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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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I Guess I’ll See You Next Year
Oct 4, 2017
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rVNTUC6JlAaDNXGyt5wwposted on PENANA

It was the morning of Halloween when Rhonda opened up her kitchen door, walked in and started cleaning. The boys had made a proper mess of things. Dishes were piled up, the margarine had been left on the counter and the bananas were so dotted with black and brown spots that they could barely be considered edible. And what was that horrible smell?copyright protection5PENANAMgDw8CcvfC9Please respect copyright.PENANAzNEIWY37uT

9Please respect copyright.PENANAT0U1qoLOcV
copyright protection5PENANA4GxSAsuGcQ9Please respect copyright.PENANAvZZqOfgXac

Rhonda sighed as she changed the garbage sack. There was a wicked crick in her neck and her back hurt. Such is the price of getting old she thought to herself. She took the trash out and threw it in the rubbish bin. copyright protection5PENANAgmt4kaDNf99Please respect copyright.PENANAIJ0nsWmv4Q

9Please respect copyright.PENANApYRkZiJK6W
copyright protection5PENANAj2qWzzzL4O9Please respect copyright.PENANAGCVF2KVjI5

Mrs. Wiggins, from across the street, was doing the exact same thing. She had a gaggle of boys, too. Mrs. Wiggins was dressed in a baby blue bathrobe and slippers. She hadn't quite gotten her day going from the looks of it. copyright protection5PENANAo9vW15owMA9Please respect copyright.PENANAvrPwOisbNx

9Please respect copyright.PENANA1dvSyubhfh
copyright protection5PENANAm2XQ6h0J4f9Please respect copyright.PENANAdVU9BWTwgB

“Hello, Regina,” Rhonda said. “How’s Henry and Matthew?” Henry and Matthew were her two boys. They went to the same school as her Johnny, Mikey and Billy. They played football together and got on very well. So well that their families had spent many a summer day together having barbecues and swim sessions in the Wiggins’ pool. copyright protection5PENANAToiklRUUDZ9Please respect copyright.PENANACM2riRJL2x

9Please respect copyright.PENANAi4LOXjj8Ay
copyright protection5PENANAJ18eXakmH69Please respect copyright.PENANAqOukX6hQDx

Much to her dismay, Mrs. Wiggins didn't return her cordial greeting. Mrs. Wiggins dropped the trash bag she was holding and it split open and spilled rubbish onto the sidewalk. copyright protection5PENANAX39UTfcTZh9Please respect copyright.PENANAsfkvHCmrnp

9Please respect copyright.PENANAZGtKuq3OyE
copyright protection5PENANA9TGsd1j7WX9Please respect copyright.PENANAmZtRjqXBhA

Regina Wiggins whimpered and ran back into her house with a look of terror on her face. “How very rude,” Rhonda said, but then she thought better of it. “Don't be judgmental,” she muttered to herself.copyright protection5PENANA6FYfUWqej79Please respect copyright.PENANA9KQtfx5CZt

9Please respect copyright.PENANA1Y9vJEVNsu
copyright protection5PENANAlgbub5KoZJ9Please respect copyright.PENANArPtVHNmEoE

She remembered that Regina suffered from IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. When she felt the need to run to the bathroom she had to go right away or an unfortunate accident was sure to follow. The IBS had taken it’s toll on her poor neighbor. Aged her prematurely. copyright protection5PENANAF8DlAQnUYj9Please respect copyright.PENANAfxo60EE6gD

9Please respect copyright.PENANAzhCJMlnI8Q
copyright protection5PENANAR5YQkTML869Please respect copyright.PENANAdAFGvmuS1T

Being the good neighbor that she was, Rhonda cleaned up the trash that Regina had spilled onto the sidewalk. She decided that she would bring Regina a nice cup of tea later and find out if she was all right. But not until she finished cleaning that dreadful kitchen.copyright protection5PENANAStm3Yy8IW79Please respect copyright.PENANAwhrUnry2yP

9Please respect copyright.PENANAG76iRTDeBM
copyright protection5PENANAsBg5XRWkMU9Please respect copyright.PENANA4PmKvS70K8

She filled the sink with suds and water and began cleaning the dishes. Most of he kitchen had been put back in order, but there was still a dreadful smell coming from something. One of the boys had probably dropped a piece of fruit behind the trash can. It wasn't unusual. copyright protection5PENANADDZCtkvg5E9Please respect copyright.PENANAThqkbOMKQk

9Please respect copyright.PENANAzwsGPjAtyc
copyright protection5PENANAmY8J16haPe9Please respect copyright.PENANAfD1Cnwvuxf

The clinking and clanking from her cleaning of the dishes awoke her husband Eddie. Eddie walked into the kitchen and he paused at the door. He looked at Rhonda for what seemed an eternity, but was actually no more than a few seconds. copyright protection5PENANAihPzmNqi7c9Please respect copyright.PENANADqx3LJSxtJ

9Please respect copyright.PENANAS3glK5Fkyd
copyright protection5PENANAdKQdnkyTAD9Please respect copyright.PENANAwORxre4WJB

The look on his face was one of bewilderment and worry. “Well hello to you, too, dear,” Rhonda said. “Are you hungry?” she asked. “Have a seat and I'll make you a bite.”copyright protection5PENANAxXCFHEMYOB9Please respect copyright.PENANAcm2JqOsjlW

9Please respect copyright.PENANA2e0iAKng5W
copyright protection5PENANAd7S3GfQ7yX9Please respect copyright.PENANAuBLl9czd9j

Eddie stood there in his boxers and white tee shirt intently watching his wife of twenty seven years. His eyes were wide and his wispy, white hair was out of place. He took a step backwards. copyright protection5PENANAkLIaZ5uxY59Please respect copyright.PENANAPlGS57Gxq2

9Please respect copyright.PENANAushuLRf87k
copyright protection5PENANAbw3NcKrYJg9Please respect copyright.PENANA5BWQX53wjc

“Sit down if you want some breakfast, Eddie,” Rhonda said again. Eddie took a step forward and paused. He took another sheepish step. “Sit down, you unusual man,” she instructed him again. copyright protection5PENANAAWotZ4IPch9Please respect copyright.PENANAQ9yw1DDIa4

9Please respect copyright.PENANAKFw29iToq1
copyright protection5PENANANw3vH2Abzz9Please respect copyright.PENANAJwDFnALq75

Eddie pulled a chair out and sat at the table. Eddie’s eyes never left Rhonda as she stepped over to him, bent down and kissed him on the forehead. Eddie’s brow wrinkled in horror and confusion.copyright protection5PENANAhK5kyi50gO9Please respect copyright.PENANADXebugO8ZZ

9Please respect copyright.PENANAcJEJLO1Fds
copyright protection5PENANAgRLEkKJ3AW9Please respect copyright.PENANAHWYkCmVoM3

Rhonda grabbed a skillet that she had just washed and sat it on the stove. She walked to the refrigerator and shook her head when she opened it. “My word,” she said. “I really need to go grocery shopping. It's as bare as bones in the ice box.”copyright protection5PENANAknsoS9qtl09Please respect copyright.PENANAuq0IBvZqDY

9Please respect copyright.PENANApPI4zuSAa5
copyright protection5PENANA2DK8Xjq2jH9Please respect copyright.PENANA2R21cFn73a

She pulled out an egg carton and opened it. There were only two of them in it. Clicking her tongue, she took the two eggs and sat them next to the skillet. She ignited the burner and put a wee bit of olive oil into the skillet. Before long the two eggs were sizzling.copyright protection5PENANARzyCeSmYVX9Please respect copyright.PENANAbxAcgcHgCl

9Please respect copyright.PENANAf1bY5KsYkC
copyright protection5PENANAUgknEcx5GT9Please respect copyright.PENANA3nu6pGLMOP

“I would make you some toast, but it seems we are out of bread,” she said. Eddie watched her in silence. When the eggs were finished she dished them onto a plate and sat them in front of her husband. He just stared down at plate of eggs. Every now and then he would look up at his wife, who was now sitting across from him.copyright protection5PENANA5IwQQt9hws9Please respect copyright.PENANAXZmxcDKTUm

9Please respect copyright.PENANAe9op7t9zsu
copyright protection5PENANAYn2w0hpngl9Please respect copyright.PENANAcwSHChon3d

“Well eat them,” she said with an annoyed tone. “Would a thank you and a good morning be too much to ask?”copyright protection5PENANAkbCEzhR6mx9Please respect copyright.PENANAd0dAypdii7

9Please respect copyright.PENANAFxh3Xox7YZ
copyright protection5PENANAZsgvj7Zsow9Please respect copyright.PENANABbvuS7LgvP

Eddie shook his head. “Thank you, dear,” he replied. “And good… good morning.” He picked up his fork and began to put small bites into his mouth. He chewed, but all the while he never took his eyes off of Rhonda. copyright protection5PENANAVnUYUUgjhw9Please respect copyright.PENANAtJQHjo6wHp

9Please respect copyright.PENANAEmWVpUkW1i
copyright protection5PENANAFBIhghz7nV9Please respect copyright.PENANAWDtr7mzSC5

“I swear,” she said, “everyone has forgotten their manners today. It must have something to do with it being Halloween.”copyright protection5PENANAFnoVSH2Saq9Please respect copyright.PENANAH6OxO7WUEE

9Please respect copyright.PENANAjj0geqaznb
copyright protection5PENANAo6Ni4Ick1u9Please respect copyright.PENANARjPkLWGkOj

Eddie just nodded his head. The look of worry and confusion hadn't left his face. He took a few more bites of his egg. copyright protection5PENANARH6zYmRyue9Please respect copyright.PENANAqwqe3em090

9Please respect copyright.PENANAEsjFJy5U7t
copyright protection5PENANAu9BS5uA7nK9Please respect copyright.PENANA6ZMVkyR1SG

“Well what is on your mind?” she said to him. “I can see something is bothering you. Out with it then.”copyright protection5PENANAyLQm4V4hg59Please respect copyright.PENANAkicLxf0Tf9

9Please respect copyright.PENANAUUBezlNEfU
copyright protection5PENANAL8NRHMezkI9Please respect copyright.PENANA7mUUhes9fl

He sat his fork down and looked at her intently. “How?” he asked gingerly. copyright protection5PENANANOSpGXUh4h9Please respect copyright.PENANAPAE1lcgl5w

9Please respect copyright.PENANAu0r6e0s1FI
copyright protection5PENANA1C3SY7N3o39Please respect copyright.PENANAWN4QIm4avj

“How?” Rhonda asked. “How what?”copyright protection5PENANA89bV1TIfs29Please respect copyright.PENANAwkTalfnCBs

9Please respect copyright.PENANA96tAcHAFJg
copyright protection5PENANAYgQQGxOAOT9Please respect copyright.PENANAnF3svLOAWj

“How are you here right now?”copyright protection5PENANASQwVIv2vyq9Please respect copyright.PENANAUsDODZ30BF

9Please respect copyright.PENANAtLLWlYEWDn
copyright protection5PENANAzHALDBFlR79Please respect copyright.PENANAd03gsz2h9Y

“What kind of question is that? I live here.”copyright protection5PENANAnPodG4LvEz9Please respect copyright.PENANAA3reR5eV5Q

9Please respect copyright.PENANAAzBlwXjaUX
copyright protection5PENANAowpUr8puDX9Please respect copyright.PENANAy7XBnqapIk

“But, but…”copyright protection5PENANAUdEvYh6DCY9Please respect copyright.PENANAoinPxfULa0

9Please respect copyright.PENANACLAd76brh5
copyright protection5PENANALZN9dudYZS9Please respect copyright.PENANAoPcmrANC0v

“But nothing. I live here. What kind of question is that? I swear, Eddie, old age is finally getting to you. Making your mind soft.”copyright protection5PENANAynpYhR6HlK9Please respect copyright.PENANAWoOkelz97K

9Please respect copyright.PENANA9JwJXDQ857
copyright protection5PENANAEgXjLWASAd9Please respect copyright.PENANAetXqQo1D11

Eddie picked up his fork again and took another bite. He sat the fork back down on the plate. “I don't know what's going on right now.”copyright protection5PENANAQldEvq8Jp89Please respect copyright.PENANA8XpXiEiRNq

9Please respect copyright.PENANACWa8G7MwgR
copyright protection5PENANACYv1WNT2ve9Please respect copyright.PENANAEulBVb0WO1

“You are sitting with your wife having breakfast,” she said to him. “As pathetic of a breakfast it is. I apologize for letting the shopping lax.”copyright protection5PENANAM9vJshG39g9Please respect copyright.PENANAXXZnUh1d9P

9Please respect copyright.PENANAELMOTsWGZc
copyright protection5PENANAhZCuD7VMRk9Please respect copyright.PENANAxDHSeC3eyS

“I'm the one who does the shopping now,” Eddie replied. “I don't keep much here. I eat out most nights.”copyright protection5PENANAUtiqueenhJ9Please respect copyright.PENANAgvQfTLwVZF

9Please respect copyright.PENANAKDrwslZo1Y
copyright protection5PENANAC3T8Nmpupy9Please respect copyright.PENANAByCirQUv5t

Rhonda rolled her eyes and stood up. She walked over to the garbage can and looked behind it. “Do you smell that?” she asked. “It smells like something's gone rancid.”copyright protection5PENANAKGymbcu6Zl9Please respect copyright.PENANAolZfBS08N0

9Please respect copyright.PENANAOyDf45B4uC
copyright protection5PENANAqTOJkjYzHg9Please respect copyright.PENANA25bEnCvi8B

She searched the kitchen for a few minutes. Her husband stared at her the whole time. His look of worry turned to one of wonder. Then his wonder turned to seriousness. His eyes hung on the floor while she searched for what was rotten. copyright protection5PENANAijjbs7xRBX9Please respect copyright.PENANALwXKLzDMHq

9Please respect copyright.PENANAMvZqL4vm80
copyright protection5PENANAqmEYIPbdVa9Please respect copyright.PENANAZb5aQtNlLV

“I bet Mikey left a piece of fruit out,” she said. “It wouldn't be the first time and it won't be the last.”copyright protection5PENANAym4n6oG5Xo9Please respect copyright.PENANAXxrUhctUYb

9Please respect copyright.PENANAlLHkbtoHPx
copyright protection5PENANAlgHFs9M01n9Please respect copyright.PENANAHPIMZygNU1

“Mikey doesn't live here anymore, babe,” Eddie answered. “None of the boys do.”copyright protection5PENANAYrJCqssCGn9Please respect copyright.PENANAIRz9MQmgLl

9Please respect copyright.PENANAs669riCQZs
copyright protection5PENANAMfKRCQgjWe9Please respect copyright.PENANAnGh6thEJ4z

“Nonsense,” she replied.copyright protection5PENANAHhupWXzIXB9Please respect copyright.PENANALMrkWebjvW

9Please respect copyright.PENANAFX3M6v4Im3
copyright protection5PENANA6V2Qytj06Z9Please respect copyright.PENANAbKJtQdKvWP

“Mikey is off in college now,” he said. “Johnny is in the army and Billy is working at the DMV. He has a family of his own now.”copyright protection5PENANAnTf8KRZ0bV9Please respect copyright.PENANA5ICw3yKeSf

9Please respect copyright.PENANAbxdfkjKo27
copyright protection5PENANAeTcJi8GSRD9Please respect copyright.PENANArdRbHHordl

“Ha ha. Very funny,” she said with no amount of amusement in her voice. copyright protection5PENANAtYzwP709769Please respect copyright.PENANAgi3TP7rzlk

9Please respect copyright.PENANAPxS3McmxAp
copyright protection5PENANA9vZoDJgCKr9Please respect copyright.PENANAE1CvdkdBLq

“I'm telling you the truth, babe,” he said. copyright protection5PENANAyZlKIDTpwL9Please respect copyright.PENANAW2J0Vy7n8t

9Please respect copyright.PENANAIY0A1MMnkm
copyright protection5PENANA3ZJCvzKvIS9Please respect copyright.PENANAMYopuCJHdv

Rhonda grabbed the small pad that sat on top of the refrigerator and grabbed a pen. She started making a shopping list. “Is there anything you need from the market? Razors? A new toothbrush?” she asked. copyright protection5PENANACSoBg2lxE69Please respect copyright.PENANA8ayRatqhRy

9Please respect copyright.PENANAKzwL9yyWWS
copyright protection5PENANAZc5kXOYQdu9Please respect copyright.PENANAjIQI8lkS2x

“Sweetheart,” he said, “you have to listen to me.”copyright protection5PENANABgtlTZVEvE9Please respect copyright.PENANAobIW3Sqtai

9Please respect copyright.PENANA2VRzG17eX3
copyright protection5PENANAw7wUJNW4kB9Please respect copyright.PENANA6gMXZVijOl

“I don't have time for your nonsense,” she replied. “I have to get the house in order before the boys get home.”copyright protection5PENANAbkOgEM5CCi9Please respect copyright.PENANARcxz9Asz4C

9Please respect copyright.PENANAR7xJGdKOrI
copyright protection5PENANA6ezAAtzv859Please respect copyright.PENANARyZEvYzOin

“Baby, the boy's ain't coming home,” he said, “I told you. They don't live here no more.”copyright protection5PENANA9EcFzVtw0O9Please respect copyright.PENANAa9AHJJibjn

9Please respect copyright.PENANANbulUbyFZ0
copyright protection5PENANA8b8XsMJxpm9Please respect copyright.PENANAoQynv4m4TE

This time she slammed the yellow pad she was writing on down on the counter. “Enough with this nonsense, Eddie!” she declared. “I have enough to do without you adding to the list with your foolish pranks! I need to go to the market and get groceries and Halloween candy for the kids in the neighborhood. Now are you going to make yourself useful and help me or are you going to sit there and continue to be a horse’s ass?”copyright protection5PENANAQwBq6bTGH19Please respect copyright.PENANAs4O2LyL4J4

9Please respect copyright.PENANAsxfWSa7qP6
copyright protection5PENANALQGYwgUZNU9Please respect copyright.PENANAreXZBs4YxX

Finally finding the courage, he stood up and walked over to his wife. He gently put his hand on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. “Babe,” he said quietly, “you've been dead for twelve years.”copyright protection5PENANANW6VUyIE679Please respect copyright.PENANADZ2s2N0NSJ

9Please respect copyright.PENANASkh8h9joA8
copyright protection5PENANA0WECmKOgrv9Please respect copyright.PENANAv1nt1YV5Xt

She lifted her eyes to meet his. “Rhonda,” he said, “honey, you've been dead for twelve years.”copyright protection5PENANAidlZbSf5S39Please respect copyright.PENANA3As52uT3iM

9Please respect copyright.PENANAMb73jodCNN
copyright protection5PENANA0FZ6BTFkxL9Please respect copyright.PENANALiP8MQ7IW5

Rhonda pushed him away. “Enough of your tomfoolery!” She cried out and then went back to writing her list. copyright protection5PENANAsyI6b5RZmi9Please respect copyright.PENANAb0FE6I8ZLr

9Please respect copyright.PENANAMyCTCWhPz5
copyright protection5PENANAuEvQDHJTMB9Please respect copyright.PENANADlosuajCSf

He put his hand on hers and stopped her from writing. “I'm not fooling you,  babe,” Eddie told her. “You got in a car accident after you dropped the kids off for school. Twelve years ago today.”copyright protection5PENANAWMhWTSPydn9Please respect copyright.PENANAH3fnHm6QmR

9Please respect copyright.PENANAi8qV22RjSr
copyright protection5PENANAkFW3M78D6u9Please respect copyright.PENANApwMNZhXiTP

She put her pad down and sat the pen on top of it. What was he saying to her? Then suddenly it came back to her. Just like Eddie had said, she had been driving to the market after dropping off the boys and a van came out of nowhere and hit her station wagon. Then there was nothing but blackness. Until earlier when she walked into the kitchen. copyright protection5PENANAWB9ssN9bGV9Please respect copyright.PENANAyATOYAa4rw

9Please respect copyright.PENANAVJEmEHow0h
copyright protection5PENANANCI4zBXpaa9Please respect copyright.PENANAYqOKdN1a6V

Pulling out a chair for his wife, Eddie sat her down and then sat on the edge of the table. She looked confused. Almost as confused as Eddie did. “Okay,” she said in barely a  whisper. “Okay. Will you help me find what that horrible smell is, Eddie? And then I'll go back to where I came from.”copyright protection5PENANAMuQJxCQGgX9Please respect copyright.PENANAZEvTsttDxV

9Please respect copyright.PENANA9tFOPkveRw
copyright protection5PENANAbczlF18OdO9Please respect copyright.PENANAwPWkz98Bke

Eddie nodded. “I would help you with anything, darling,” Eddie replied. “But I think what you are smelling is yourself. You been in the grave a long time.”copyright protection5PENANAK1rs5042pe9Please respect copyright.PENANAwjS2dlwGY4

9Please respect copyright.PENANAC8xhWnCsCt
copyright protection5PENANAdcI3VgGMXW9Please respect copyright.PENANAY8iVtS4Bup

“He’s right, mom,” came a voice from the entrance to the kitchen. It was Mikey. There he stood, grown and handsome. Beside him stood Billy. He was much older than he was the last time she saw him.copyright protection5PENANAJ89iuOkCDy9Please respect copyright.PENANAQ1JI3W4AC2

9Please respect copyright.PENANAEfbcx7z9Ac
copyright protection5PENANAqnzRQFSUHi9Please respect copyright.PENANADylWuOOyqj

“My boys!” Eddie cried as he ran over to hug them. “When did you get here?” copyright protection5PENANA8UuRYq8Ec59Please respect copyright.PENANAXgkHZnD3Xf

9Please respect copyright.PENANA6CviO2poc0
copyright protection5PENANABVeLeIAzkd9Please respect copyright.PENANAAPyVL2KABb

Billy returned his embrace. “We got here a few minutes ago. It took us a few minutes to process what was going on, so we just sat quiet in the hallway.”copyright protection5PENANA7LAHDrmvl39Please respect copyright.PENANATzrdgrBTvz

9Please respect copyright.PENANA9CbFUZIknU
copyright protection5PENANANuYilXIuBU9Please respect copyright.PENANAkYKTTwWE7x

“We figured you could use a few minutes alone,” Mikey added. “To sort things out.”copyright protection5PENANAzdQOY4xyDS9Please respect copyright.PENANAP07heoIQid

9Please respect copyright.PENANApsQA7KAP5X
copyright protection5PENANALLDmsgNPM99Please respect copyright.PENANAJpWuiP1eu8

“Oh,” Eddie replied. “Where’s Johnny?”copyright protection5PENANATADRTZOBtq9Please respect copyright.PENANAMj9UAniieA

9Please respect copyright.PENANAwD2nea7OZc
copyright protection5PENANAw3DmSCrpa59Please respect copyright.PENANAMJCIeVyfa2

“Johnny couldn't be here, pa,” Billy replied. “He's living overseas now. You know that.”copyright protection5PENANAhWQUjjb68Y9Please respect copyright.PENANAnWlwRWU9f8

9Please respect copyright.PENANAKLMN90XgPX
copyright protection5PENANAg1zTTsTI4m9Please respect copyright.PENANAtCH6kV1Tac

“Oh yeah,” their father replied. copyright protection5PENANA9AqNXipoHA9Please respect copyright.PENANAWx8i40eYat

9Please respect copyright.PENANA7UfTIoTGFJ
copyright protection5PENANAuZwkTPE5WN9Please respect copyright.PENANAE9llfGghzr

The boys turned their attention to their mother. “Hi, ma,” they both said. They took turns giving her a long hug. copyright protection5PENANA4cPD6J5Zs99Please respect copyright.PENANAtwYCO3C22M

9Please respect copyright.PENANAw9HM2qbW6Q
copyright protection5PENANAmBJMpH4P6M9Please respect copyright.PENANAGK016gHmxh

“I don't know how I got here,” their mother said to them. copyright protection5PENANApALWVFLzLI9Please respect copyright.PENANAN1NMDCPgES

9Please respect copyright.PENANA3b1KY4b90h
copyright protection5PENANAnPUcs1Vx0n9Please respect copyright.PENANA0H20I8gquO

“It don't matter,” Billy said softly. “But you can't be here anymore. It isn't right.”copyright protection5PENANAGnZq9p7eed9Please respect copyright.PENANAHiQv5u7VKM

9Please respect copyright.PENANANOYOzWSK5T
copyright protection5PENANA0DOMzJrljc9Please respect copyright.PENANA15A46jcnJH

Mikey took his mother’s decaying hand into his own. “You need to go be at rest again, ma,” he said. copyright protection5PENANA3H1YTtZP109Please respect copyright.PENANAbr01W5v30g

9Please respect copyright.PENANAQN4OCDKvnQ
copyright protection5PENANAdHnc7wBfLP9Please respect copyright.PENANAppV0t2kFp3

“Okay,” Rhonda relied. She knew he was right. She didn't know where he came from, but she knew it wasn't natural for her to be where she was now.copyright protection5PENANAtMthy21Znl9Please respect copyright.PENANAnAunCrs8vt

9Please respect copyright.PENANAolht9T6Upu
copyright protection5PENANAcr2epWHpLI9Please respect copyright.PENANAKPTGPmI927

Billy opened the back door and motioned for her to follow him. Holding Mikey’s hand all the while, she did. The four of them walked out into the back yard. Under a tall tree there was a hole dug in the ground. There was a wooden cross at the head of the hole. “That's where you came from, ma,” Mikey said to her. copyright protection5PENANApYqNbykNN59Please respect copyright.PENANAdpIHMk8ftE

9Please respect copyright.PENANAISZZl9Ts3i
copyright protection5PENANADhR7zp9Bpx9Please respect copyright.PENANAWO7QuXdc6g

“I'm buried in the back yard?” she asked. copyright protection5PENANAWCZZQoWxOH9Please respect copyright.PENANAkjF21snaIR

9Please respect copyright.PENANAOqJOp4Xix1
copyright protection5PENANAgeGG1SflG39Please respect copyright.PENANABuPIkkFyxM

“We had you in the cemetery for a while,” Billy answered, “but every year on Halloween you would dig your way out of your grave and make your way back here. It got to be a real hassle sneaking you back into the graveyard, so here you lay.”copyright protection5PENANArkkirUIBv89Please respect copyright.PENANAOR6uU8XiiF

9Please respect copyright.PENANA975SWvXTOu
copyright protection5PENANA8sK7sAwo8l9Please respect copyright.PENANAVpYL7j5NRD

They all sat and just stared in silence for a few moments. Rhonda broke the silence. “I guess it's time for me to go,” she said. copyright protection5PENANA5pzM5AFlWl9Please respect copyright.PENANAAGuGbpO8H7

9Please respect copyright.PENANANRfTJboH5c
copyright protection5PENANAonGJG7DpI89Please respect copyright.PENANAc0CaMKuSym

The boys and their father nodded. They boys took two shovels that were there waiting for them and turned the hole into a nice, deep, rectangular grave. copyright protection5PENANAxRBiZ3Swr19Please respect copyright.PENANAv820OdpDm6

9Please respect copyright.PENANALaX03Hcsph
copyright protection5PENANARxqqjw1ZRY9Please respect copyright.PENANAFBihL42gXA

They all said their goodbyes and their mother climbed into the freshly dug grave. As soon as she laid back in the dirt her eyes closed and she was gone once again. The life had slipped from her. copyright protection5PENANAkgm1Z28CsR9Please respect copyright.PENANACsIFsxTRaf

9Please respect copyright.PENANAYVpWWtE8V3
copyright protection5PENANAL0ImiIpbeR9Please respect copyright.PENANApAEISqNUGK

“How did you boys know? Why did you come here? You aren't playing hooky from school are you, Mikey?” Eddie asked. copyright protection5PENANAc5oDwI9xH19Please respect copyright.PENANAujccYEJRwU

9Please respect copyright.PENANA7vQxrM05VV
copyright protection5PENANAw2hS3gVbTn9Please respect copyright.PENANA9lwN3oeQiV

“No, pa,” Mikey replied. “I'm not playing hooky from school. I haven't been in college for ten years. I graduated. I have a family of my own now.”copyright protection5PENANA2FnL1GtrSH9Please respect copyright.PENANABNeN0dsJ5Z

9Please respect copyright.PENANAEcuuJVhJ1c
copyright protection5PENANAi5NGIjoSR69Please respect copyright.PENANAFbxbZBAdsT

Eddie’s brow furrowed once again. “What?” he asked. “You just enrolled last year! You couldn't be done already!”copyright protection5PENANATn8bgbsbnl9Please respect copyright.PENANA93GnQHBjqG

9Please respect copyright.PENANAi5SMACIRmK
copyright protection5PENANAyq0Wb2DEtv9Please respect copyright.PENANA42WCeVdO9F

“Billy patted his pa on the back. “It's true, pa,” he said. He's been out for years now.”copyright protection5PENANAmMAatjtSbl9Please respect copyright.PENANAIiIoGz5hTw

9Please respect copyright.PENANAYbCRYctH4Q
copyright protection5PENANAY5J6gZiIaF9Please respect copyright.PENANAs9SpL6kZVu

“This is insane!” Eddie exclaimed. “This whole morning has been bonkers!”copyright protection5PENANA4J54Gg7jVB9Please respect copyright.PENANAFDNn2tX8LQ

9Please respect copyright.PENANAFJ2hA1u4Iz
copyright protection5PENANAPinqsRJWJU9Please respect copyright.PENANAUbINAtTVtP

“It has, pa” Billy answered. “It is every year.”copyright protection5PENANAhHZ0Ng05Ya9Please respect copyright.PENANAp8scwuGtCr

9Please respect copyright.PENANAkibnzLo3P7
copyright protection5PENANAL2UQ7A7eU39Please respect copyright.PENANACKilxTPrPi

“Every year?” Eddie said. “It ain't ever been like this! I would have remembered a morning this whacky!”copyright protection5PENANAQKldaN4TJO9Please respect copyright.PENANAgeqJrXd8rQ

9Please respect copyright.PENANAAL8L8IxxMn
copyright protection5PENANAO1vO2j42p29Please respect copyright.PENANAEp7XKFQz6F

Mikey turned his father a half turn and nodded towards the east end of their back yard. A hole, not unlike the one Rhonda has come from sat there waiting. “It happens every year, pa,” Mikey replied. “We don't know why, but it does.”copyright protection5PENANAda571cI8rD9Please respect copyright.PENANARnUi6mgkuH

9Please respect copyright.PENANAb5tkRB2o8O
copyright protection5PENANAbhnwvxkAr49Please respect copyright.PENANAMNdUKXzAxG

“Naw,” Eddie responded, shaken. “Naw it can't be right.” He looked at his hands. There was no decomposition of the skin like Rhonda had. There was no stink on him like there was on her. copyright protection5PENANAof6T38d8aC9Please respect copyright.PENANAgp4aHaxYv2

9Please respect copyright.PENANAFG780YK3nT
copyright protection5PENANAaoNgwOseXU9Please respect copyright.PENANAR9G53q2D1A

“It is, pa,” Billy answered. “You died six years ago. Had a heart attack at the factory. On Halloween morning. Just like ma.”copyright protection5PENANAS8bfFGN0ge9Please respect copyright.PENANAkhZosHzZF4

9Please respect copyright.PENANA1kL8tM7dPu
copyright protection5PENANA4FtbzxjMFu9Please respect copyright.PENANA6HEMMIdPle

“But that ain't right,” Eddie muttered. “I ain't rotten like she was.”copyright protection5PENANApQSd6o1zDY9Please respect copyright.PENANApGwo4Y5DXL

9Please respect copyright.PENANAIZ6u8zgfM6
copyright protection5PENANAuv7FKNmxND9Please respect copyright.PENANAKTNpGA7Tpt

“It's true, pa,” Mikey said. He put his arm around his father’s shoulders and led him to the hole. “Every year on Halloween you and ma both come back. We don't know why. You just do. And we don't know why you aren't rotten. We can't figure that out.”copyright protection5PENANAMSig3RNnEt9Please respect copyright.PENANA8P9EeeCkRA

9Please respect copyright.PENANA5Azb4IKlYx
copyright protection5PENANAR3jKgq8i0M9Please respect copyright.PENANArIqf86Pf0f

Eddie’s look of confusion turned to one of acceptance. “Well it is what is I guess. It was good seeing you boys again. You know your mother and I love you dearly.”copyright protection5PENANAhuhpa2cwA09Please respect copyright.PENANAJ85TNj7pDZ

9Please respect copyright.PENANA0IzATDiEYg
copyright protection5PENANAamTsCXkpkY9Please respect copyright.PENANAbqZCF7JvnJ

“We know,” Billy replied. “We love you, too.”copyright protection5PENANATc2dWjE5CE9Please respect copyright.PENANAL6SQ0F975M

9Please respect copyright.PENANA75uGFokY2j
copyright protection5PENANART99jkbwQL9Please respect copyright.PENANAfeJeQplzUJ

The boys took their shovels and dug the grave while their father watched. When it was finished Eddie walked over to it and said, “I guess I'll see you next year,” he and the boys both laughed uncomfortably and Eddie jumped into the hole they had dug. As soon as his feet touched the dirt of the grave his body fell limp and lifeless once again. For another year at least. copyright protection5PENANAw17qtKnOaH9Please respect copyright.PENANAjGPbwQRFYW

9Please respect copyright.PENANAs52XMIl6Go
copyright protection5PENANAM3UPgQ8UWL

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