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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Cat Came Back: Cleopatra
Oct 5, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KaFejZvpCYeEXtyXryy6posted on PENANA

The crash of the plate on the kitchen tile startled him so badly that the TV dinner slipped from his grip and dropped onto his pants. Salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese spilled onto his trousers. copyright protection14PENANAzAGCRFDg8Z18Please respect copyright.PENANAsyMND0bkHm

18Please respect copyright.PENANA0op8OQYwKD
copyright protection14PENANAVSaA7uADUd18Please respect copyright.PENANA78aXBFE0C4

Jack cursed and bolted up into an unsure standing position. He grabbed his napkin and did the best he could to wipe the gravy and yellow cheese sauce off of his legs. copyright protection14PENANAC8SzCqx3Y518Please respect copyright.PENANAQ5DDTgD4Bk

18Please respect copyright.PENANArBJRJyIH4s
copyright protection14PENANAayGRbxwPOE18Please respect copyright.PENANAlcAv9caNcN

He hurried into the kitchen to see what had made the noise that had so rudely disturbed his peace. One of his green dinner plates had fallen off the drying rack and shattered into a hundred pieces. How the devil did that happen?copyright protection14PENANAPJxZkFuUjo18Please respect copyright.PENANAS2SvFLMjQo

18Please respect copyright.PENANAEi0o9JWRr1
copyright protection14PENANA8Vx0v9q2dp18Please respect copyright.PENANAkMdUin7tbj

This was not a fine way to start his night. Priorities he thought to himself. He took his pants off right there in his kitchen. Inappropriate? Perhaps, but he needed to get them in the wash at once before the gravy and cheese sat in and stained them. copyright protection14PENANA8oYPf9mLYa18Please respect copyright.PENANAg3m9z2VmlM

18Please respect copyright.PENANAL04Loeul6W
copyright protection14PENANAqNUYNeDi8X18Please respect copyright.PENANAmqJzl1Xsu8

Folding them over his arm he walked into his laundry room and threw them in the washer. He carefully measured out the proper amount of detergent and added a capful of a stain fighting formula he had picked up at the grocery store the month prior. He then turned on the washer and let it run. copyright protection14PENANAGhSdhnnIqB18Please respect copyright.PENANALLc8UMaQ9v

18Please respect copyright.PENANACUwHFUVaf2
copyright protection14PENANA7zZ6oefL0e18Please respect copyright.PENANA6CsQcOR9gl

Muttering under his breath, he made his way back to the kitchen and the broken plate. It was very unlike him to put a plate, or any dish for that matter, onto the drying rack improperly. Normally he was a very careful man. Being careful had kept his little secret for the last thirty years. copyright protection14PENANAWr2QpQ438d18Please respect copyright.PENANAi27ua2glSp

18Please respect copyright.PENANAQvkncZh89x
copyright protection14PENANA1OuT2MhquI18Please respect copyright.PENANAag9D6msYvJ

His little secret being his affinity for killing cats, of course. One cat a week. At least. If there was a way to take the life from them he had done it. He had sliced them. He had diced them. He had bludgeoned them. He had strangled them. He had electrified them. He had burned them. He had skinned them. He had dismembered them. He had buried them alive. He had drowned them. He had injected them with various household chemicals that acted as poisons. He had practiced Accupuncture on them. He had even put one in the microwave. copyright protection14PENANA1Ch1IGgYrh18Please respect copyright.PENANAkOLriWtzhm

18Please respect copyright.PENANAZ8Rjv4jNdt
copyright protection14PENANAdoIfe86jce18Please respect copyright.PENANAloKv2QRuPn

If there was a way to kill a cat Jack had more than likely tried it. But his favorite way was a good, old fashioned strangling. Was there anything better than choking the life out of a stray? Not that Jack had found. A malicious little grin washed over his face as he thought of all the felines that he had rid the world of over the years. copyright protection14PENANAwd3176Opwi18Please respect copyright.PENANAd9bZBuW43e

18Please respect copyright.PENANAr3njnTnGGB
copyright protection14PENANA7yVpAE6QDy18Please respect copyright.PENANA91ZTw1Kowz

It all started when he was ten. His aunt had brought her pet cat, Cleopatra, with her during her Thanksgiving holiday stop at their house. Cleopatra acted like she owned the place.copyright protection14PENANA7QWQ6aYdua18Please respect copyright.PENANALJJWIkrFpu

18Please respect copyright.PENANATQyg9V9xBP
copyright protection14PENANAr0ov2vBQV818Please respect copyright.PENANA8LR8EoapMG

The filthy little creature lurked about the house and scratched on things that she wasn't supposed to. She pooped in the bark o mulch near the rhododendrons. She jumped up on the counter and ate right from the turkey. Oh how his father had fussed and fidgeted when the worthless animal did that. copyright protection14PENANA92G5shJy7n18Please respect copyright.PENANAYyqIv82WNr

18Please respect copyright.PENANArHiZXrU6Zv
copyright protection14PENANA7ee34ke3xI18Please respect copyright.PENANAW8hOgVcqkZ

The final straw for Jack was when he went into his bedroom and found Cleopatra chewing and scratching on his favorite knit stocking cap. The one with the long tassels that his mother has worked so hard on. The mischievous creature had frayed it beyond repair. copyright protection14PENANAeZICuL86B318Please respect copyright.PENANA7jyx23G40u

18Please respect copyright.PENANAwrbOq8glff
copyright protection14PENANAeL6VQzcA8k18Please respect copyright.PENANARbn8ZD3c4o

Young Jack shut his bedroom door and grabbed the Cleopatra by the back of her neck. He then began twisting until her neck snapped. The cat fought back. It had scratched his arms while he was twisting. Jack found the struggle exhilarating. He felt truly alive after the cat went limp. copyright protection14PENANAXfzbiDwwH318Please respect copyright.PENANAccIKJKOpPO

18Please respect copyright.PENANATlf4aGdq1s
copyright protection14PENANAeV3XyyIHFk18Please respect copyright.PENANAFSD20DG4QL

Yes his arms burned and itched from the scratches, but what a small price to pay it was for that blissful feeling of exhilaration. A small price to pay indeed. He wore long sleeves, so that his parents wouldn't see the scratches. He stuffed Cleopatra into his backpack and told his parents that he was going on a nature hike to fight the boredom of the holiday. copyright protection14PENANAKT5RPVq2vy18Please respect copyright.PENANAt3XcOGWC6M

18Please respect copyright.PENANArZ8H4inhIp
copyright protection14PENANAnsNWE6AaCh18Please respect copyright.PENANAJninqi07nR

Cleopatra’s final resting place was a shallow hole in the woods that sat behind the park that was a few blocks from his home. He pleasures himself on the cat’s grave before he left it there to rot. It was a ritual he competed after every kill from then on out. copyright protection14PENANAeRdhPLQxsv18Please respect copyright.PENANASQUQ2IxZlD

18Please respect copyright.PENANALMDTtIcRZU
copyright protection14PENANASdpX4fTuho18Please respect copyright.PENANAgJiy6JR7Qe

When the next morning arrived Jack’s aunt was very distraught over the disappearance of Cleopatra. She accused Jack’s father of doing something with her precious feline and Jack’s mother and father asked her to leave not long after that. It was the last time he saw his aunt. She always brought him poor excuses for gifts during Christmas anyways, so never seeing her again wasn't much of a loss. copyright protection14PENANA3ERRBwXbGA18Please respect copyright.PENANAYJ5Tz8B67W

18Please respect copyright.PENANAKTInNc6Z35
copyright protection14PENANAsUrFcgr2OU18Please respect copyright.PENANAUkPcTVVL3M

Since he didn't have any aunts to bring him cats to “play” with anymore, Jack took to the streets to find new feline friends. They were everywhere. He relieved his neighbors of the burdens of caring for their cats. He found and erased every stray in his suburb. And he was careful, so he had never been caught. copyright protection14PENANAyG7XEccxGu18Please respect copyright.PENANA02v5V5dwcl

18Please respect copyright.PENANAtWebk2oq1s
copyright protection14PENANAWK9OBKkyV118Please respect copyright.PENANAwVNl8Gh4rl

He was a very careful man. And that is why his putting the plate on the drying rack improperly made no sense to him. In fact, he distinctly remembered putting the plate on the rack and double checking its position after he washed the remnants of his bacon and eggs from it. It made no sense at all. copyright protection14PENANA9oVA38RvbG18Please respect copyright.PENANAQsnmxirLPD

18Please respect copyright.PENANA6iAkuVmSlo
copyright protection14PENANApJnxG1JSzq18Please respect copyright.PENANAkSk8esOvxg

The broom he grabbed from his pantry had barely touched the broken plate when the long, drawn out yowl. Jack turned his head this way and that to try. There was a cat in his kitchen. Jack smiled. He knew he hadn't put the dish in danger of falling. It must have been the cat that did it. copyright protection14PENANAnwawkMgFlb18Please respect copyright.PENANAQnIdJgwb1l

18Please respect copyright.PENANAO7Dps7kP0G
copyright protection14PENANAGuzC5DKW9V18Please respect copyright.PENANAelyytM1iiz

The cat must have slipped in the door while Jack had opened it after he heard the knocking, he figured. Jack rose from his kneeling position and sat his broom and dustpan aside. The plate could wait. There was a filthy creature roaming free in his kitchen and it had to be dealt with. copyright protection14PENANADyF06l1PeB18Please respect copyright.PENANAz8WimGyTRA

18Please respect copyright.PENANAeGHS5aZq0Z
copyright protection14PENANAfB7q7sco7x18Please respect copyright.PENANA6flFOOsQ6K

“Here, kitty kitty,” Jack said gently, as he tried to coax the cat out from its hiding space. He walked slowly to his cooking utensil drawer. He pulled the out a meat tenderizing hammer that he had bought at a kitchen store sometime last year. He hadn't used it on a cat yet. It would be his trick and his treat for this Halloween.copyright protection14PENANAzO19r7Nc3W18Please respect copyright.PENANApFTlXg2w9U

18Please respect copyright.PENANA6oAOgGZg7Z
copyright protection14PENANA8GvNHB8Iqm18Please respect copyright.PENANAgdeBT2plSv

After searching every nook and cranny in the kitchen, Jack seemed puzzled that he couldn't find the feline invader. Then he heard a chewing and smacking sound from his living room. copyright protection14PENANAkGYs65Ujt218Please respect copyright.PENANA5ibZE9fGFo

18Please respect copyright.PENANAALNbz3SyjZ
copyright protection14PENANAQ3QSdiZ0u318Please respect copyright.PENANAyzdNb6QArJ

Carefully stepping around the broken plate, he slowly and quietly walked from the kitchen and peered into the living room. His comfy recliner blocked his view, but he could hear the sounds coming from the other side. Where he had spilled his Hungry Man dinner. copyright protection14PENANAWCKrpr2xat18Please respect copyright.PENANA6x1iwFrLl6

18Please respect copyright.PENANAaWSY8s101l
copyright protection14PENANAUu9TWgYRzs18Please respect copyright.PENANAZAVdn6jdHL

As he quietly made his way to get a better view of what was on the other side of the chair. There, in front of his wonderfully comfortable recliner, was a black cat savagely gnawing the Salisbury steak that had tumbled from the black plastic tray. He watched as it licked the gravy and cheese that sat staining his carpet. Oh the scrubbing it would take to get that stain off.copyright protection14PENANATqwKjJ2jJx18Please respect copyright.PENANAXNiY5ODxAZ

18Please respect copyright.PENANAELWwJ4ZL50
copyright protection14PENANAnG977yza6J18Please respect copyright.PENANA65A2iY8BcP

The scrubbing wasn't something that Jack was looking forward to. The thought of it irritated him. He had spent a long, hard day at work and now he had to get on his hands and knees to scrub for who knew how long. This cat would pay dearly for this inconvenience.copyright protection14PENANAD1eNUb4T2E18Please respect copyright.PENANAm9DF8JuMg5

18Please respect copyright.PENANAMUQIrANqlS
copyright protection14PENANAmW5SHpCJIm18Please respect copyright.PENANArsY2ug0CRc

He took a soft step towards the cat. A howl of warning emitted from the creature and Jack stopped and smiled. This one had spirit. He took another step towards the black beast and the warning yowl turned into a vicious hiss. The cat bunched itself up and turned towards Jack.copyright protection14PENANAh62qeaYNl518Please respect copyright.PENANAsem6TuPog6

18Please respect copyright.PENANAt20jLsUzSf
copyright protection14PENANAxZ6MM0XRT018Please respect copyright.PENANArkHpmbGmOx

Looking straight into Jack’s brown eyes with his golden ones, the cat hissed again and bared it’s teeth. It's fur was standing up on end. It was ready for a fight. copyright protection14PENANAvfWA8EZKoI18Please respect copyright.PENANAzhMWnGrc4H

18Please respect copyright.PENANAixKjRwML5E
copyright protection14PENANA7FO952k4QF18Please respect copyright.PENANA1xZIWlUCIJ

Jack gripped the meat tenderizing hammer and leaned slowly down towards his prey.  As he was leaning down with such bad intentions Jack noticed something curious about the mouser.copyright protection14PENANA9nEf9rg7ia18Please respect copyright.PENANAai0XeoEFBI

18Please respect copyright.PENANAnUg8d8EZUJ
copyright protection14PENANA7Nq4oyIoj618Please respect copyright.PENANAEVgEEdZyQI

The cat that he had strangled the life out of the previous night had one wispy little patch of white right under it’s chin, which made it look somewhat like a soul patch. It stuck Jack as funny as his hands tightened around the creatures neck the night before because he thought to himself that it looked like he was choking a tiny hipster. He had actually started laughing about the thought of him killing a soul patch wearing hipster right there in his kitchen.copyright protection14PENANA6qLVARYUVO18Please respect copyright.PENANAi10jYfHDVi

18Please respect copyright.PENANAmicCrqL5qF
copyright protection14PENANAA5beklGBsY18Please respect copyright.PENANAP5A5JejJN9

Oddly enough, this cat had the very same white soul patch. The rest of it’s body was completely black save for that little triangular white patch of hair. Could it have been the same cat? It was a very odd coincidence. Or was it a coincidence at all? Perhaps this was the same cat. Perhaps, just perhaps, Jack hadn't finished the job last night. copyright protection14PENANALzMcEaLnz418Please respect copyright.PENANAr6bspaI6ND

18Please respect copyright.PENANAp9WCMn3xtu
copyright protection14PENANAtFvfB56z0218Please respect copyright.PENANAciANok2H3P

No. That was inconceivable. When Jack tossed last night’s cat into the trash that morning it had been stiff as a board. This must have been one of it’s offspring. Unneutered cats were the gift that kept on giving. copyright protection14PENANAnB7zQsUw4n18Please respect copyright.PENANARvW2YlcGsZ

18Please respect copyright.PENANAkR9huVFys8
copyright protection14PENANAuQXh2BsNY118Please respect copyright.PENANA2FrCsPWux0

Raising the hammer into the air a snail’s pace, Jack muttered, “Here, kitty kitty. Good kitty. He still now.”copyright protection14PENANASsHnIitPSu18Please respect copyright.PENANAkowgruCDb4

18Please respect copyright.PENANADvWMNrHsZa
copyright protection14PENANARg5YPVrKrv18Please respect copyright.PENANAA1P1EiRBNp

The cat’s eyes narrowed. It hissed once again and then lunged forward.copyright protection14PENANA7Wl5dnGGbF18Please respect copyright.PENANAC8N8pfD1TO

18Please respect copyright.PENANA6wk2j7t1zs
copyright protection14PENANAH38pqQITFA18Please respect copyright.PENANAbau1c8j4K7

Before Jack could react the cat was on his face scratching and biting. Jack screamed out as he dropped the hammer, gripped the cat in both hands and flung it across the room. The cat made a horrid sound as it landed with a thud. There was a commotion for a moment and then the cat sprinted into the hallway and out of sight. copyright protection14PENANAnwQtvGoXqQ

18Please respect copyright.PENANAtmfhuEw7Fp

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