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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Firebug: Firebug
Oct 3, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TDShyeGPBWuyveuiCbnjposted on PENANA

Holding the shotgun out in front of him, Smitty headed towards the bathroom. The light was on when he got there. He readied his shotgun and walked in. There was no one there. He threw back the shower curtain and still couldn't find whoever had flushed the toilet. copyright protection52PENANAKmP4FRESw956Please respect copyright.PENANAe7H9hjZoXK

56Please respect copyright.PENANAoWsQyucQ6t
copyright protection52PENANA2pNVGmanbM56Please respect copyright.PENANAEOytKvbGch

He walked back out into his hallway. A silhouette of the witch who came trick-or-treating stood at the end of the hallway. She bolted towards the living room and the pursuit began.copyright protection52PENANAkFkPUO7x0v56Please respect copyright.PENANAIqpqzGJz4H

56Please respect copyright.PENANAktDMjcgv3n
copyright protection52PENANARKRGOxysp456Please respect copyright.PENANAYIbwcW2nCe

Smitty ran as quickly as his old legs would take him towards the end of the hallway. As he was passing his spare bedroom a foot stuck out of the darkness and tripped the old man. copyright protection52PENANACrtqmaMxxX56Please respect copyright.PENANAFlE4LeLvOQ

56Please respect copyright.PENANAc8jQVD2b96
copyright protection52PENANAjSDDHysP5s56Please respect copyright.PENANAz8PKF1GHpj

The old man cried out in agony as he came crashing down onto the hardwood floor. The laughter of the three home invaders echoed throughout the house. Smitty picked himself up off the ground with much grumbling and groaning. He then ran into the spare bedroom where the foot had come from.copyright protection52PENANAlWddD1Kbu956Please respect copyright.PENANAV4EA9pOUVD

56Please respect copyright.PENANAK7L4XGH0SR
copyright protection52PENANAg7AKxXUkvs56Please respect copyright.PENANA7rZWcEXSlm

He flipped on the light switched and aimed his shotgun. Again, there was no one there. He searched the closet and under the bed, but he found no one hiding. “I'm gonna blast your damn heads off, you little bastards!” He screamed into the quiet of his home.copyright protection52PENANAhOkVs2tUSy56Please respect copyright.PENANAbhrQRAgGvb

56Please respect copyright.PENANAjgi5lgM3gE
copyright protection52PENANAndvAq9Cal756Please respect copyright.PENANAUn6TjixhbT

Creeping quietly he made it to his living room. There was no one there either. How were they moving so quickly? There was something unnatural about the whole situation, Smitty decided. He wanted no part of it any longer, so he grabbed his jacket from the closet, put it on and then opened his front door to leave.copyright protection52PENANAjBeUmMSg6n56Please respect copyright.PENANAEna5d2GtJc

56Please respect copyright.PENANAE3sX8NdUQt
copyright protection52PENANAJoc4jE6MzZ56Please respect copyright.PENANAzLRFEbXbs8

There standing on the porch were the three trick-or-treaters. They were all holding their candy sacks out in front of them and watching silently. Smitty froze in his tracks. copyright protection52PENANAlXcQyC0bNl56Please respect copyright.PENANA47vfcJhTc0

56Please respect copyright.PENANA5R3yOcm17d
copyright protection52PENANAi7Wx2ijUzp56Please respect copyright.PENANAuGYmlCxjO0

They continued to stare in silence until the old man couldn't take anymore. He leveled his shotgun at them. “Get out of my way or I'm going to put some new holes in you,” he barked. copyright protection52PENANAijNun69uTJ56Please respect copyright.PENANAsS7X7kGpdT

56Please respect copyright.PENANAqjKtRyGdzN
copyright protection52PENANAteGG5ej5p656Please respect copyright.PENANAr4tpqP1Y8Q

The children remained silent and watching. “I warned you!” Smitty yelled. He swung the shotgun wildly at the boy in the skeleton mask. The end of the gun connected hard and knocked the boy’s mask off of his head. The boy barely flinched. copyright protection52PENANAqHenegGyag56Please respect copyright.PENANAYAI6yQrfgE

56Please respect copyright.PENANA8GYTaPrQ31
copyright protection52PENANAYtzLYXS8rL56Please respect copyright.PENANADu67UwWWv4

Smitty gasped when he saw the boy’a face, or what was left of his face. The smell of burning flash filled the air as the boy’s face was revealed to be a burned mass of skin. It was red, black, pink and charred. One of his eyeballs was missing. The teeth in his mouth were black. copyright protection52PENANARV0xC5MWab56Please respect copyright.PENANAMuFvAdm1sC

56Please respect copyright.PENANAGBiEutuVjx
copyright protection52PENANA2BThY8xFGI56Please respect copyright.PENANAXX234WA1T5

In his terror, Smitty pulled the trigger of the shotgun. It hit the boy in the chest and knocked him off the porch. Smitty then fired a shot at the witch and at the devil. They, too, were knocked off the porch by the force of the blasts. All three children now laid dead upon his lawn.copyright protection52PENANAVEbvqasjiU56Please respect copyright.PENANA5FzLaaYwcr

56Please respect copyright.PENANA9T2sxwV2rf
copyright protection52PENANA59Q5Hsbtol56Please respect copyright.PENANAApdCshz2js

In a panic, Smitty closed his door. He leaned with his back up against it breathing heavier than he ever had in his life. He had just killed three children. The neighbors had to of heard three blasts from his shotgun. The police would be on their way and he wouldn't be able to perform his grand finale at the Harvest party later that night. copyright protection52PENANAFrXyIWHgBo56Please respect copyright.PENANA7p8HaiS8P4

56Please respect copyright.PENANAzZXCrv8nxA
copyright protection52PENANAYw3a1tkuND56Please respect copyright.PENANAC7ZQKr7kuq

The sudden knock on the door made his heart jump. The police or the neighbors were already there. They would have seen the dead children. It was over for him. He leaned his shotgun up against the wall, tried to compose himself and opened the door. copyright protection52PENANAoSNeYuH9Y656Please respect copyright.PENANAMBQUj0db93

56Please respect copyright.PENANAgJ2eluKtSh
copyright protection52PENANAvDyschoTx056Please respect copyright.PENANA3vp2l9utuY

It wasn't the neighbors or the police. There, standing silently with their burlap sacks held out, were the three children he had just put a twelve gauge shell into. There was no blood on them. No wounds of any sort. The boy’s skeleton mask was sitting perfectly on his face. copyright protection52PENANAivwlFyP03C56Please respect copyright.PENANAUgAKbUKp6T

56Please respect copyright.PENANAtmCwBX0lqT
copyright protection52PENANAErvrGtVoCU56Please respect copyright.PENANACuo2xJc2cG

Smitty dropped to his knees and shrieked an ear splitting scream. Demons, he thought. They had to be demons. They had come to take their due on Halloween night. Just like something deep inside of Smitty always knew they would. copyright protection52PENANAu7x2AKjYEQ56Please respect copyright.PENANA06XBQ9vAyC

56Please respect copyright.PENANAu1Y6yz4zVv
copyright protection52PENANAYWmvi2473856Please respect copyright.PENANAsyZQAxzMzL

But Smitty wasn't done. He had to complete his life's work. He got up off of his knees and slammed the door shut and bolted it. If he was going out it would be on his terms. Not theirs. copyright protection52PENANAKHzf8gI4El56Please respect copyright.PENANAtASqcJzHj8

56Please respect copyright.PENANAjOaiUISYhN
copyright protection52PENANAY9swb2gv1U56Please respect copyright.PENANAtJltAW09JA

He ran to his supplies that he was going to use on the middle school. He grabbed the gas cans and started pouring their contents all over his home. Before long his entire home was covered in gasoline. If these demons were going to take him away then he was at least going to set one last glorious blaze. copyright protection52PENANAm0RJw9LBgP56Please respect copyright.PENANAVcaODmxd4R

56Please respect copyright.PENANAmoFwHAfzzx
copyright protection52PENANAJ1wjgEzYJe56Please respect copyright.PENANAn2hJwRGx1p

He took the lighter and stared at it for what seemed like an eternity. All of his focus was on that silver contraption that made flames. When he looked up he found that the three children were standing in front of him. He staggered back to his gas soaked couch and sat. copyright protection52PENANAkHnMezPu5R56Please respect copyright.PENANA7XCiLfFitK

56Please respect copyright.PENANA9P8PmQpCqY
copyright protection52PENANApsShboqX0H56Please respect copyright.PENANA9N1rxxid5k

“Firebug,” the witch said. The others joined in. “Firebug. Firebug. Firebug,” they chanted in front of the old man. Smitty nodded at them and flicked the wheel on the lighter and ignited it. He then threw it onto the ground and the entire place exploded into flames.copyright protection52PENANAMJIj3YXCXH56Please respect copyright.PENANADchfv2valY

56Please respect copyright.PENANAVvO3kaTJMj
copyright protection52PENANARhpe4DOU8T56Please respect copyright.PENANAIW7JnFhGTm

The most agonizing pain imaginable shot through Smitty as the flames licked his skin and scorched him. He wreathed in agony for half a minute. Then he dropped to the ground lifeless as the three children stood unharmed from the flame, watching him die slowly and painfully. Just as they had from the fires he had set. copyright protection52PENANAMxlEOw3fu456Please respect copyright.PENANA0wziL5kggG

56Please respect copyright.PENANAfbb3fvd8f0
copyright protection52PENANAWgNFzRExtB56Please respect copyright.PENANAsXWAHkgZ09

There was blackness. And then Smitty opened his eyes. He was laying in his own bed. He looked at the clock. 12:01. It was Halloween. The old man laughed to himself. It had all been a dream. He swung his feet over the edge of his bed and took a drink of water from the glass that sat on his night stand. copyright protection52PENANAfkTEzYhnTp56Please respect copyright.PENANAm1FVjr1EHh

56Please respect copyright.PENANAkXsv0H1eQg
copyright protection52PENANAhFXCkM9o2D56Please respect copyright.PENANAejebUVwaUx

It had all been a dream, but it felt so real. He wiped the sweat from his brow and decided that he had to get more sleep. He closed his eyes, but they weren't closed for long.copyright protection52PENANAsZUgEu7i2B56Please respect copyright.PENANAjhyZcSqew8

56Please respect copyright.PENANAvQ5Ym6Fnkw
copyright protection52PENANAUhWNWvMdTF56Please respect copyright.PENANADzPSLJNhUI

He bolted upright in his bed when he heard the knock on his door. “No no no,” he whispered to himself as he got out of bed and walked towards the door. There was another knock. “No, please no,” he whispered again. copyright protection52PENANADalBNGnW4q56Please respect copyright.PENANAOeZndcfEqM

56Please respect copyright.PENANANWDTUZZznk
copyright protection52PENANAAxpvO30Vl356Please respect copyright.PENANA60UVTFFGXA

He stood at the door with his hand on the doorknob as he waited for another knock. When it came he steeled himself and turned the handle. He swung the door open. There, standing on his porch, were the three trick-or-treaters. copyright protection52PENANAxflt3hZPvT56Please respect copyright.PENANApLOp92CoG3

56Please respect copyright.PENANAauZNnTNmta
copyright protection52PENANAv84QKRw8NB56Please respect copyright.PENANAHzbBv4haLe

A single tear ran down the old man’s cheek as he realized where he was. He was in Hell and he would play out this scenario with those children for the rest of eternity. copyright protection52PENANAyo9XUX0UTm56Please respect copyright.PENANALa0zA9Ccyj

56Please respect copyright.PENANAfJNewa8jxB
copyright protection52PENANAXqCjUFAUv556Please respect copyright.PENANAuebFPGJ7Ru

He told them to get off his porch, closed the door and continued their forever game. copyright protection52PENANAO1eSSYJp6x56Please respect copyright.PENANAmCFmcgwOs5

56Please respect copyright.PENANA7IOUXl46FB
copyright protection52PENANA0FV9CP7DK056Please respect copyright.PENANAH9QTOGzyNq

56Please respect copyright.PENANA293IwfY24r
copyright protection52PENANAZIrC1miCgN56Please respect copyright.PENANA7baW68hbeW

56Please respect copyright.PENANANW5DPUjos6
copyright protection52PENANAH5PWXHVG62

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