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Writer Capt. leon
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Monkey does, monkey imitates
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8StOshsl08w1o2onVdidposted on PENANA


Chapter 11: Monkey does, monkey imitatescopyright protection4PENANATXPnMiEfDE

Penny was in the operating room and Sheldon accompanied Leonard in case of any eventuality.copyright protection4PENANAn9GLc587jr

“I have to go back to the lab," Amy excused herself, "I have to turn off the centrifuges and so on.”copyright protection4PENANAlp2D0r6HhW

“Sleep a little Amy," Sheldon advised her, "you carried Penny, and although she's blonde like Bernadette, she's not the same little constitution.”copyright protection4PENANADbUtyGLdVp

“Don't worry, Sheldon, after the lab I'll go to sleep in my apartment, I'll prepare some painkillers, although sometimes they make me insomnia.”copyright protection4PENANASjzy4LEdTX

“Then look at the DVDs I gave you, I'm sure you'll relax with them.”copyright protection4PENANAEenHRo9Y5r

“I'll do it Sheldon, you keep accompanying Leonard," said Amy and went to her car. As she entered her car, the glove compartment of the vehicle was accidentally opened and the horror DVDs fell into the next seat.copyright protection4PENANAVJCPdavYnr

“Stupid movies," complained Amy as she opened the car window and threw the DVDs in a garbage can.copyright protection4PENANAofLXOQIt3C

The car was leaving and the DVDs were lying in the trash can. The cover of one of the films read: "They tortured him in the name of science, now Shakma is coming to take revenge.”copyright protection4PENANAqIQOqIczHi

Amy arrived at the university and saw how the lights began to blink, without giving any importance to the matter, she first went to the principal's office to apologize for her tardiness with her work.copyright protection4PENANA0C1CreNXdb

In the laboratory, the lights flickered furiously and the cages of the monkeys with electric locks were opened.copyright protection4PENANApBrazf0iJ4

The monkeys jumped furiously everywhere and one of them landed on the console of the vivisection table. The controls that were configured for monkey retention were now set to adult ape retention mode.copyright protection4PENANAU9MLYdubNb

Amy was rushing into the lab and rushed to shut down the centrifuge machine.copyright protection4PENANAtOOvrgJeeX

“Hell, the reagents must be ruined by now. A whole week's work thrown in the trash can like those stupid DVDs... I wish I were dead.”copyright protection4PENANApEzQO86PqP

An almost imperceptible wind closed the lab door.copyright protection4PENANATlZG6XTA8H

Amy tried to open the electric lock door, but it wouldn't open. She then tried to call maintenance with her cell phone but there was no signal at the time.copyright protection4PENANAMCvB7WSRa6

A noise made the woman turn around but she didn't see anything. Then another breathtaking sound caught Amy's attention and she went to the vivisection table.copyright protection4PENANAOAKorzwxoX

Amy's poor vision noticed the apes' empty cages undergoing medical experimentation and her heart leapt with fear.copyright protection4PENANAniinYplS0u

The scientist scanned the entire area with her eyes but did not locate the monkeys, when in that, a sticky substance like spit fell on one of her cheeks. Amy looked at the ceiling and at that moment the monkeys screaming as if possessed fell on her.copyright protection4PENANAzM64nd0g4b

Screaming, she tried to get the monkeys off her back, and when she tripped, she fell on her back on the vivisection table.copyright protection4PENANAmTL7hdGOK4

The table was activated and metal locks wrapped around her ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and forehead, immobilizing her.copyright protection4PENANAM8n5wluReu

“No, help me, help me!” Amy shouted, but no one listened because the lab was soundproofed. “Can't anybody hear me? Help!”copyright protection4PENANAlOhsTFGUVK

The monkeys were furious at the woman because she had beaten them before they fell on the table, jumped on her and tore off all her clothes.copyright protection4PENANA5hERpW45KP

“Help me!” Amy shouted as she scratched the surface of the table with her fingernails.copyright protection4PENANAaxYxCuT6l7

A pair of monkeys went to each side of the table and one by one ate her fingers. They didn't rip them out, but they put them in their mouths and then pulled them back, leaving their phalanges clean. The same thing happened with her toes.copyright protection4PENANABHWT9PyPJu

The metal locks were so tight, they kept Amy from bleeding out.copyright protection4PENANAAPMfGbbLgW

“Help me, help me!”copyright protection4PENANAAqtzX53Qcp

One of the monkeys grabbed both the eyelids of  the woman and tore them out with a staggering ease.copyright protection4PENANAYO7UHhJg7t

“Waaaaaa!”copyright protection4PENANAKHiwXZH8KX

Other monkeys bit her in several places and some with scalpels in their hands, they cut her here and there, without hitting any vital arteries.copyright protection4PENANA5loyUlEXcR

“Stop it, stop it, you fucking monkeys!”copyright protection4PENANAnbFu5mLPDS

A baboon with a horrible face got on the table and looked Amy straight in the eye.copyright protection4PENANAinAATxAAGk

“Not you, not you!” shouted the doctor as she recognized her former experimental subject.copyright protection4PENANAyLFWkziZxu

The baboon grabbed each of the breasts tightly and pulled them out easily.copyright protection4PENANAQUGvpLSbBv

“Ghyyyyyayaaaaaaa!”copyright protection4PENANA3TSEuLc4mS

Without being able to help it, Amy watched as the baboon slowly ate her breasts, she had an almost intelligent expression that denoted an evil pleasure.copyright protection4PENANApUE4RZE9Yb

Amy was in cardiac arrest, but the table applied emergency shocks that prevented her from dying. As for blood loss and the risk of dying from hypovolemic shock, the speaker on the table console sounded the alarm: "Subject of vivisection at risk, use cautery devices".copyright protection4PENANAEO6kkw5cHH

The monkeys didn't understand the words on the machine, but they had seen that the woman was using the cautery when she saw the blood loss.copyright protection4PENANAHLAAp5mBaJ

There was no intention of saving Amy, they repeated a process they had seen before, moved by curiosity the monkeys grabbed the medical instruments that looked like guns holding welding rods.copyright protection4PENANAuzD9Du8iE7

“Ghyaayyyayayyaa!”copyright protection4PENANAuiVBCf7IsP

When the cauterizers were applied to the wounds without anesthesia, they produced unbearable pain, but they stopped the bleeding.copyright protection4PENANApaA0KZ67Bg

Other monkeys took more cauterizers and playing with them, burned the entire soles of Amy's feet.copyright protection4PENANAQ6PuftZoLD

“Ghyayayayyyayyyyh! Ghyayayayyyyyh! Ghyayayyyyh! Ghyayayyyyh!”copyright protection4PENANAvgWrRyGYh9

It is known that some subjects can walk barefoot on the floor if they are trained in this way from an early age. If this is not the case, the soles of the feet with their nerve connections represent one of the most sensitive places to pain.copyright protection4PENANAOHjoH4oOb0

Hours went by and the machine, along with the cautery burners, kept Amy from dying.copyright protection4PENANA426UwlnvK9

It was already a new day and both of Amy's legs from her thigh were burned. There was just one more place up there to play with.copyright protection4PENANA9fp5GhEngW

“Ggyhhuyuyuyuyguh!” The woman tried to scream, but the foam that came out of her mouth made only a guttural noise.copyright protection4PENANAw4DQslUR95

Thus Amy's virginity was lost, but the tearing of the hymen did not cause bleeding due to the effect of the cautery burners.copyright protection4PENANARe8X8Ejva3

A new cardiac arrest and a new shock brought Amy back to life.copyright protection4PENANAFji5pZm3mC

After more hours the monkeys were hungry and began to eat Amy, who thanks to a mirror on the roof could see how the monkeys were gradually feeding on her.copyright protection4PENANA0TGEJ9ZD09

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAJRnROvw71G

In case you haven't noticed, Amy's job is to do medical experiments on poor animals.copyright protection4PENANAbH0tMps8tP

The monkeys devouring the fingers and leaving the phalanges uncovered is something I saw in reality and it happened to a guy. Moms, don't let your kids near the monkey cage! Those lil bastards look cute but if they catch you....copyright protection4PENANALtJs7sB76C

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