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Writer Capt. leon
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the big crunch theory
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cdQSSmhc9C5OZkBAVCZMposted on PENANA


Capítulo 15: the big crunch theorycopyright protection4PENANART2ILV538f

"...And when they opened their eyes, the men prostrated themselves in fear when they saw that nothing illuminated the sky, only grey hails from the sky existed... so God sent the Titi, the great cat of fire, to climb to the top of the world and from there to illuminate the Earth until the sun and the moon were created..." - legend of how creation was in the Bolivian highlands.copyright protection4PENANAFd3EyFetid

.copyright protection4PENANAgRQcnslrb2

.copyright protection4PENANAg3VjLGeRJm

Several years had passed since Leonard and Penny had managed to outwit death.copyright protection4PENANA6pAa38PhC7

The lucky couple, once safe from the sacrifice of Sheldon and the coroner, decided to move from Pasadena and live the rest of their days in Penny's hometown, there were so many painful memories.copyright protection4PENANAvTZm5nPrP0

Leonard and Penny could not conceive a child because of medical problems, but science is advancing and in the end, they achieved their goal, although they seemed to be more like the grandparents of the newborn named Sheldon.copyright protection4PENANAt54ooP4DHO

Sheldon graduated with honors from college and after a while he developed a new cyclotron, which would be tested for the first time in Pasadena, in fact, the test would be inside the Caltech facility where Leonard used to work with his friends.copyright protection4PENANA0NdAXhJNzl

Miniaturization technology was well advanced at that time and the cyclotron was tiny compared to the large structures erected at the beginning of the 21st century. The aim of Sheldon's test was to go one step beyond the discovery of the "God particle" (something achieved five years ago), what was being attempted to discover this time was "the original matter", the state that existed before the big bang phenomenon began.copyright protection4PENANAU4eUqkhgL6

“I can't believe I' m back in college," complained Leonard, as he adjusted his thin cyber nano crystal lenses, which provided him with a vision worthy of a science fiction android.copyright protection4PENANAgeckCBaHfR

“Leonard," said Penny, "you can't have micro eye implants like everyone else, no one wears glasses anymore.”copyright protection4PENANAwfFJQC1zpA

“Forget it, I always had to wear those thick-frame glasses that made me look like a nerd. Now I look like Larry Biewer, the star of the star trek and star wars crossover.”copyright protection4PENANAVkE9e5tvle

“You wish... Oh look, that must be the place, let's follow those students.”copyright protection4PENANACCtPW6r7NG

“God, they're all so tall and blond.”copyright protection4PENANAZjVE3Lg4lG

Because of advances in genetics, parents were now able to choose what kind of hair and eye color their children could have and you know, bad taste is popular.... After fifteen years now almost all the world's young population (99%) were now blue-eyed blondes and ranging in height from one ninety to two meters, regardless of their ancestry.copyright protection4PENANAEg0jqepTKK

Sheldon, Leonard and Penny's son, had inherited all of his mother's physical attributes so he could become one of the genetically altered people, the only aspect he inherited from his father was his genius and lactose intolerance.copyright protection4PENANA8nnBdkIErv

And we hope that Dr. Sheldon Hofstadter Cuoco will win another well-deserved Nobel Prize for the university," said the university's rector, Dr. Leslie Winkle, who winked at Leonard.copyright protection4PENANAkqPg5T2lXn

“Did the principal wink at you?”copyright protection4PENANA2CE2W4hlY1

“Uh, no, she always had that twitch.”copyright protection4PENANA66ptICNqhf

After the speech by the rector and Sheldon, the experiment began. A purring-like noise from a cat came out of the cyclotron and soon on the monitors they saw various subatomic particles disintegrate.copyright protection4PENANAWCGLSLEV7C

The monitor showed a soft light that not only came out of the monitors, it also seemed to come out of the cyclotron structure.copyright protection4PENANAj9fXbb2sw0

“...It's beautiful...” said Leonard.copyright protection4PENANAuD7U6PxUgO

“I feel a sense of peace inside me," said Penny.copyright protection4PENANAadqQZjCDfJ

All present were enraptured both physically and spiritually, when suddenly the light seemed to fade away to show what was within them.copyright protection4PENANAgySvw4Hyxd

A nauseating, pulsating pile of darkness that seemed to be alive and emitted a dog-like screech, which burst the eardrums of those present as well as the monitors and window panes of the enclosure.copyright protection4PENANAz2RGWYwtSN

“What the hell is that!” Leonard shouted.copyright protection4PENANAi30JTZ3vDi

“Yiaaaa Leonard!” Penny shouted, who held Leonard's hand and began to evacuate the place in a hurry just like the others.copyright protection4PENANAfTR7pob6XJ

In the rush the attendants were stepping on each other and the first victim was Rector Winkle, who was crushed against one of the walls.copyright protection4PENANAkwLbcH9Jb2

The outer structure of the cyclotron imploded and exposed the dark, throbbing mass that grew and shrank in a chaotic manner.copyright protection4PENANAwu5weZvhv8

Unknown to anyone at the time, the expansion of the universe stopped and began to have the opposite effect.copyright protection4PENANAAK2rRrQ3yN

A strong jolt blew up those present and several were absorbed by the blob as if they were attracted by the gravity of a black hole, except that they did not immediately disappear as they would when they made contact with a real black hole. Instead, their bodies would stick to the amorphous entity and their clothes would disintegrate and then all the skin of those present would be sucked off by the grotesque mockery of emptiness, leaving a multitude of people skinned alive and screaming at the top of their lungs.copyright protection4PENANAMSjx3wfdfr

“Leonard, don't let me go, don't let me go!”copyright protection4PENANAgLVli9lOrQ

“I got you, Penny, I got you!”copyright protection4PENANAW1AZtsrjvZ

The shaped "nothingness" expanded in size and absorbed Penny's body and after a couple of seconds became smaller again.copyright protection4PENANA6iRqPVW58c

Leonard's knobbly hands were holding Penny's amputated forearms, the rest of his wife had disappeared.copyright protection4PENANAwoYsKgC543

“Waaaahhhh!”copyright protection4PENANAV14w0yYrRt

Leonard didn't have time to keep screaming because his glasses told him that the blob was going to grow back.copyright protection4PENANArYLioBelHm

With his weak heart beating at its maximum, Leonard managed to get out of the enclosure, but it seemed that all things were blowing up and after that a gravitational force was pulling Leonard back into the exhibition hall where the cyclotron was once located.copyright protection4PENANAxeLvGwMiCR

Leonard's body had a full and frontal impact on the horror.copyright protection4PENANAmyTr4UZ2lR

Leonard's clothes disintegrated instantly and Leonard, drawing strength from God knows where (or perhaps because of the terror), raised his torso with the help of his arms as if he were doing push-ups to get rid of the abomination, yet in doing so, he left the skin of his face and chest attached to the informality.copyright protection4PENANAwNPi5eUjzB

Leonard, despite the pain, remained separated from the "original matter", but the gravitational force ripped out his tongue and then his teeth.copyright protection4PENANAG7PsCwZpPB

“Grrrgrurhhhaaggss”copyright protection4PENANAhb9aCd4Cgq

In the end, Leonard's eyes were absorbed into the grotesque entity and shortly afterwards his entire body followed.copyright protection4PENANAtNdj5jx0C6

New and shaken up were felt all over the planet and outside the university, multitudes of cats from various tails gathered, and seeing the academic structure begin to crumble, they then went on to face a new quantum repositioning of the structural balance of the universe as had not been done in eons.copyright protection4PENANACjdsMQYLgN

FINcopyright protection4PENANAmxZvHBJLe0

Yay, I'm done. Don't forget to leave your votes and comments, pretty please.copyright protection4PENANAbHNp0TIyTk

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