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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Most Perfect Girl in the World: Watching
Oct 7, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fHKODeGpPZ1Rnn6BnOsDposted on PENANA

He watched her through her window as she looked in the mirror and brushed her hair, knowing that tonight would be the night he would sneak in through her backdoor and they would finally be together. Whether she wanted to or not. copyright protection20PENANAIQSPJNG3L224Please respect copyright.PENANA033V0Zf15n

24Please respect copyright.PENANAGvrMRKBYy0
copyright protection20PENANAy0JiPnwvNm24Please respect copyright.PENANAjEuFueOtVF

Every now and then she would turn her eyes in his direction while he spied on her,  but she would quickly turn her eyes back to her own reflection. A smile spread across his face when her eyes would dart up towards his. On some level he believed that she knew he was out there and that was her way of giving him a green light for what he had planned later.copyright protection20PENANAuOdSbjuy8X24Please respect copyright.PENANAdWJhRJg6Km

24Please respect copyright.PENANAtrRUdJFPId
copyright protection20PENANAcQO4GxRnBD24Please respect copyright.PENANAQ1SlHmzwQv

The past two months had been the best in his life. The past two months had been the most frustrating of his life. He found her while they were in line at Starbucks. She was standing in front of him and she ordered a large house coffee.copyright protection20PENANAp9D9sswYXk24Please respect copyright.PENANAc3rWkjGBpr

24Please respect copyright.PENANAXTSPO6ztVi
copyright protection20PENANAks8xlkRPSZ24Please respect copyright.PENANAHMkz71WHyM

He liked that. Nothing fancy. Just the house coffee. Same as him. A girl who liked to get right to the point. Respectable. copyright protection20PENANAN4QB9x90UL24Please respect copyright.PENANAdKPFHaYnMn

24Please respect copyright.PENANAOJgHz4N8yJ
copyright protection20PENANADkVhunJ1mH24Please respect copyright.PENANArfvLODMKkl

She had dark brown hair that smelled like flowers and coconuts. He had inconspicuously leaned in to smell it. It didn't disappoint. She wore a long, burnt orange sweater dress with black leggings and tall brown boots. She had a great sense of style. copyright protection20PENANAlGatevN6lG24Please respect copyright.PENANAwx6mcNxbaj

24Please respect copyright.PENANAyZ3PGDUtMs
copyright protection20PENANA68LWKUuUVo24Please respect copyright.PENANAddIJYwmLhH

When the barista handed her the large house coffee, she turned around and nearly bumped into him. An embarrassed smile crept across her face and their eyes met. She had enchanting brown eyes. She didn't wear her makeup too heavy. Again: very respectable. copyright protection20PENANAFzJBQdZAel24Please respect copyright.PENANA6OfcbrZIDa

24Please respect copyright.PENANA2b961QJVjw
copyright protection20PENANAiz2s3gXRni24Please respect copyright.PENANAoxJ6gIDDtU

“Excuse me,” she said quietly as he smiled back at her. Her voice was sweet. Like the singing of angels in his ears.copyright protection20PENANAxtrjqcdU6924Please respect copyright.PENANAkzIzMT1MCE

24Please respect copyright.PENANAXFQ6LRWvNg
copyright protection20PENANAjMI2nzgmau24Please respect copyright.PENANA1bOLi4tVHX

He knew right then they belonged together. She needed to be his forever. She was a the most perfect girl in the world. copyright protection20PENANAIs4KU81SZo24Please respect copyright.PENANAP1wyBjsC65

24Please respect copyright.PENANAg3K79wY62L
copyright protection20PENANAbxRCQhP4bV24Please respect copyright.PENANAn3XbPfgjaX

The most perfect girl in the world walked over to the condiments station and put some cream and sugars into her coffee. All he could do was watch in awe. copyright protection20PENANAeuHWx5wNsH24Please respect copyright.PENANAg0ZNzB62dc

24Please respect copyright.PENANA7ufRBpozwq
copyright protection20PENANAia9mV4uWXu24Please respect copyright.PENANAlTui4jxlCI

The barista asked him what he could like and he ordered a large house coffee as well. He paid for it, but he didn't have time to receive his order.copyright protection20PENANAk81bLStAWE24Please respect copyright.PENANAjTJiGiUMk7

24Please respect copyright.PENANAZrCfjdEINa
copyright protection20PENANAva9d7GjEuL24Please respect copyright.PENANA894Cs9WZuz

She, the most perfect girl in the world, had finished fixing up her coffee and she was walking out the door. He had no choice but to follow her. copyright protection20PENANAlMWv9RzDNw24Please respect copyright.PENANAINsr68K0V4

24Please respect copyright.PENANA8UwKaQYOyM
copyright protection20PENANA87F9jq1M0Y24Please respect copyright.PENANAZGW4jodfoH

He walked far enough behind her that she wouldn't be able to realize that he was in pursuit of her. She and her coffee stepped into the Barnes & Noble. He crept in behind her. He walked up and down the rows of books to try and spot her. Finally he did. copyright protection20PENANArw9AKgh3VM24Please respect copyright.PENANAP6vhyCqiCl

24Please respect copyright.PENANAnLgTwqJvfi
copyright protection20PENANAPgyLMHCllq24Please respect copyright.PENANAhfYejiCwy0

There she stood behind the counter, ringing up a customer. Of course she worked in a book store. What else would a high class woman like her do for a living? Of course she was highly literate. All girls as perfect as her were. copyright protection20PENANAStyyDRYEEZ24Please respect copyright.PENANAen7JFFl5YY

24Please respect copyright.PENANAqlKHeg8YLn
copyright protection20PENANAD5wMGg2YkY24Please respect copyright.PENANAg3DfhWxTs5

When he would spy on her at night he found that she was actually quite a writer. She would spend at least two hours an evening writing on her laptop and another hour reading. copyright protection20PENANAK9ejU11xmn24Please respect copyright.PENANAUHs2r7INdG

24Please respect copyright.PENANALE1vlgMtfx
copyright protection20PENANAXfRwNuoM9224Please respect copyright.PENANARwAuLRrjLU

She liked to read when she got out of the shower. With a towel wrapped around her. She drank tea while she did it. It was his favorite time of the night. A few times he had tried to see in her bathroom window while she was showering, but there was too much steam for him to see anything. So he settled for waiting until she was out to spy on her loveliness.copyright protection20PENANALM8iyOyBNS24Please respect copyright.PENANApGBSJ20rPd

24Please respect copyright.PENANA7BR97dqTHG
copyright protection20PENANAzx1ORWPSuc24Please respect copyright.PENANAryc13YTuiF

He had watched her thought the window and followed her every move for the last two months. He wanted so badly to go and speak with her,  but he could never work up the courage. It was the most frustrating thing he had ever experienced. But just being able to see her every night made it the best two months as well.copyright protection20PENANAfrs6YfAm2J24Please respect copyright.PENANAoHmZz52zwS

24Please respect copyright.PENANAMEuEOCRfvy
copyright protection20PENANAoOwx64mFF924Please respect copyright.PENANAWX78Ya7SEq

He had been waiting for this night. It was Halloween. He would use the holiday as an excuse to finally get to speak to her. He would dress up in a mask, knock on her door and say, “Trick or treat!”copyright protection20PENANAxeHz2ywSq024Please respect copyright.PENANAx37U3HZ6hw

24Please respect copyright.PENANAY3atIZ5zfB
copyright protection20PENANA4FswMqMnMO24Please respect copyright.PENANA8byfkxprp4

It would be nice seeing her up close again. He had been able speak to her in person three times. All three times when he was paying for books at the bookstore while she was ringing up his books. copyright protection20PENANA7bCDJJH5om24Please respect copyright.PENANASX8ZRbHRiY

24Please respect copyright.PENANAng2yJKyPkN
copyright protection20PENANAeWBVwEt2wU24Please respect copyright.PENANAqsYYHiv7KV

“How are you today?” she would ask.copyright protection20PENANA2AAv6mVTKI24Please respect copyright.PENANAcCSkCKwkBO

24Please respect copyright.PENANAiY5kxP55Ep
copyright protection20PENANAHRUkuD3cJs24Please respect copyright.PENANAT5SR3AazHV

“I'm fine,” he would reply with a smile. copyright protection20PENANAyXoaTUOnXk24Please respect copyright.PENANAuUxmfa6MuI

24Please respect copyright.PENANABNHG7ewckb
copyright protection20PENANAhZVRu2eqVY24Please respect copyright.PENANACdgu4k4fTM

“You want a bag for this?” she would ask.copyright protection20PENANA9DP3XkH1wq24Please respect copyright.PENANAaoHILWSRJn

24Please respect copyright.PENANAAkah1hvxuQ
copyright protection20PENANAt5nSfhM4EJ24Please respect copyright.PENANAJ73ZC8kHne

“No thanks,” he would reply with that same awkward smile. copyright protection20PENANApVJkNen1Fi24Please respect copyright.PENANAuxCbfn88fR

24Please respect copyright.PENANAvPbG6cYCKt
copyright protection20PENANAZOWPRT9zUG24Please respect copyright.PENANAstAwtcEOU2

He considered the first time she had rung him up at the register their first date. The book and the receipt were on his mantle. Two vanilla scented candles burned on either side of the book that embodied their first date. Above the candles and book were dozens of pictures of her that he had taken in secret. It was his shrine in honor of her. copyright protection20PENANAZoLng0E35i24Please respect copyright.PENANA2oAFzP3IYi

24Please respect copyright.PENANAzu8LafY8SI
copyright protection20PENANAMuewP1Lc2r24Please respect copyright.PENANABlccRGpwvj

She finished brushing her hair and started to put on her Halloween costume. She dressed herself as a nurse. Not a slutty one, mind you, but a real one. A classy one. She was so perfect. copyright protection20PENANAv2frR7l1Gf24Please respect copyright.PENANAyxH8dhYgZW

24Please respect copyright.PENANAzzqHkBWiJO
copyright protection20PENANAHGEt3UuIXz24Please respect copyright.PENANA1l9ex1UWxq

She straightened her white skirt, grabbed her fake nurse’s bag  and pinned her nurse’s hat on her head then walked into her living room so that she could greet the trick or treaters who would start coming soon. copyright protection20PENANA1K3fhTg25j24Please respect copyright.PENANAf5YXebecse

24Please respect copyright.PENANA91NzI8aFqU
copyright protection20PENANAuBlJ2dRnfx24Please respect copyright.PENANAusfEGMFBIc

With her out of the room, he slipped on his simple ghost costume. A sheet with holes for eyes. It didn't get any simpler than that. He thought that she respected simplicity. He wanted her respect. He needed her respect. He would get her respect no matter what the cost. copyright protection20PENANADXehqhcU0924Please respect copyright.PENANA1Yi0VwbaJD

24Please respect copyright.PENANAoSFcsnlD3M
copyright protection20PENANAu1Tygbrwew24Please respect copyright.PENANAxxeNbVzQwi

Darkness had started to fall and he stepped out of his hiding place in the bushes and made his way around to the front of the house. A lone trick or treater was a few houses down. A girl in a cheerleader’s outfit was working the neighborhood for candy. copyright protection20PENANAQI8brapjyE24Please respect copyright.PENANA3ygmycSKmC

24Please respect copyright.PENANAoLu3YXqjAu
copyright protection20PENANARcC5u2nGXn24Please respect copyright.PENANA581kVdfv4M

It was the best opportunity for him. He would go up to the porch with the cheerleader. That way he wouldn't arouse suspicion by being much too old for gathering candy. He would look like her dad or older brother. It was perfect.  Just like her. copyright protection20PENANAQroJZFVqb924Please respect copyright.PENANAO7k5tThmDE

24Please respect copyright.PENANAY1qt5pqvI1
copyright protection20PENANAX2R5ejgDCP24Please respect copyright.PENANA0O9185enAj

When the cheerleader made her way to the porch he fell in line behind her. The cheerleader rang the doorbell and the most perfect nurse in the world opened the door. copyright protection20PENANAit1UyvXVcV24Please respect copyright.PENANAapquuUoMh2

24Please respect copyright.PENANAqg4RK9gaFZ
copyright protection20PENANAj2nHMmmHNy24Please respect copyright.PENANAcFNlHWrWk1

“Trick or treat!” they both said in unison. copyright protection20PENANAQLAIQP17sE24Please respect copyright.PENANAfurGZVAnHS

24Please respect copyright.PENANAq88uZSEf3j
copyright protection20PENANAWL7XGGtEBG24Please respect copyright.PENANAefY2BGY2Ci

“What a wonderful cheerleader costume!” she said to the little girl as she held out a bucket of candy for her to choose from. The cheerleader took a piece of candy, stuffed it into her bag and headed to the next house. copyright protection20PENANAzVIWCujZc624Please respect copyright.PENANA4RMvxLq898

24Please respect copyright.PENANA0zg94f1Iv5
copyright protection20PENANAy3S9LIYNQr24Please respect copyright.PENANA1Jk0MVGKYi

Then her eyes turned to his. She giggled. “Oh my god!” she said. “That is the best ghost costume I have ever seen!”copyright protection20PENANArMcyKTeexQ24Please respect copyright.PENANA329QyHBYPL

24Please respect copyright.PENANA6PkmYoC067
copyright protection20PENANAU6LD3o8mok24Please respect copyright.PENANA58Rq8EmPok

He laughed his nervous laugh along with her. “Thanks,” he said, “I worked really hard on it.”copyright protection20PENANAtWnl6944WU24Please respect copyright.PENANA7snhiVYUUO

24Please respect copyright.PENANAF0E0nDp0Dw
copyright protection20PENANAvnHIWsBaG824Please respect copyright.PENANA8JFZaODwD2

She laughed again and offered him a piece of candy from the bowl. He sheepishly took a purple lollipop. copyright protection20PENANA1BfNejbmFA24Please respect copyright.PENANARLve3N92I3

24Please respect copyright.PENANAQo4ups7OtL
copyright protection20PENANAH9w5uCezHb24Please respect copyright.PENANAlBv0BFOecs

“Hey,” she said, “You look like you probably have some muscles underneath that sheet. Do you think you could come in really quick and take a box of books down from the top of my closet?”copyright protection20PENANAudybVvExFl24Please respect copyright.PENANAh3dMhgArij

24Please respect copyright.PENANAv8HAD73LWw
copyright protection20PENANAFHWVubeFyU24Please respect copyright.PENANAxh82iJI6YU

“Ummmm…” he fumbled for words. This was going better than he had ever planned on it going. “Y..yuh… yes. I would be happy to,” he finally spat out.copyright protection20PENANAff4Mlzpz8624Please respect copyright.PENANAygXM3f2DHk

24Please respect copyright.PENANAXctFN7MQSI
copyright protection20PENANALCkkOfPsMv24Please respect copyright.PENANAnpZvshfbod

“Great!” she said beaming. “It will only take a second!”copyright protection20PENANAOscKoGVDmu24Please respect copyright.PENANA5Xt3JxjMb0

24Please respect copyright.PENANA78dAN1IzRA
copyright protection20PENANAxCJCo4bOEj24Please respect copyright.PENANAhf0hLtz0EY

She moved to the side and cleared the way for him to enter. copyright protection20PENANAVpWfKKvzdh24Please respect copyright.PENANAeKWIOGf8sq

24Please respect copyright.PENANA8zymamnSVf
copyright protection20PENANA41KgM8WILj24Please respect copyright.PENANAtdvuvgX5gC

He walked in. This was perfect. As perfect as she was. copyright protection20PENANAcjVWVj068F24Please respect copyright.PENANA3um0cbGsj8

24Please respect copyright.PENANASsIqPTMcMI
copyright protection20PENANAp35mjP6Opk24Please respect copyright.PENANAsgWXKreIxu

24Please respect copyright.PENANAkAZHAcShEc
copyright protection20PENANA5tmQK8YHRK

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