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Writer Capt. leon
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A cheese for many mice
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6bqquJNb8shocUNcSZt2posted on PENANA

FINAL DESTINATION copyright protection4PENANAICz9pWbaXe

Chapter 10: A cheese for many micecopyright protection4PENANAf3pGuTpi4x

In Penny's apartment, she and her boyfriend were still reading the website.copyright protection4PENANAKmVXgJ99IC

"...The cats get upset if their prey escapes, and when they are caught again they no longer kill them quickly, but play cruel games with them. Death follows the same pattern, according to police and forensic reports, the first survivors died on the spot, but those who were saved again and again in the end ended up in an unpleasant way, suffice it to say, they remained just like food for the cat...""copyright protection4PENANAbrfKBEHNPE

“Oh my God," said Leonard.copyright protection4PENANA14IqLckauo

"Pay attention to the lights in your home or street lighting. They tend to blink when the spirit of death is near...."copyright protection4PENANAIfKEc1nlb6

“Leonard, we must find out the sequence of death, you had the vision, you must know the pattern!”copyright protection4PENANAYmyd79ROWG

“Well, first Raj died first, then Sheldon died, but he was saved.”copyright protection4PENANAtXLbnwoHHS

“According to this site," said Penny, "when someone is saved, death skips a site.... it's like those RPG games you play.”copyright protection4PENANA6q8R5lTtG5

Leonard went pale with that comparison and continued to talk.copyright protection4PENANAAFr8SzhKod

“The next was Howard, but in my vision he died at the same time as Bernadette... and in fact, both died at the same time.”copyright protection4PENANArRbc2zJrhr

“And who's the next Leonard?”copyright protection4PENANAknSsfXN9qu

“...It's you.”copyright protection4PENANAe0aG82fqND

Amy was about to leave the boys' building when she heard someone screaming hysterically, it was Penny carrying a bunch of old shoes in her arms.copyright protection4PENANAEevPryobZF

It turns out that the panicked blonde wanted to go home to her house in the countryside at that very moment.copyright protection4PENANADj3vMjszsT

Leonard and Sheldon went down next because of the screaming and together with Amy calmed her down.copyright protection4PENANA4HUen3hDt4

“Tomorrow I'll quit my job at the restaurant and go home, the only thing dangerous is that the meth lab of my cousin will blow up in my face... oh God, I can't go back there!”copyright protection4PENANAh7jMXLklWk

“Remembers that there are also cows, Penny" said Leonard, trying to reassure his girlfriend.copyright protection4PENANA0AD45pnyZQ

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”copyright protection4PENANAr4xljUpAyS

“Wow, you're good, Leonard," Amy criticized him.copyright protection4PENANAFP0ZBXKWjH

“Was that sarcasm?” asked Sheldon.copyright protection4PENANAgkhUonkLVj

In the end Penny decided that she would stay locked up in her apartment and Leonard decided to live with her to calm her down, but she had to go to the restaurant to work one last day to get future references and unemployment insurance papers.copyright protection4PENANABmo9IH47iC

For added safety, Amy promised to take her from work to the apartment because Penny didn't want to drive in her rickety car, and Leonard only had time to drop her off at the restaurant, not to take her back.copyright protection4PENANA0Xr1X3YI0i

“Good idea," Sheldon said, "that car of yours is an imminent danger, I'm sure it was going to blow up with you inside.... Bazinga! nothing like a good joke to cheer up a scared madwoman.”copyright protection4PENANApgCHb04vMZ

“You thought that was funny?” Leonard demanded of him.copyright protection4PENANAPomdx5UCdd

“Of course, this death chasing us is ridiculous," said Sheldon, and then he laughed and sniffed through his nose as he did every time he made one of his "classic jokes".copyright protection4PENANAedbGe8JdQJ

.copyright protection4PENANAvg07Xb82HV

.copyright protection4PENANA1wjoJRtEuG

The next day, Penny works for the last time in the kitchen when she heard a strange noise coming out of one of the sinks.copyright protection4PENANARIU2o8a8m1

Despite the fear, curiosity grew more and more, and little by little she approached the sink.copyright protection4PENANASRhTZf58hM

Suddenly, a crowd of tiny mice fleeing from God knows where, came out of the pipe and jumped into the blonde's face. In the other pipes of the kitchen the same thing happened and the little rodents seemed to have taken it out on Penny.copyright protection4PENANA3jinH1faGJ

Amy worked with her monkeys and was delighted with her new vivisection table. This was the latest in technology as it was automated, the sedated monkey was placed on the table and staples were closed over its extremities.copyright protection4PENANARxsLARUKZg

“Hell, I forgot to take Penny back!” Amy said and bolted out of her soundproof lab.copyright protection4PENANAMS84L8jQhA

The mice covered several parts of Penny's body and bit her, preventing the blonde from pulling them out.copyright protection4PENANACkUVIBWYMD

Only the owner of the restaurant tried to help Penny as the waitresses fled in panic and the other guests were afraid to come in as the mice seemed angry.copyright protection4PENANAIEaapK2kv2

“Help me, help me!” she shouted in terror, as she pulled on two mice that bit without letting go of their eyelids.copyright protection4PENANAAhUJlGRFw9

Amy came in at that moment and although she was horrified, the fact that she was saving her "blonde goddess, queen of the school and prom" made her lose her fear. She went back to her car and pulled out a fire extinguisher because the new fire extinguisher in the restaurant was not working for some reason.copyright protection4PENANAg9ua4cM1by

The cold made the mice flee and Penny was saved, however, an unseen wind extinguished the flames from the stoves and the gas continued to emanate this time without releasing its particular smell of rotten eggs.copyright protection4PENANAEUdP5Cz7W5

The lights tinkered macabre and Penny told her to run away from the place.copyright protection4PENANA9xn3hJK8og

The blonde couldn't move because the mice had cut her Achilles tendons. Amy, believing her friend's words, dragged her out despite criticism from others who insisted on leaving her lying on the floor until the ambulance arrived.copyright protection4PENANAhEqMPvYBwa

Before they fled, the mice had gnawed on the cables and now they were sparking behind the big kitchen appliances without anyone noticing.copyright protection4PENANAab4n090AgW

As soon as the two women left the restaurant, a huge explosion shattered the inside of the restaurant killing those still inside.copyright protection4PENANAGqu3uLNeUc

“It hurts, it hurts a lot," said Penny as she felt her face bleeding from the bites of the mice.copyright protection4PENANAvcQVYGqXhX

Penny passed out and Amy, looking at her friend's face, threw up the contents of her stomach.copyright protection4PENANA7s9cPamPLD

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAMr3gvy2jMW

WHAT! I already told you in the first chapter that if you love the protagonists and/or didn't have a strong stomach, you should refrain from reading this.copyright protection4PENANAvh9md72E5k

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