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Stories of Halloween
Writer TylerDoak
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Stories of Halloween
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The Firebug: Who's a' Knockin'
Oct 3, 2017
5 Mins Read
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The old man grumbled to himself as he crawled out of bed and headed towards the door. What kind of person would be knocking on his door at this time of night? copyright protection10PENANAzSWV3A1bkz14Please respect copyright.PENANAwjLONlUGZ6

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copyright protection10PENANAAQpv14zzZ214Please respect copyright.PENANA1C14u0JO7k

When Smitty got to the door he opened it swiftly to express his anger. “Who the hell is…” his voice trailed off when he saw the three children standing on his porch. They were dressed in full costume for trick-or-treating.copyright protection10PENANA4Tmlx9Iwnd14Please respect copyright.PENANASDDDsrZm7Z

14Please respect copyright.PENANAtkKnrW1uIC
copyright protection10PENANAxX6tSa3Uln14Please respect copyright.PENANAHJeINJJxxQ

All of their faces were covered. The tallest one, who stood in the middle, was dressed as a witch with a tall, pointy hat. She wore a pink dress with black trim on it. Her green witch mask, was simple, yet eerie. The black eyes and long nose made Smitty feel uncomfortable. Like there was something even more horrible hiding beneath that mask. copyright protection10PENANAtVdTrfX0PX14Please respect copyright.PENANARquu4WV4j3

14Please respect copyright.PENANA3MoOaPKbjs
copyright protection10PENANA2URpfoyXUW14Please respect copyright.PENANAN0b2JZMtwk

The shortest boy was dressed in a skeleton costume. The white Bones stood out on the black body suit he wore and his round skeleton mask covered his entire head. There was no seeing inside the eyeholes, as a black mesh covered them completely. copyright protection10PENANAbsThVMrZGM14Please respect copyright.PENANAknLOSPLOU5

14Please respect copyright.PENANARYRfN25xdp
copyright protection10PENANAnaIB4aQ1bG14Please respect copyright.PENANA01pc49bRCI

The last trick-or-treater was dressed in red. He was wearing a tall devil mask with cartoonish features. The eyes on his mask were yellow and horrible, and they never left Smitty’s own gaze. copyright protection10PENANAZeBRDQfcOa14Please respect copyright.PENANAbW5WLYMxMH

14Please respect copyright.PENANACDFuTswZ0K
copyright protection10PENANA8ZC2hyOIxv14Please respect copyright.PENANAo1MOeRXqIA

“It's a little early for trick-or-treating, isn't it?” he asked the silent trio who stood on his porch. None of the children said a word. They sat in eerie silence as they held their burlap sacks out, indicating that they wanted him to put candy in them. copyright protection10PENANAvUFevJomLz14Please respect copyright.PENANA8UxeQjcDRY

14Please respect copyright.PENANAktC0Xwtuvu
copyright protection10PENANA3LNECrvSDk14Please respect copyright.PENANAfUw2IKTGbB

Smitty and the children sat gazing at each other for thirty seconds or more,  but to the old man it seemed like an eternity. Finally, Smitty worked up the courage to speak. “You kids need to get outta here,” he said. “It isn't time for candy gathering yet. Come see me at the Harvest Party tonight and I'll give you something special.”copyright protection10PENANA3MkGPBfEjM14Please respect copyright.PENANAhjvPym8K0Z

14Please respect copyright.PENANAJltlmrSPVo
copyright protection10PENANA9PHP3dzrAl14Please respect copyright.PENANAkbiQd1B6HM

None of the children moved. None of them said a word. They just stood there watching and waiting for their candy. copyright protection10PENANA0E7OiKfOCT14Please respect copyright.PENANAIY6eNEBWpB

14Please respect copyright.PENANAW8WpuiQm8M
copyright protection10PENANA8GGsnv3C9n14Please respect copyright.PENANAKsY3jb4UiM

“I mean it,” Smitty barked, “Get now! Your parents will be worried sick about you!”copyright protection10PENANApjc68fkIHV14Please respect copyright.PENANAG1KNfyrQvQ

14Please respect copyright.PENANAsrYoRtHIPQ
copyright protection10PENANA3IzawSUMGx14Please respect copyright.PENANAvAjtDCEIxX

The trio still stood there silently. Smitty stepped back in his house and closed the door. Immediately there was another knock. “Go away!” he cried out. “It’s late and you got school tomorrow!”copyright protection10PENANAFOelgBRkd014Please respect copyright.PENANAueYf1dOs4j

14Please respect copyright.PENANAjwLiVDLDlB
copyright protection10PENANAICjUJsa4aS14Please respect copyright.PENANAtQbNkPqYyX

There was another, more forceful knock and this time it didn't stop. The noise from the knocking seemed to get louder and louder. It amplified with each blow to the door. Smitty steeled himself once more and flung the door open.copyright protection10PENANAZdAyo7rjT714Please respect copyright.PENANAW2bUhd86Fc

14Please respect copyright.PENANAqZJbhEP2ia
copyright protection10PENANARzV5VcHMxV14Please respect copyright.PENANADM1PzlFZkd

There sat the silent three in the same position as when the old man has shut the door the first time. They had their bags out and were staring at him with their eerie gazes.copyright protection10PENANAMfx6ahykmI14Please respect copyright.PENANAWgg8bxljE1

14Please respect copyright.PENANAv40fghT5kb
copyright protection10PENANAclWNUlUlEN14Please respect copyright.PENANAgYXiNxDtwY

“You aren't getting any candy!” he yelled at them. “Now get home before I tan your hides!”copyright protection10PENANAswnoCiBj4814Please respect copyright.PENANAGtfWBquXJ8

14Please respect copyright.PENANAYfdZutgozB
copyright protection10PENANAeRnMYx4xSq14Please respect copyright.PENANAAPzy7m5LPC

The children made no effort to move. The three trick-or-treaters and Smitty sat watching each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then, in unison, all three of them lowered their burlap sacks and let them hang by their legs. Smitty thought that they had finally accepted that they weren't getting any candy. copyright protection10PENANAg5McSGyM2d14Please respect copyright.PENANAKw5ZsHqXE9

14Please respect copyright.PENANA6CpjBTNSim
copyright protection10PENANAAvJXTlfvFk14Please respect copyright.PENANAtSb2qjpw5f

From beneath the mask of the witch in the middle, Smitty heard her say one word. “Firebug,” she said. Then she repeated it again and again and again. The devil and the skeleton joined in with her chant. “Firebug! Firebug! Firebug! Firebug!” they repeated over and over. copyright protection10PENANADUc1HazLIr14Please respect copyright.PENANA8PLePeVfbz

14Please respect copyright.PENANApicPBOJoG1
copyright protection10PENANAbYxXapEIcG14Please respect copyright.PENANAKaUWdlgCRl

Smitty’s eyes widened. Firebug? What did they know? Had they seen him light a fire? He had been so careful. The chant continued and Smitty slammed the door shut and bolted it.copyright protection10PENANAVMbFJ51ZAG14Please respect copyright.PENANAR0bDe0R9g3

14Please respect copyright.PENANAJGlVvXJemq
copyright protection10PENANAkeAxfhIP3q14Please respect copyright.PENANAf7B93Oujrm

He grabbed his cell phone to call the police, but stopped. If those kids were calling him a firebug they obviously knew something about what he had been doing. What if they told the cops what they knew? Then he wouldn't be able to finish his life’s work. If the police detained him he wouldn't be able to light that gym on fire. He had to find out what they knew. copyright protection10PENANAhfoOdzdRiq14Please respect copyright.PENANAFimQWARNK7

14Please respect copyright.PENANAQtNcpj99xv
copyright protection10PENANAydcKTWPUWq14Please respect copyright.PENANAzNCbWGZrZq

The firebug chant grew louder and louder just as the knocking had done. They were right outside his door screaming it from the tops of their lungs. If he didn't quiet them down the neighbors would wake up any minute. copyright protection10PENANAAhEbOTtwIw14Please respect copyright.PENANANFJavFLmtv

14Please respect copyright.PENANAujZiwpBFy9
copyright protection10PENANAWZLkOYU2Qc14Please respect copyright.PENANAb8WNjTtilt

He swung the door open again to confront the children, but when he did nothing was there. The chant had stopped and the eerie silence consumed everything once again. The children were gone.copyright protection10PENANAsoqE8jBYdy14Please respect copyright.PENANAJ98tjE951C

14Please respect copyright.PENANAAvWAOsZq8x
copyright protection10PENANAoOP20DWtaF14Please respect copyright.PENANAzjFw6ZpAiK

But the chanting had been coming from the porch right up until he opened it. It was impossible for them not to be there. There was no way they could have scattered that quickly without him seeing them. copyright protection10PENANA06FLrtKlvA14Please respect copyright.PENANA41TdvdREiS

14Please respect copyright.PENANAhToeudHtDP
copyright protection10PENANAxXZXC8he6v14Please respect copyright.PENANA1c9HIgG8QZ

Smitty shut the door. As soon as he did there was a tap on his living room window. And then one came from the window in the kitchen. He shuffled as quickly as he could to the window, but there was nothing there when he arrived. copyright protection10PENANAMujBxketNo14Please respect copyright.PENANATV1N8w00bj

14Please respect copyright.PENANATtchHGupa8
copyright protection10PENANA9OvOzXikjN14Please respect copyright.PENANAeclnT4EAcu

Knowing that he had to do something drastic to scare them off, he went to his closet and pulled out his shotgun. He grabbed the box of shells sitting next to it and loaded them in one-by-one. Then he went and stood in front of the living room window that the rapping was coming from and brandished the weapon. He hoped that the kids would see it and get frightened, but he had no such luck.copyright protection10PENANAVQLUOo26C814Please respect copyright.PENANAz5qATy7Tyi

14Please respect copyright.PENANAcrMpJt6eTg
copyright protection10PENANABoDV0affE314Please respect copyright.PENANAm7sHvmL9WY

An involuntary jump shook through the old man when he heard the noise from the bathroom. The toilet had flushed. There was someone in the house. Somehow they had gotten in. It was time for him to take serious action.copyright protection10PENANAENRaCq7ULq14Please respect copyright.PENANAEw447XDeQc

14Please respect copyright.PENANAx3DjtnNzBG
copyright protection10PENANAIGhuA6TDcv14Please respect copyright.PENANAQYOiFkErtB

14Please respect copyright.PENANAp88tcfrQti
copyright protection10PENANAMNUpIVAYaf14Please respect copyright.PENANA21lGkP38oF

14Please respect copyright.PENANAOeDDxjXcKq
copyright protection10PENANA1O3SYFj6A4

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