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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Most Perfect Girl in the World: They Always Remember
Oct 8, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!euf9mvtSB8lQ5sF8dnTiposted on PENANA

For all the times he had peeped through the windows, he had never actually stepped foot inside her house. He swiveled his head from side to side taking in all the sights. It smelled very pleasant in there. Like apple cider brewing. Of course it did. She was perfect.copyright protection16PENANAdQiE9NLyjW20Please respect copyright.PENANAGGjahq5wzb

20Please respect copyright.PENANADflhkzBUmE
copyright protection16PENANAixryHN3aGF20Please respect copyright.PENANAHwunRYAjTn

“Okay, Mr. Ghost,” she said, “The closet is over here.”copyright protection16PENANAj2wpucyIAr20Please respect copyright.PENANARz4aKmBQTa

20Please respect copyright.PENANA1wqmOKWqFj
copyright protection16PENANA1Nijsr6e0p20Please respect copyright.PENANA4nPyLGxl0q

Even though he knew exactly where it was he followed her as if he didn't. She opened the closet door and pointed to a large brown box on the top shelf. She pointed at it. “That's the one,” she said in her heavenly voice. copyright protection16PENANAaiXBQEpUP520Please respect copyright.PENANAIS0N2L9EC2

20Please respect copyright.PENANAPDzf0n0XNG
copyright protection16PENANAz976yCi6lS20Please respect copyright.PENANAgS35rOMY9N

He started to reach up and grab it, but his ghostly sheet kept sliding and blocking his vision. “Here, let me get that for you,” she said as she slid the sheet off of him.copyright protection16PENANAymGQF8iMmi20Please respect copyright.PENANAoRFpFIbOnN

20Please respect copyright.PENANAQcrpsrNspB
copyright protection16PENANAcwA98rOxlD20Please respect copyright.PENANA8FtbLUZyT9

When the sheet was completely off she looked him over. “Well who would know that there was such a handsome man underneath that spooky old sheet,” she said.copyright protection16PENANADVML1lnjsI20Please respect copyright.PENANAlh11HGKSu7

20Please respect copyright.PENANAFkj7KLyyeY
copyright protection16PENANAb05RQK09xm20Please respect copyright.PENANAanDDzpyzXr

He blushed a deep red and grabbed the box off the top of the shelf. She was right to have him grab it. It was very heavy. “If you would just plop it down on my kitchen table that would be fantastic,” she said. copyright protection16PENANArJT2T2tHzP20Please respect copyright.PENANAIjJJlrp5jT

20Please respect copyright.PENANAcZew6ZiFyw
copyright protection16PENANAldK8YLul4W20Please respect copyright.PENANADIThmtHV2E

He followed her into the kitchen and gently lowered it onto her table. “Thank you so much,” she said. “Since you were kind enough to help a girl out,” she continued, “could I offer you a cup of warm apple cider?”copyright protection16PENANA4gW97NU8Ws20Please respect copyright.PENANAmKY6tjxSpR

20Please respect copyright.PENANAMBR17X0pDz
copyright protection16PENANAunboq5qTN020Please respect copyright.PENANAWhhQyDjgyl

He looked at her stove. A pan full of apple cider was brewing and steaming. The smell was intoxicating. He nodded. “Y.. yuh… yes,” he replied. “That would be delightful.”copyright protection16PENANAI9dticeMyj20Please respect copyright.PENANAVV5T2zdAsC

20Please respect copyright.PENANAseejgmhhMV
copyright protection16PENANAICzFMHsHPo20Please respect copyright.PENANAQIc7zLLS1k

“Great,” she said through a beaming smile. She opened up a cabinet and pulled out two mugs. She walked over to the steaming cider and used a ladle to fill them both up. Then she opened up a small ceramic canister that was sitting next to it. “My grandmother,” she said merrily, “always told me that the secret to any good cider is a pinch of brown sugar.”copyright protection16PENANA9kMlIdq96e20Please respect copyright.PENANAeWfjQiT4Sl

20Please respect copyright.PENANAGlAVEQhW73
copyright protection16PENANAaPnojFAxr820Please respect copyright.PENANARYM35lPReQ

She took a tiny pinch of the brown sugar that was in the ceramic container and put one in each of the ciders. Then she opened a glass jar and put a cinnamon stick in both mugs and gave them a small stir. She handed him the mug and smiled her infectious smile at him. He had no choice but to return the grin. It was too wonderful of a smile to not return. copyright protection16PENANARaLqPx8ifX20Please respect copyright.PENANAbsNrMDKFHD

20Please respect copyright.PENANA1oYBkCsBzz
copyright protection16PENANAGphtK0GbaN20Please respect copyright.PENANAFqxsuDOjv2

The mug was brown with a tan stripe at the top and the bottom. “I… I have this exact same cup,” he told her with a smile. It was another sign that they were meant to be together. copyright protection16PENANApkDMJWsjuT20Please respect copyright.PENANAaHvX8hBSXi

20Please respect copyright.PENANAvYHuz161DG
copyright protection16PENANArl4dLTKTb020Please respect copyright.PENANABj69MANAUj

“Are you a Bed, Bath & Beyonder as well?” she asked in a playful voice. copyright protection16PENANARSp9ma92lk20Please respect copyright.PENANAD40818qC1n

20Please respect copyright.PENANAVxmD1WE8Yi
copyright protection16PENANAQLFtyoq0HU20Please respect copyright.PENANAOzCVJowxZq

He nodded and took a drink of his hot cider. It was as delicious as he imagined it would be. “This is wonderful,” he said. “Thank you so much for it.”copyright protection16PENANAU9fYm1R7V320Please respect copyright.PENANAQCuQLwZc91

20Please respect copyright.PENANAA5zWIBSnKQ
copyright protection16PENANA8NWxWiI6l420Please respect copyright.PENANAGyqiuaG0IF

“No,” she replied, “thank you for being kind enough to help a girl out. Not many people would go out of their way to come into a stranger ’s home just to help them pull down a box that was too heavy for them.”copyright protection16PENANAqbP6Fou5oc20Please respect copyright.PENANAryiWp3tpgC

20Please respect copyright.PENANAqQI0MrBFPl
copyright protection16PENANA0jmghIi9Qe20Please respect copyright.PENANAwvUXNo7upQ

“We have to do what we can,” he said. As the warmth of the cider spread through his body he was becoming more relaxed around her. He wasn't even afraid to speak to her that time.copyright protection16PENANAcY19wXre4M20Please respect copyright.PENANAaQotMOxfdN

20Please respect copyright.PENANASEDBEq2f5R
copyright protection16PENANAivX8BDw5IV20Please respect copyright.PENANAABnuybTGFi

That was a huge step for him. Since he was a small child he hadn't been able to speak to girls without fumbling for words. It was embarrassing and it was a big part of why he had been alone for so long. But she was perfect and maybe some of her perfection was spreading onto him. That would be miraculous and wonderful.copyright protection16PENANAhJeEZvnhFd20Please respect copyright.PENANAwQ9VjWKQcY

20Please respect copyright.PENANAD4ChGhHIwM
copyright protection16PENANAvScx1JusXz20Please respect copyright.PENANAA7oXCX8wEO

After taking another sip of his cider, he noticed that the mug he was holding had a small chip at the bottom just like the one he had at home. He has set it down on his counter too hard and it had chipped a small speck off of it. It must be a flaw in the design he thought to himself. This was yet another sign that the universe was throwing at them telling them that it was their fate to be together.copyright protection16PENANAeg4coFPVLy20Please respect copyright.PENANAPbFY7YURP7

20Please respect copyright.PENANAPtcsKSJrBg
copyright protection16PENANAQ2h4Hhz4yf20Please respect copyright.PENANAebnC80zhwe

“The mug I have has a small chip in it just like this one,” he said as he pointed it out to her. copyright protection16PENANAh47uB8d6Ab20Please respect copyright.PENANA6lpLjwKenz

20Please respect copyright.PENANAmd3yFNqpf1
copyright protection16PENANAGOrK1QpQLa20Please respect copyright.PENANAFtd26m3FDz

“Well isn't that something,” she said in return. “Maybe it's a sign that we were meant to have this cup of cider together,” she said with a wink. “Come sit and finish the drink.”copyright protection16PENANAoBdGFUXfYw20Please respect copyright.PENANATJUjvePftd

20Please respect copyright.PENANAPQqSo6GPvV
copyright protection16PENANAugBBKdJYjk20Please respect copyright.PENANARap4dvqga4

She led him out to the living room that he had peeped into so many times. She sat on the love seat and gave it a pat, indicating that she wanted him to sit beside her. With a blush he did. copyright protection16PENANA909AKara1c20Please respect copyright.PENANAQ4NLoj0dyt

20Please respect copyright.PENANArnjSgIYWxu
copyright protection16PENANAlpNz6tu3Jt20Please respect copyright.PENANASpEhtSMU9X

“You look so familiar,” she said. “Do you live around here?”copyright protection16PENANAAeJbPuozsI20Please respect copyright.PENANAYZ2MKq5KEE

20Please respect copyright.PENANAe51yXigWeO
copyright protection16PENANAUCI3dtdEDe20Please respect copyright.PENANAq6e5nIYaC7

He nodded and said, “I guess I just have one of those faces that makes people think they have seen me.”copyright protection16PENANAQZEEyL82OS20Please respect copyright.PENANA7B69nRAtBe

20Please respect copyright.PENANA7Qk9ohrFeF
copyright protection16PENANAvp6fAWJYvc20Please respect copyright.PENANAuEMIKaqIl3

“No,” she replied. “I've definitely seen you before. Are you much of a reader?” she asked. copyright protection16PENANAHpOpt1THGw20Please respect copyright.PENANAQsEWC2Odvq

20Please respect copyright.PENANArDgMMF3eki
copyright protection16PENANAVxwAc4ll7a20Please respect copyright.PENANAUPXHyHRYqc

He nodded. “Yes I am,” he said. “I go to the bookstore once a week and pick up something new to read.”copyright protection16PENANAdCzjRafB9L20Please respect copyright.PENANA2gFGdiJ1vf

20Please respect copyright.PENANArXSHJFnNUH
copyright protection16PENANAOQbCgEE9ll20Please respect copyright.PENANA5Ox2v5Kn4a

She snapped her fingers and pointed at him. “I knew it!” she exclaimed. “I've seen you where I work. You go to Barnes & Nobles, right?”copyright protection16PENANAGhScS4heqo20Please respect copyright.PENANAA6rgNEyxG3

20Please respect copyright.PENANAM71FPKlcxf
copyright protection16PENANAoD1YWT8cuh20Please respect copyright.PENANAUD4rFAxqXB

A grin like he hadn't had since he was a child spread across his face. She remembered him. She remembered him! No girl had ever given him so much as a second glance. This one remembered that he had bought books for her. It was meant to be. “Yes,” he replied. “Yes I do. You have a very good memory for faces.”copyright protection16PENANAXi88VoNAy920Please respect copyright.PENANAByI2OwHm3o

20Please respect copyright.PENANAqPwrulbQyJ
copyright protection16PENANAVeqOrjTIxj20Please respect copyright.PENANA5tmaV2KstI

“I do,” she said. “It's one of my gifts.”copyright protection16PENANA7WW8UT135w20Please respect copyright.PENANA44gM74iPrl

20Please respect copyright.PENANAdRbJiG5uwE
copyright protection16PENANAk3PtbLRZmp20Please respect copyright.PENANAeC7BM3Exw7

“It's a wonderful gift to have,” he replied. copyright protection16PENANA8iEz65T0Oq20Please respect copyright.PENANAfAcwnjBG92

20Please respect copyright.PENANA2mUe6dUbHr
copyright protection16PENANAjWng4h96lf20Please respect copyright.PENANAQW3YxQ1box

“Indeed it is.”copyright protection16PENANACGis9ud0tA20Please respect copyright.PENANAjE8vawPLcY

20Please respect copyright.PENANAOflItrVoDD
copyright protection16PENANAqCS4bYa5YZ20Please respect copyright.PENANAPtASs7Jtj7

They drank a few more drinks of their cider and he was feeling great. Better than he ever had. He felt relaxed and giddy. He hated for the moment to end. And end it would soon. As soon as he got to the bottom of his cider that was in the mug that matched his exactly. copyright protection16PENANAviVSy0aI6v20Please respect copyright.PENANA1CL98WFXIS

20Please respect copyright.PENANAVw7heBJaZn
copyright protection16PENANAXJbfclJqld20Please respect copyright.PENANAOORoHjwrMP

Looking at a cabinet that was out of the visual range of the window he normally peeked in he said, “I have that same figurine, too.” He pointed to a small clown figure that sat on the other side of it’s  glass door. copyright protection16PENANA0MPSR1R26Q20Please respect copyright.PENANAzNskXAgCxZ

20Please respect copyright.PENANAvtvDKKetVe
copyright protection16PENANA1C9XvIXGq420Please respect copyright.PENANAQJ3I8L1EcN

“No kidding?” she asked. copyright protection16PENANAboOnE0Ior420Please respect copyright.PENANAuLBW6ywna4

20Please respect copyright.PENANAmGyRjiCyMx
copyright protection16PENANABrRrkItbKA20Please respect copyright.PENANAMDhQlpBm3O

“No kidding,” he replied. “My grandmother got it for me right before she died.”copyright protection16PENANA2McbJITHok20Please respect copyright.PENANAaxALuGj14u

20Please respect copyright.PENANA6qaEiuXV2J
copyright protection16PENANALzJAXnBGL220Please respect copyright.PENANAsPnKFJ9h6d

“What a coincidence,” she said. After a pause she said, “It's been wonderful getting to talk to you finally.”copyright protection16PENANALnuCPOki0520Please respect copyright.PENANA6gLG2fnmhr

20Please respect copyright.PENANAQnS11avY5x
copyright protection16PENANAS2R4eAN8hb20Please respect copyright.PENANAIyn6i3PslW

He cocked his head to the side. Finally? What had she meant by that? Normally he would let it go, but he was feeling so relaxed that he felt it he had to follow up on it. copyright protection16PENANAt3LcEIzfpl20Please respect copyright.PENANAFrdq8fGvBX

20Please respect copyright.PENANAXskPtmZZk5
copyright protection16PENANAhaJLNyA7RA20Please respect copyright.PENANAx3EU9WYZoj

“Finally?” he asked. “What do you mean by that? We've just met.”copyright protection16PENANAcJD3OSEB1W20Please respect copyright.PENANAV4K8uSobo0

20Please respect copyright.PENANA8lttaXPaW9
copyright protection16PENANAMuZxGDggTF20Please respect copyright.PENANAftcUomRmlg

With a wink she said, “Oh come now. This isn't the first time we've met. You've been watching me for the last few months. Since I ran into you at Starbucks.”copyright protection16PENANACbQmWDUxKL20Please respect copyright.PENANAFgkqpPiO0G

20Please respect copyright.PENANAP82iCcfrmc
copyright protection16PENANA7XvL1jDFUE20Please respect copyright.PENANABCGOw4anrv

Sheer panic shot through his entire system. How did she know he had been watching her? He decided it was time for him to make his exit. He stood up and all at once his head started to spin. His body felt numb and out of his control. He slowly fell to his knees.copyright protection16PENANABH9BeQfv7820Please respect copyright.PENANAD7MXxcNQ0N

20Please respect copyright.PENANAxQWz8yLoZ7
copyright protection16PENANAaJj05gD0No20Please respect copyright.PENANAABKgpglzEM

At the bottom of his cup of cider he noticed some white powder. copyright protection16PENANAMVlhGnAk3v20Please respect copyright.PENANA5iTRfr43h5

20Please respect copyright.PENANAQOVMn3l9rl
copyright protection16PENANAZEd9gsZvX620Please respect copyright.PENANAh2W1jliEVW

“What… what is happening?” he mumbled. copyright protection16PENANAE8QY8WeMW220Please respect copyright.PENANAr0elSuMWx3

20Please respect copyright.PENANA1oSWbg0wps
copyright protection16PENANAaJXw0ETBZX20Please respect copyright.PENANARGvNHO90t4

She got down on her knees and took the mug from him and sat it on her coffee table. “I've drugged you, dear,” she said through that perfect smile. copyright protection16PENANA7ZBk8SN7oK20Please respect copyright.PENANAXU4bfXG2Te

20Please respect copyright.PENANA6VCYSNeTkE
copyright protection16PENANAe2S4010fNX20Please respect copyright.PENANAmckRZ2F828

He tried to rise to his feet,  but his legs wouldn't cooperate with him. He fell backwards until his back rested on the love seat. “Oh don't bother yourself with trying to get away,” she said as she sat her cider down on the table. “Your body won't be working correctly for four to six hours.”copyright protection16PENANAhXGfuGUoiT20Please respect copyright.PENANAd03hbjeSl8

20Please respect copyright.PENANA6r4JqXxFQR
copyright protection16PENANAlpSXK1Qx8e20Please respect copyright.PENANAjc3E43GJcJ

He stared up at the ceiling in disbelief. Before he knew what was happening she put her arms around him and hoisted him back up onto the love seat. Oh how he wished he could feel any of his limbs, because her body was crushed right up against his. It was what he had been dreaming about for so long.copyright protection16PENANAinharibsxZ20Please respect copyright.PENANASpJVHVeWNA

20Please respect copyright.PENANA5U19Ds7b7Y
copyright protection16PENANApPX65rMZQ520Please respect copyright.PENANA2qb64faLZm

“You don't remember me, do you?” she asked.copyright protection16PENANATcvM9fNZNW20Please respect copyright.PENANAuSLeNsa2oX

20Please respect copyright.PENANACtSEDw6KHd
copyright protection16PENANAe5jvgLNsdk20Please respect copyright.PENANAJKEUQI90t8

He couldn't do anything to indicate that he didn't. In fact he couldn't move at all. copyright protection16PENANArDaoJfQwfG20Please respect copyright.PENANAnY09dOCnR0

20Please respect copyright.PENANAkuud98JgTq
copyright protection16PENANAB8S6U2mI2a20Please respect copyright.PENANAtCa8w1QG2k

“Well I remember you,” she said. “Before I worked at the bookstore I was a nurse. At Meyersworth. The institute where you took your ’vacation’ at a few years ago. I was one of your nurses.”copyright protection16PENANAFgfYLwKyYX20Please respect copyright.PENANAPpjQywFaTw

20Please respect copyright.PENANAbe1GraPbqJ
copyright protection16PENANATpB4OkjEQz20Please respect copyright.PENANABUlM2SOTzQ

She took another drink of her cider as she crossed her legs and leaned back on the love seat that he had watched her on so many times. Her perfect smile never left her face all the while. copyright protection16PENANAksHdyCfVli20Please respect copyright.PENANAeogxfP3U0W

20Please respect copyright.PENANAqcbsTCCIN3
copyright protection16PENANA50ylYjRJSQ20Please respect copyright.PENANAspYOb0G0Ug

“I don't reckon you would remember me though,” she said. “You were so drugged up all the time. And I looked a bit different then. While you were in there I read your files. You had stalked twelve different women. Starting when you were a teen. All of the women had brown hair. That's why I dyed mine. It used to be red, but I knew you wouldn't follow me if I had red hair. So brown it became. And, just for the record, reading those files is what got me fired. Well not just your files. I kept up on all the stalkers there.”copyright protection16PENANAGMghQ4CaIs20Please respect copyright.PENANAQ8F7FUWJOW

20Please respect copyright.PENANAGf9RH2tkLh
copyright protection16PENANAJ3Urgt4wpp20Please respect copyright.PENANAndHl1TmITg

“It was quite easy, really, to get you to follow me,” she continued. “All I had to do was show some manners and make eye contact. And just like that you were my own personal stalker. I made sure to wait and give you enough time to follow me. I had to make sure you took to me this time. I had tried three times before to get you to follow me, but it didn't work out. You were too busy or distracted or involved with your phone.”copyright protection16PENANAOupnQoHI7A20Please respect copyright.PENANAYJpDQ5xNOl

20Please respect copyright.PENANAKuATliVPCG
copyright protection16PENANAyOmO6dSInB20Please respect copyright.PENANA7ZTOlVHHDA

Suddenly he remembered seeing her twice before. Once on a park bench she had asked him if he was having a nice day. He was following a potential lady friend and she had began jogging again, so he had to go without answering her. copyright protection16PENANAb7E5zVzDsY20Please respect copyright.PENANAXBknebsMZg

20Please respect copyright.PENANA8JLJC71yWD
copyright protection16PENANA2htrEjQl2X20Please respect copyright.PENANAf4D8TY4AFH

The other time they were in Mucho Gusto and she had sat by him at bar. She had asked him to pass the salt. That time he was following a young lady who had made eye contact with him, but the girl he was following’s boyfriend came to meet her and he was really, really big. He didn't feel like competing with a body builder, so he moved on.copyright protection16PENANAVAMipSviAT20Please respect copyright.PENANAbDiw0xHskG

20Please respect copyright.PENANAJsqub2CdAz
copyright protection16PENANAUL1zRAuqdX20Please respect copyright.PENANARPDuYws378

“I can see by the look on your face that you do remember me now,” she said. “They all remember me before the end.”copyright protection16PENANApfeSHScxee20Please respect copyright.PENANAKjL3PMBxfV

20Please respect copyright.PENANAeZoEuAH6Ni
copyright protection16PENANAvaPhsf9YxK20Please respect copyright.PENANAFE8i86PB9W

Panic oozed from every ounce of his being. He had to get out of there, but he had no way of doing so.copyright protection16PENANARrwS0otvPG20Please respect copyright.PENANAJUfvX5iyCx

20Please respect copyright.PENANAuQwSv0sc7g
copyright protection16PENANAseWH6DAjbO20Please respect copyright.PENANAuMUC53JUFT

“Relax, sweetheart,” she whispered. “Don’t panic until I take you into the basement.” copyright protection16PENANAxGYmYrB8p920Please respect copyright.PENANARoN7ULcckP

20Please respect copyright.PENANAKOGgGbh9no
copyright protection16PENANASgBp9CND8D20Please respect copyright.PENANApSbkugoea3

He tried to move again, but got nothing. He merely slumped over on the love seat. It was soft and it smelled good. copyright protection16PENANAjARgiYUSh520Please respect copyright.PENANA71sV9nGlz0

20Please respect copyright.PENANAbjPRAv2SFq
copyright protection16PENANAGPMFcL6NTv20Please respect copyright.PENANAh5isqNIO2T

“That coffee mug,” she said, “is yours. I took it from your apartment last month. And that figurine? It's yours, too. I took that last week. I'm surprised you didn't notice. I have lots of your stuff, actually. I've been into your apartment quite a few times. I like to take little prizes from my followers.” copyright protection16PENANAXLMybWbZzj20Please respect copyright.PENANAS9Vl54IMqh

20Please respect copyright.PENANANBBCsc8v4N
copyright protection16PENANACTUuact44L20Please respect copyright.PENANAVmTePj2y84

She grabbed the nurse’s bag that was part of her Halloween costume and unzipped it. He was able to turn his eyes to see what was inside of the bag. There were clamps, handcuffs, what looked like a hand cranked drill, some needles and a very sharp looking scalpel. copyright protection16PENANAaLAXqMIwAB20Please respect copyright.PENANAr0enljs36S

20Please respect copyright.PENANAlTuXvX9Dse
copyright protection16PENANA2xnO6zLhyl20Please respect copyright.PENANAroBkDqEFYM

When she pulled the scalpel out of the bag it shined in the light. A single tear rolled down his cheek. She leaned over to him with the razor sharp scalpel and cut off a chunk of his hair. She then stuffed it into a small, plastic baggies and sealed it. copyright protection16PENANABbevFoI8tM20Please respect copyright.PENANAKqNYN9igdo

20Please respect copyright.PENANA9zhDwNBFr3
copyright protection16PENANAUDxuBYhjuR20Please respect copyright.PENANAUSsvd5VRLU

“Your hair will go right next to Stalker Steve,” she said. “Do you remember Stalker Steve? You two talked several times at Meyersworth.”copyright protection16PENANAVxpimvR7Nq20Please respect copyright.PENANAEvksu8BMoP

20Please respect copyright.PENANAbxotaUgMAH
copyright protection16PENANAsoBHUg6Cpz20Please respect copyright.PENANAQuAiZNoVF9

He did remember Steve. They would have lunch together at the hospital. A few times they swapped stories of following the potential loves of their lives. Steve got out before he did and he didn't know what has become of him. Until now. copyright protection16PENANApjdWOOV58q20Please respect copyright.PENANAPkF9M9hnVG

20Please respect copyright.PENANAc7dBAovRa5
copyright protection16PENANAX3XmmjSeqF20Please respect copyright.PENANAy0A9iAWHvC

“Steve liked to follow young girls,” she said. “I practically had to throw myself at him to get him to start following me. Had to flash my panties at him. You are much more of a gentleman than he was. And more of a gentleman than Larry, Sid, Murray and Emilio were. I'll remember that in the end. You won't suffer nearly as much as they did.”copyright protection16PENANAET4fAZwGBV20Please respect copyright.PENANARkWwuIFM6B

20Please respect copyright.PENANAsjIFUj4qae
copyright protection16PENANAg0ftX3iS9r20Please respect copyright.PENANAwJe6SxGPeb

Another tear rolled down his face. “Oh come now,” she said. “Be a man about it. This is what you wanted wasn't it?” she asked. “To spend some quality time with me? The most perfect girl in the world?”copyright protection16PENANAj6ugsRzl5020Please respect copyright.PENANAr6woC17iOe

20Please respect copyright.PENANATgxCWsV1S5
copyright protection16PENANA0JU5Yu4ubG20Please respect copyright.PENANAfpOuvH1bwg

And spend time with her she did. Over the course of that Halloween night he spent some very painful, very horrible time with her. copyright protection16PENANAqrGGVEKdxT20Please respect copyright.PENANAnYmUmZWthK

20Please respect copyright.PENANAHb1fNYIJZB
copyright protection16PENANAFQ096t1GO620Please respect copyright.PENANAPe0EIvlKHR

He had often thought to himself that she was the kind of girl he could see himself growing old and dying with. copyright protection16PENANAHPPBUO6Zjh20Please respect copyright.PENANA15Po0cnWGE

20Please respect copyright.PENANAHoQJDDHmnG
copyright protection16PENANAFJImqD0aRy20Please respect copyright.PENANAXcVXQEtcpb

He got half of it right. copyright protection16PENANA4wo4GvyHcm20Please respect copyright.PENANA4qhUPh6ceN

20Please respect copyright.PENANARVbHEPlmbI
copyright protection16PENANAOTbDv6rB5K20Please respect copyright.PENANA39VY6LDAY3

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