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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Firebug: Grand Plans
Oct 3, 2017
5 Mins Read
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Smitty looked at his watch. 12:01. It was officially Halloween. He clapped his hands together and smiled. It was his most favorite day of the year. The one day he didn't have to hold back. The one day to let his real self show. The one day he got to light whatever he wanted on fire. copyright protection27PENANAuTRzMSqUXb31Please respect copyright.PENANAxkSJsG3QhR

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copyright protection27PENANADHRubTpeS831Please respect copyright.PENANABYluJByeHh

Every other day of the year he had to restrain himself from lighting things on fire, but not on Halloween. Halloween was the one time a year that he allowed his obsession to shine through. He had been doing it for fifty three years.copyright protection27PENANARGU2gy7hG931Please respect copyright.PENANAJfBCZ4i3Uz

31Please respect copyright.PENANAUFnhI0WdQH
copyright protection27PENANAxa2pJOhaJf31Please respect copyright.PENANAxrFSWptvDb

It started when he was eight. He was playing with a lantern in the old Donovan barn. He dropped the lantern and the whole place went up in flames. Tears had streamed down his cheeks. Not tears of sadness or regret. Tears of awe. Tears because he had never seen anything so powerful or so beautiful.copyright protection27PENANAlnWcR86hnY31Please respect copyright.PENANAMnroZqtiuo

31Please respect copyright.PENANASp4fGMgDZ6
copyright protection27PENANApeFjgWSoey31Please respect copyright.PENANAkwy0pvpS12

Smitty knew, right at that moment, that was what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to sit back and watch things burn. And burn they had. Up until he was in his mid teens he set fires regularly. Houses, stores, dumpsters, animal shelters. If it could could start aflame Smitty had lit it. copyright protection27PENANAxLIAbsotC831Please respect copyright.PENANA4NqvcpWFHr

31Please respect copyright.PENANA4zQ8PxV6aU
copyright protection27PENANAIXvFanNgEa31Please respect copyright.PENANAdvrMvQhVJi

But before long the authorities started catching onto the fact that they had a firebug in their community. They started neighborhood watches to try and catch whoever the pyromaniac was, so Smitty had to step things back. It was then that he decided in order not to be caught he had to censor himself. He had to make sure that he wasn't out of control. copyright protection27PENANAf3pUnFRf3531Please respect copyright.PENANAYO6okiOhYw

31Please respect copyright.PENANAI26ybW662g
copyright protection27PENANANBRwb2ZAvB31Please respect copyright.PENANA1gMs2hjkd3

Halloween was a night of mischief and fun for children of all ages. Pranksters were always causing a ruckus and sitting things on fire on Halloween night. That would be the perfect time for him to continue his life’s work and not be suspected for it.copyright protection27PENANAIezeTKBH1f31Please respect copyright.PENANACbSJAc2ou0

31Please respect copyright.PENANAUd31MeXSl0
copyright protection27PENANARgjgbHW2W031Please respect copyright.PENANA8mgUPic9Cp

So every Halloween he would light a fire somewhere in town. He remembered each and every fire with vivid detail. Starting those beautiful fires was the only thing that made him feel alive. It made him feel powerful. More than human. Godlike. copyright protection27PENANA8KCZhN2gox31Please respect copyright.PENANAdfB5Ybi0zM

31Please respect copyright.PENANA1u05vMksEF
copyright protection27PENANAS7MrlGcWnd31Please respect copyright.PENANAsN1IHR1U0E

With a strange grin on his face he thought back to the Halloween of 1972. He had lit the whole cemetery on fire. He watched through binoculars from the woods as the fire crew tried to contain the fire that quickly spread through the grasses bushes. It took them an hour and a half to put it  out. copyright protection27PENANAcfuwwFdsIa31Please respect copyright.PENANAkdUViS6BTF

31Please respect copyright.PENANAoV9o0Fal7O
copyright protection27PENANAtRV5QcTSsi31Please respect copyright.PENANA0AB2jjTleT

The year after that he set the pharmacy on fire. He almost got caught for that one. He remembered the rush of running from the two old, fat policemen who were chasing him. He lost them in the woods and he laughed to himself all the way home.copyright protection27PENANAqkpcMLSYIg31Please respect copyright.PENANA0y7UtqNz1H

31Please respect copyright.PENANAeqCoOD4ZYc
copyright protection27PENANAbVvFr1lFu431Please respect copyright.PENANAOYMp16JUrX

Two years after that he burned the orphanage down. The children had to sleep in the gymnasium of the local middle school for six months. Smitty was the custodian at that particular middle school and every time he saw the kids bed down on the hard wood floor he would chuckle to himself. copyright protection27PENANAPXVK3MXWEp31Please respect copyright.PENANAOrvVlYm9yn

31Please respect copyright.PENANAQNNscC6gB4
copyright protection27PENANAe5KEixpav731Please respect copyright.PENANAsp3fP4lyZM

That fire had gotten out of hand. A little girl had died in it. That wasn't his intent, but it was a small price to pay for such a beautiful sight. Sacrifices had to be made from time-to-time in the name of his art.copyright protection27PENANArH2WnuYI9s31Please respect copyright.PENANAwNe2JA15Jz

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copyright protection27PENANANZqJKtvHq931Please respect copyright.PENANAchVgwKkRjk

There were other times that people had lost their lives due to his hobby throughout the years,  but what joy his little fires had brought him heavily outweighed any wee bits of guilt that may have tugged at his heart. For a fifty three year career not too many lives were taken. Only eight. Two women, three men and five children (counting the one from the orphanage). Smitty felt that was a fair trade. copyright protection27PENANA7EfRjxoJIU31Please respect copyright.PENANAEQ7SSRsTXc

31Please respect copyright.PENANAsqLOIOnCWc
copyright protection27PENANAQ9BT6Yo4Hy31Please respect copyright.PENANA79t2pZNKQ6

After he checked his gear one last time he settled down to get some rest. Two cans of gasoline, two lighters and eight U-lock bicycle locks. Those U-locks would come in handy later as Smitty performed his masterpiece. The coup de gras of his entire career of arson. copyright protection27PENANAxuxXdiqJZQ31Please respect copyright.PENANA4uWcnO4PI1

31Please respect copyright.PENANA1asNZaCmMy
copyright protection27PENANAT6v8YPFnyn31Please respect copyright.PENANAyUI2W81JSR

When the middle school that he had worked at for so many years was having its “harvest party” in the gymnasium he would use the U-locks to seal all the doors shut. He would then douse the whole thing with gasoline and light it up. copyright protection27PENANAhpwTiCRHHz31Please respect copyright.PENANAQXmN9JCdzk

31Please respect copyright.PENANAfBuHpuS1RE
copyright protection27PENANAfe4Mbi5C1431Please respect copyright.PENANAAqyisvqtej

The children inside and their parents would make a glorious noise when they saw that the gym was ablaze. How they would shriek and wail. It would attract everyone in the town. They would all see his handy work first hand. Did he like some of the kids? Yes, but this fire would be the granddaddy of all fires. It would be remembered as the grandest fire that was ever set. The most glorious blaze to ever encompass their town. copyright protection27PENANAtUbY29NHxm31Please respect copyright.PENANAl5gISqsuE1

31Please respect copyright.PENANAOTDjA2Os4F
copyright protection27PENANA5OLBH4ezLW31Please respect copyright.PENANA7E5GXxbo1q

His other fires would make the local newspapers and sometimes the local news, but this one… oh how this one would make national news. Possibly world news. Smitty was excited. Smitty was ready. What was he ready for? The grandest part of it. Not the fire itself. The fire would be heavenly and terrifying,  but the most outstanding part of the whole thing would be that Smitty would finally be recognized for his life’s work. copyright protection27PENANA80acNmuSYv31Please respect copyright.PENANAHmvY5ooxS3

31Please respect copyright.PENANAyHWc1xfP0j
copyright protection27PENANAXrp8qsieaP31Please respect copyright.PENANAu8YAOV8Zj9

After this fire that would cost dozens their lives he would turn himself into the police. He would be famous. His face would be everywhere. An instant celebrity. He would be on every news station and tabloid tv show in the country. Maybe the world. He would be a god amongst arsonists. Their king.copyright protection27PENANAAfElRmq5Vb31Please respect copyright.PENANAq1wVZBjo8c

31Please respect copyright.PENANArHToTUW9KW
copyright protection27PENANA23ccgZyKSx31Please respect copyright.PENANAse5rPTmXTG

“Settle down. Settle down, Smitty, old boy,” he said to himself as he walked towards his bedroom. “First you have to get some rest before your grand finale.”copyright protection27PENANAgPYGYo8hCi31Please respect copyright.PENANA7jHEeGgy5o

31Please respect copyright.PENANAKw6EV0zR9j
copyright protection27PENANA6dyLzp7Zv231Please respect copyright.PENANAOCyT3nMplG

He walked into his room and sat on his bed. He had to get some sleep if he was going to perform his swan song later that night. He was giddy with excitement, but without his proper rest he could muddle things up. Knowing that he might not get another chance like this again, he took his pills off then nightstand and popped them into his mouth, washed them down with the glass of water he had brought in with him, turned off his light and settled down on his bed. copyright protection27PENANAax6mJmmi7e31Please respect copyright.PENANA6tZN7eunNz

31Please respect copyright.PENANAMx6Tc1TLS3
copyright protection27PENANAPn3N42cdjP31Please respect copyright.PENANA4HFCAJ0n9l

Just as he closed his eyes he was awakened by a noise. Someone was knocking on his door. copyright protection27PENANAwq24bBtiAY31Please respect copyright.PENANA4fO32Wiwk5

31Please respect copyright.PENANA56DcZPdTB6
copyright protection27PENANAkLvr7fNtxU31Please respect copyright.PENANAXFNCiomjMv

31Please respect copyright.PENANAEQKtUMqcjK
copyright protection27PENANAImiManOmA731Please respect copyright.PENANAhpQVBQKPKl

31Please respect copyright.PENANAVH1Jkk8GDU
copyright protection27PENANAc6xeaJQE1r31Please respect copyright.PENANAbiLWMFJcS2

31Please respect copyright.PENANAW9sN43EPSp
copyright protection27PENANACmc8NjnBNU31Please respect copyright.PENANAbO7dxrxG8a

31Please respect copyright.PENANAAktmgf1ZrU
copyright protection27PENANAwvhPhsc5PM31Please respect copyright.PENANA2o4ub9xQYq

 copyright protection27PENANAd1TLg3u6Iv

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