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Writer Capt. leon
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The sequence of death
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pa0qkC9Purzl50YZTtfWposted on PENANA

One of the things I hate about the big bang theory are the many racist jokes, in this fanfic I put some that I'm sure they would have put on the tv series to make you realize.copyright protection4PENANAKTWycO04Jg


Capítulo 6: The sequence of deathcopyright protection4PENANAab7fb6e5Au

Raj would not have a burial because his parents asked to repatriate his body and then cremate him, and dump his ashes in the Ganges River.copyright protection4PENANA2koYSANTEx

“The memorial service was very crowded," said Stuart, the owner of the comic book store, as he watched Raj's coffin get into the plane.copyright protection4PENANAaiFBWfneXZ

“Raj had almost no friends," said Barry Kripke, a university scientist with a hateful character, "almost all of us were forced to come because of the rector, renowned scientists like myself and maintenance personnel.”copyright protection4PENANAZ8b6nmdCsN

“Now I understand why almost everyone said in Spanish: "And where is the piñata and the tacos"," said Stuart, "but why was the memorial service with the sarcophagus closed? I would have liked to say goodbye to Raj, he was my best customer, he never asked for a discount and he always demanded the last number of "Bombay's Big Butts".”copyright protection4PENANA7u8vt15gUK

“Didn't you hear?” said Kripke, as he rolled his eyes, the guy walked into a pen full of stampeding cows and they left his head like a poorly prepared hamburger.copyright protection4PENANAN42tGZI4dG

“What, why would he do that!”copyright protection4PENANA4dOfkcCxP4

“And I don't know... maybe living in a place where you can't touch the cows for so long gave him the impulse to bite a few live ones, to see if they tasted just like Mac Donnalds'.”copyright protection4PENANAkWysr2twio

Once the plane took off, Raj's friends went to Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. No one said anything, everything had already been said at the memorial service and every other word was superfluous.copyright protection4PENANAh6tjAaijew

“Damn it! Sheldon complained. And now how are we going to complete our Monday night star trek quartet, our Tuesday night star wars quartet, our Wednesday night star trek quartet, our Thursday night star wars quartet, our Friday night star trek quartet!”copyright protection4PENANAZiJOy30aBP

“Sheldon," said Bernadette, surprised, "your friend just died.”copyright protection4PENANAeVLNodPSJ8

“And in what way! He went to milk cows and karma bit him in the ass," said Amy-without touch. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to...”copyright protection4PENANAg1eKkPUD88

“Death is no excuse to break my daily routine of star trek and star wars. Oh for Stephen Hawking, and now what will become of our Saturday afternoons of star wars and star trek, without Raj we are an odd number!”copyright protection4PENANAa7rTVZXWaz

“What!” Penny said angrily. “Aren't there any star... Sundays like that?”copyright protection4PENANALovxcTK1Mu

“Don't be ridiculous Penny," Sheldon replied with his classic smart-ass look, "Sundays are RPG days.... oh for Dr. Proton, what will become of our RGP Sunday quartet!”copyright protection4PENANA93voNQeHtm

“man, you're crazy!” Howard said to him.copyright protection4PENANAQDtixpivms

“Without remedy!” Leonard concluded.copyright protection4PENANA47RzF3tq5f

“I'm not crazy! My mom had me checked out and.... Oh, my God, I thought I turned off the computer!”copyright protection4PENANAUfiqD6gROK

Sheldon went to turn off the laptop but saw the screen showing a video.copyright protection4PENANAeFoIXV7fru

Several reapers played bowling and the pines were people, more than laughter, the commercial had a sinister cut.copyright protection4PENANAIvCz5hDyHI

"Death has a certain sequence," said the narrator, "find out what your sequence is."copyright protection4PENANAOCX72Bdit1

Sheldon was stunned and didn't dare touch his laptop.copyright protection4PENANA3HGrpEmxUO

“Let's see," said Howard, as he approached the computer, "is this the new laptop you bought after I sat on the old one? You know.... that laptop that had nothing and was like new, that you changed just because I touched it...”copyright protection4PENANA1CjDcoVPXD

“That's terrible, Sheldon! Is this how you see my Howard, as someone with leprosy?”copyright protection4PENANAxLfvSh65Az

“Calm down, Bernadette," Leonard was quick to calm things down, "you didn't hear the whole story. Howard came to the apartment, undressed and sat on the monitor, in fact, rubbing his buttocks repeatedly as he looked Sheldon in the face.”copyright protection4PENANA7DhO4Gsrem

“Why would you do something like that?” Amy asked Howard, while Bernadette was silent from the shock.copyright protection4PENANAffZzTbYO1V

“I don't know... for the same reason we all want to do the same thing right now, but to his face.”copyright protection4PENANArzHH4zZbFz

“Well, I'm very interested in this video," said Penny and went to the laptop, "look, here's something!”copyright protection4PENANALNd2BhJ4JX

"Those who saved their lives can deceive death if they know the pattern, the order of death. If you save someone who should have died, then death skips a number and focuses its attention on the next who should have perished, by doing this permanently, you can deceive the reaper..."copyright protection4PENANAqYdqy7CwWD

“That's just nonsense!” Sheldon exclaimed, "Turn it off, Howard!copyright protection4PENANArod85hI4to

"...This behaviour of the reaper is based on the behaviour of cats in the real world. Cats choose their prey in advance, if one is saved, they jump to the next and continue until they return to the prey that was saved in the first place," read Howard, "the spirits of death, because of their supernatural but feline nature, ultimately follow the same pattern..."copyright protection4PENANAEebRhM90QS

“Yep, a lot of nonsense.... CLASES DE CHICAS GATO by Capt. lion...... If I were a Nazi, I'd send this idiot to a concentration camp," Howard said, and everyone looked at him. “What!”copyright protection4PENANAYhRcHpjjVf

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAXnEawJseOW

I dare you to find the name of the video of the reapers bowling.copyright protection4PENANACsaOjsBtts

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