYdb5pB

So after the toilet papering of his blue, two storied home Jack decided that it was easier to give candies to the little terrors than to clean up. Every year since he carved three jack-o’-lanterns and bought a few bags of candy. He would smile at the kids as they yelled, “Trick or treat!” and he would slip a few pieces of candy into their bags and plastic pails.copyright protection52PENANAgn60x6rujk56Please respect copyright.PENANANO00dGFttd

56Please respect copyright.PENANAc3I87BY6T2
copyright protection52PENANAZolbRVZDt756Please respect copyright.PENANA8P0AAZOL4d

He would imagine himself killing their cats in some horrific manner and that smile he was faking would become a real smile. “Fake it until you make it,” Mr. Mitchell would always say to the newcomers. The thought of Mr. Mitchell spun his thoughts back in course and he focused on the upcoming day of work.copyright protection52PENANAI12Wzyd1Wn56Please respect copyright.PENANAnR2oRg4xJy

56Please respect copyright.PENANAKWCt5J43PX
copyright protection52PENANA7cLddikEMD56Please respect copyright.PENANA6XN7yo6n9b

His day went as every other work day did. He arrived at 8:45 and greeted his coworkers. At 9:00 sharp he would punch his time card and walk to the coffee pot. If the coffee pot was empty it would start his day off wrong. He would pour himself a fresh cup of coffee and then fire up his computer and go through accounts to make sure that all of the numbers the salesmen sent him added up.copyright protection52PENANAZM2lXUgXxK56Please respect copyright.PENANABx2DVUUZrD

56Please respect copyright.PENANAxcA9FGTKKI
copyright protection52PENANA5gM7dlFqnC56Please respect copyright.PENANAHQGvYfT5C3

If, by some unfortunate chance, there was no freshly brewed coffee in the pot it would start Jack’s day off wrong. Jack didn't enjoy it when his day started off  wrong. It was Marcy’s responsibility to brew a fresh pot of coffee every morning.copyright protection52PENANANuOyI1R2GD56Please respect copyright.PENANAgeAjRveMuG

56Please respect copyright.PENANAp2S0cyH6ir
copyright protection52PENANAFGqI1nCila56Please respect copyright.PENANAP0ivvgLpmo

It was her duty to make sure the team at Mitchell’s Paint Mega Warehouse was fueled by the power of caffeine and if she didn't fulfill that obligation the whole team suffered. If the team members didn't get the proper amount of caffeine their work would suffer for it.copyright protection52PENANA3qqPyDae3y56Please respect copyright.PENANAsCC3Wuyag3

56Please respect copyright.PENANARG6JGjhopz
copyright protection52PENANAQR3FpLHgNo56Please respect copyright.PENANAPez7J5ovuL

The salesmen’s numbers would be down. If the sales numbers were down the company would suffer. Cuts would have to be made and Jack might find himself out of a job. Unemployment didn't suit Jack. He had been steadily employed since the ripe old age of sixteen and he didn't plan on that ever changing.copyright protection52PENANAUt4kb5INn356Please respect copyright.PENANATXnv0kZzvg

56Please respect copyright.PENANADmWJ5D3n1s
copyright protection52PENANAXquog32rh556Please respect copyright.PENANAXRGxZqCnV7

The clerks wouldn't be able to properly function and they would punch in numbers improperly. If numbers were punched in improperly the clerk and Jack would have to spend who knows how long trying to find the discrepancy in the numbers. If the discrepancy was large enough Jack would have to write the clerk up. Jack liked being on good terms with every one at his place of work, so being on bad terms just wouldn't do. Those who weren't popular with employees sometimes found themselves out of a job. copyright protection52PENANAZ8X2NmOuDB56Please respect copyright.PENANA9P5wk6RkGm

56Please respect copyright.PENANABjJx3Pb6cd
copyright protection52PENANASx4XRf2A3q56Please respect copyright.PENANAya4fH3FkrB

The production workers could possibly make mistakes while mixing the colors of the paint. Mistakes in the colors could not be tolerated. Those at Mitchell’s prided themselves on always getting the order right. All it took was one bad review online to lose a potential customer. Without the customers there would be that pesky unemployment thing.copyright protection52PENANAD0R8p7brzt56Please respect copyright.PENANAsAqy7LEZ6k

56Please respect copyright.PENANAlHE5fHUrN7
copyright protection52PENANAxyBuBpQpTu56Please respect copyright.PENANAEmhIBYMhje

The supervisors would not be as patient with the workers and that would cause bad feelings and bring productivity down. Low productivity meant that the orders wouldn't be filled. Orders not being filled meant that those who ordered them would have them filled somewhere else. If too many orders got filled somewhere else then that meant Mitchell's would have to shut down. Which, in turn, meant that Jack would have to go on unemployment until he found a new position. What would his mother think if he had to do that?copyright protection52PENANA1M15KTlMto56Please respect copyright.PENANATLOkjW5YVc

56Please respect copyright.PENANAjhUXm9EhBs
copyright protection52PENANAd7p4fOcrgL56Please respect copyright.PENANAofPFYrELIX

And most importantly: if Jack himself didn't have the proper amount of caffeine then there was a real chance that he would make some sort of error while checking the numbers. An error in the numbers would mean that he could be written up by Mr. Mitchell himself.copyright protection52PENANAVNkwhWV8mP56Please respect copyright.PENANAZCJOW3K22G

56Please respect copyright.PENANAelY9iljXCU
copyright protection52PENANACnCEsmxO9156Please respect copyright.PENANAp09eG7GkSp

Being written up was a dark mark in his record that could never be compensated for. A dark mark on his record meant no more employee of the month awards, of which he had nine. copyright protection52PENANAcm8BroqEQG56Please respect copyright.PENANAiS12GY6r08

56Please respect copyright.PENANA8ft6oMrHJ3
copyright protection52PENANAqLuLhMHdV356Please respect copyright.PENANAB84LnKT35M

So, you see, Marcy making sure that the coffee was freshly brewed in the morning was of the utmost importance to Jack. Two times before Marcy had forgot to make the coffee. There had to be consequences, of course. Jack smiled as he thought of the way that Marcy’s gray cat had thrashed and scratched at his long, sturdy gloves as he squeezed it’a neck until it thrashed no longer. He thought of her beautiful calico cat and the sound it made as he hit it with the hammer. copyright protection52PENANA3yqFcT2KHb56Please respect copyright.PENANAsnEuqlswMs

56Please respect copyright.PENANAFUI907VsOE
copyright protection52PENANALUyUwZiWE956Please respect copyright.PENANAvqMzcak5ep

So Jack had his coffee and punched in his numbers and double checked people’s sales sheets. Life was normal. Life was good. copyright protection52PENANAD4U8QcUxpQ56Please respect copyright.PENANASGNwbdRDKE

56Please respect copyright.PENANA6pyOzzVu1K
copyright protection52PENANABso28BValD56Please respect copyright.PENANA8xbV6n6qtk

At lunchtime Jack retrieved his brown paper sack and went out to his Prius and ate. The same sandwich as always. Ham and Swiss on wheat. He turned on the radio as he always did and turned it up loud enough that it drowned out the sounds that the cat was making on the video he was watching on his phone. The video he made night before of him strangling the black cat. He smiled as the fight left the cat and it hung limp and lifeless in his strangling hands.copyright protection52PENANAl7xT13TkZy56Please respect copyright.PENANAQl1DRcQJPB

56Please respect copyright.PENANAnV1VKAvF4w
copyright protection52PENANAtDDnMtzH1Z56Please respect copyright.PENANApd3A8aYeBr

It was a typical day. And it continued to be a typical day until Jack punched out and went home. copyright protection52PENANAxCrVEAwAKS56Please respect copyright.PENANAyrMA4DMVnC

56Please respect copyright.PENANAwKxyGi8bXd
copyright protection52PENANAd6ZK01NUmN56Please respect copyright.PENANAHnqKXyVVNw

Jack pulled into his driveway and walked up to his door. He was fumbling for his keys when he looked off to his left and saw that some of the cat food from the dish he put out had been eaten.copyright protection52PENANAsPr5ddzMUA56Please respect copyright.PENANAmmX9W2NJXa

56Please respect copyright.PENANAluUT2AbaL9
copyright protection52PENANAMrcenROUrz56Please respect copyright.PENANAntwOdtm9pa

He smiled as he saw the black cat peering at him inside the hedge that separated his house from Mrs. Keegan’s. Mrs. Keegan’s cat, Whiskers, had put up a bit of a fight when he started cutting on it with his Ginsu knife. But in the end Jack had won out. Oh what a mess that was to clean up. Jack chuckled as he thought of mopping up all that blood on his kitchen tile. That was a merry misadventure indeed. copyright protection52PENANAMEFMoFOcAa56Please respect copyright.PENANAFMwDVtFIdC

56Please respect copyright.PENANASy6Ns9nDk9
copyright protection52PENANAZ2Zq8dDH0y56Please respect copyright.PENANAMHCjvQMSZc

Jack’s attention now turned to the black cat in the bush. “Here kitty kitty,” he said to the stray to try and lure it out. The cat stood it’s ground and leered at Jack with golden eyes. Jack determained that he would bring some meat out later and catch the kitty. It would make for some fine entertainment later.copyright protection52PENANAiMZu0mmOhN56Please respect copyright.PENANA3EZAhU3XDg

56Please respect copyright.PENANAzwPGjhQHVa
copyright protection52PENANAo3s3QRJE3j56Please respect copyright.PENANARISt1nkOgj

So Jack hurried and ate his Hungry Man tv dinner and watched the news. There was a knock on the door. He looked out his window. The sun was still up. It was too early for trick or treaters. They could wait a little longer before he started slinging candy to vile, snot nosed whiners, so he ignored knocking and went back to his Hungry Man dinner.copyright protection52PENANAP3mPtu27c256Please respect copyright.PENANA1kY0UgUYdy

56Please respect copyright.PENANAeN44uomk6h
copyright protection52PENANAFuOFZO2lDj56Please respect copyright.PENANAuX0mr2KMQ0

There was another rapping at the door. This one was slightly louder than the last. Persistent buggers. Jack sighed and sat aside his TV dinner.copyright protection52PENANA91nC5dtPSx56Please respect copyright.PENANA5Rl4SfkNdy

56Please respect copyright.PENANAlslqwPPS9V
copyright protection52PENANA8HAvx40zcd56Please respect copyright.PENANAaDTa0lcK73

With a stony look of irritation on his face, he stood up from his comfortable brown recliner and trudged over to the door. He grabbed the bowl of candy that he had sat on the small table by the door. The sour look on his face was replaced with a smile after a deep breath. copyright protection52PENANABSHpxHeA2S56Please respect copyright.PENANALdV6hNlCAy

56Please respect copyright.PENANAaW1wmxmbqw
copyright protection52PENANAUcUhOZviPo56Please respect copyright.PENANA7Ba1LamYUt

The porch was empty when he opened the door. It hasn't taken him that long to get to the door. Shenanigans! Tom foolery! The pranks were going to begin early this year. He decided that he would be quicker to get to the door next time so that there would be no pranks. No pranks no messes. It was that simple. copyright protection52PENANAQX6qtDvtcH56Please respect copyright.PENANA2FGXLYL7Am

56Please respect copyright.PENANAGLiHiFfERF
copyright protection52PENANAGNzod75rI856Please respect copyright.PENANAbZhl02vm1p

Jack went back to his comfy chair and sat down once again. He lifted the black plastic Hungry Man dinner tray, speared a chunk of Salisbury steak, smeared it in the gravy and shoved it into his mouth. He was halfway through chewing when he heard the commotion coming from the kitchen. copyright protection52PENANAkCleTaeps356Please respect copyright.PENANAQ35x1QvNX6

56Please respect copyright.PENANAaEStla8AP0
copyright protection52PENANANi1TJuweYI56Please respect copyright.PENANAg0Zxl0AQnC

56Please respect copyright.PENANAgdGlLIcgva
copyright protection52PENANAWFww3JD9bm56Please respect copyright.PENANAnFOf89phKe

56Please respect copyright.PENANAi0fiyAi9rF
copyright protection52PENANAhvYCJSMYhf56Please respect copyright.PENANALHTr3E9fVF

56Please respect copyright.PENANApildxumXM7
copyright protection52PENANA14y3Xhyuwx56Please respect copyright.PENANAc47rmG2FPt

56Please respect copyright.PENANAlBbf2fTcuP
copyright protection52PENANAcscJYgsCpE56Please respect copyright.PENANASU8d7FIuDu

56Please respect copyright.PENANABPyJhVqjBf
copyright protection52PENANAYH9XkTP6R656Please respect copyright.PENANANWRZbUe56J

56Please respect copyright.PENANAUZD3dKIVfm
copyright protection52PENANAmTaUX8cvCI56Please respect copyright.PENANAqQbZAtU0Mv

56Please respect copyright.PENANAgAs7AD1OJ8
copyright protection52PENANA2Pafy9v1LU

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