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Writer Capt. leon
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Together but apart
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GsiW20Mmn0meqcewH0BRposted on PENANA

Guess what, the cat sang now. one was saved, and on whom did the cat jump now? One, two, three, death again 🎼copyright protection4PENANAF2uLVxMTxw

FINAL DESTINATIONcopyright protection4PENANAWdZfa1gXnD

Chapter 08: Together but apartcopyright protection4PENANAYJRoW6UE7w

Sheldon explained the situation to them and was so happy that he gave Howard his BluRay of the Indiana Jones film, the Lego's version, autographed by Harrison Ford, in which it showed on the cover a lego's version of the actor who was running away from a huge rock that was going to crush him.copyright protection4PENANAwMy0xtykm5

“But that wouldn't make death go to its next victim," said Penny.copyright protection4PENANAQjjQyuROrf

“Come on, Penny," said Leonard, who, like Sheldon, had his mind closed to anything that involved magic, "I know there's a logical explanation for my "vision".copyright protection4PENANAspZkOVqJzy

“But...”copyright protection4PENANAf6kO6SiEcF

“Penny, in my "vision"," Leonard said, bracketing with his fingers, "Howard and Bernadette died at the same time but separated. Tell me, what are the chances of that?”copyright protection4PENANAK3Y4TxyLm0

.copyright protection4PENANA0Oq08eVzYv

.copyright protection4PENANA7dBs2Ikknx

Howard returned home and his mother continued to complain about the soap because she couldn't take a bath without it.copyright protection4PENANAZ7BXcuuKgQ

His wife, on the other hand, was in a better mood and the man considered it to be a time of "love".copyright protection4PENANAKgFagNpcmn

“Release the Kraken!” Howard said in his bedroom and standing over his wife as he took off his underpants.copyright protection4PENANAIuBjWD2hXp

"Kraken?" thought Bernadette trying not to change the look on her face. "More like Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob tv show... no, more like Sheldon Plankton!"copyright protection4PENANAOWxqUJUpua

The man was clumsily kissing, while Bernadette imagined that her huge African-American friend from college was on top of her and that her "unsatisfactory Kraken" was jealous.copyright protection4PENANAgerVpIJOV5


“One moment my princess Ariel of the Seas,” Howard excused himself, putting on a robe and going out to meet his mother. “TO A HOLE YOU SHOULD GET IN TO NEVER GET OUT, BUT YOU KNOW THERE'S NO SUCH BIG ONE, NOT EVEN THE COMET THAT DESTROYED THE DINOSAURS WOULD CREATE SUCH A BIG HOLE FOR YOU.”copyright protection4PENANApDlX3fGYEb

Bernadette was fed up with all the yelling and she too came out after putting on a robe.copyright protection4PENANA9UpBPPjyEe

The three adults were arguing at the top of the staircase when the joyous soap came out of one of the greasy folds of Bernadette's huge mother-in-law and fell right to the side of her elephant's foot.copyright protection4PENANAEQRfEPM4OB

The obese woman stepped on the sweat-lubricated soap and slipped forward, just in the direction of the tiny newlyweds.copyright protection4PENANAtefObj3ShI

Howard was very short for his age and wimpy build, he seemed to have the body of a twelve-year-old boy.copyright protection4PENANA3rCs2sil1W

Bernadette was just as short as her husband and as skinny, the only exception being her very large breasts, which gave her the appearance of that Barbie doll, taken off the market for having removed a child's eyes with her breasts.copyright protection4PENANAAGMsWqhJv5

The husbands turned to escape but did not go down two steps when more than two hundred kilos doubled their weight due to the physical laws of falling and moving speed.copyright protection4PENANAkZkANvTRnb

The little bodies of the adults broke with the convex angles of the sturdy wooden stairs. The ribs were broken and many penetrated the lungs, the spleen of both had burst and the kidneys and liver were crushed over and over again at each impact on the stairs, as well as their pancreas.copyright protection4PENANAzqCcTEFb0H

All three of them arrived alive at the top of the stairs, but their fate was already cast.copyright protection4PENANA7AoU2klj4R

The obese woman was upside down and blood rushed to her head causing a fatal embolism, paraplegic Howard could not move along a broken spine and died of asphyxiation because his mouth was filled with one of his mother's huge breasts. Bernadette's situation was the same, with the difference that she was behind the woman and drowned because she couldn't get her face out of her mother-in-law's huge ass.copyright protection4PENANAppQJZDeSvC

The bodies of the husbands seemed to stretch out their hands to touch each other, but due to the thick waist of the obese woman, they were unable to do so. Like Leonard's vision, both husbands died together but separated.copyright protection4PENANA342GhVkX7k

A white cat was on the stairs and with its paw touched the soap as if playing with it.copyright protection4PENANAEeU39Xovgs

CONTINUARA...copyright protection4PENANAmGRcpRQEJm

Damn!, so much so that I want to help these nerds and still don't pay attention to what my page says, I even gave them clues to avoid death like the Indiana Jones BlueRay and nothing!copyright protection4PENANAgNqitIeOGl

Moral: don't be a nerd, be OTAKU. Well, see you in the next chapter, meow.... I mean ciao.copyright protection4PENANA8lA3oK0Mfh

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