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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!p9zNsTBLiFp8HWVtK9jtposted on PENANA

FINAL DESTINATION copyright protection4PENANAiazxSo7HSM

Chapter 9: Cluescopyright protection4PENANAbhVK4nDG9W

It was a cloudy morning in the cemetery, the night before it had rained a lot and the whole ground was like a mire except where there was grass, but still the ground was very soft.copyright protection4PENANAlz53v0wgaQ

“I can't believe Howard and Bernadette are dead. They had just been married," Stuart said in a sad tone.copyright protection4PENANAJt0i0SH8Az

“Yes, a pity for that little doll, I would have liked to have played with her "two desserts”," said the idiot Barry Kripke.copyright protection4PENANAUMQQwVdaBn

“I don't understand," Stuart spoke again, "did they have the funeral home build a pool in the middle of the two tombs, did Howard and Bernadette like the pool so much?”copyright protection4PENANA7WWc0sdxIo

“Ji, ji, ji, ji," laughed Kripke and everyone looked at him frowning. “Hey, every time I cry, I make a laughing-like noise, it's my other illness besides rotacism.”copyright protection4PENANAnrRnKSgr0Q

"You'll see Stuart," Kripke whispered to him, "that's not going to be a pool over there, that's Howard's mother's grave, she died too.”copyright protection4PENANA0VCRL9MZko

“That's horrible.... a whole dead family.”copyright protection4PENANAmsliElKSSt

“Yes, at first I thought they were going to build a kind of pool too, it was so big that they could put the whale from "Free Willy”," explained Kripke, "but once I saw Howard's mother and I understood everything... instead of Free Willy, it seemed like I ate Willy. JI, JI, JI.”copyright protection4PENANAgfU7DF0U70

They all turned around.copyright protection4PENANAL8WoZHyMGS

“I'm crying, I'm crying people!”copyright protection4PENANAb2kwlZR6SK

“Why is Howard's mother's grave in the middle?” said Penny, “shouldn't Howard and Bernadette be together?”copyright protection4PENANAz8ZugDagxh

“It seems that this is what both Howard and his mother stipulated in their will. Bernadette didn't make a will.”copyright protection4PENANAhipdHpVfcB

They had already placed the spouses' coffins in their respective places, and Howard's mother's huge coffin had yet to be moved, a task that was done with one of those cranes to move containers that arrived at the dock.copyright protection4PENANA7nEsT0sL6k

The crane took too long and so the friends decided to move things forward and go out to the front to say goodbye to the deceased husbands.copyright protection4PENANAvGtvbJ9lZH

A supernatural wind blew down a wreath of flowers and the petals were carried by the air current to the crane operator's cabin. Turns out the man was allergic to the flowers on the crown and had an asthma attack.copyright protection4PENANADh02uHspWE

The man let go of the controls and the coffin almost crushed the friends. Fortunately, the falling movement of the coffin moved the crane and one of its safety supports on the sides sank into the muddy ground.copyright protection4PENANA142FxWGZHN

The coffin fell a few inches from the friends and its contents were exposed. The body seemed to have been twisted by the muscular contraction of rigor mortis.copyright protection4PENANAkdtNJFwS0w

The girls screamed and no one could blame them. The obese corpse had a macabre laugh and one of his obese arms pointed at them as the other showed the palm of his hand doing the number four.copyright protection4PENANAzDNAGih8Id

.copyright protection4PENANANJhQpPM5Ou

.copyright protection4PENANAS8ImWr1tk2

The four friends went back to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to prepare something for their nerves. The cups of tea jingled because of everyone's tremor.copyright protection4PENANAZUGNum5MvO

“Guys," said Penny, "maybe we should see the page of this Captain America guy, you know, the one who, when he's angry, turns into a green armor that flies and throws hammers from the palm of his hand because he's a god who comes from Olympus.”copyright protection4PENANAZjxhaW6W2V

Sheldon almost had a heart attack, but Leonard stepped in before he started another fight.copyright protection4PENANArU49h0BitV

“Penny, you mixed up all the Stan Lee superheroes and you got them all wrong. Besides, it's not Captain America's page, it's Capt. leon's page. “copyright protection4PENANAltQ1glom7U

“Lion-O?” Amy-said, “Are you talking about those Thundercats?”copyright protection4PENANAa6eIooFvkH

“You're wrong, Amy," said Sheldon, "he's a lion without an accent, not a Lion-O and he's not talking about Thundercats, he's talking about cat girls.”copyright protection4PENANArMCvVTwwcZ

“Thundercats... catgirls, bullshit, it's the same thing," concluded Amy.copyright protection4PENANAsxtjyJEX6L

“Guys," Penny insisted again, "just a week after the train crash, and Raj died. Two days later Howard and Bernadette died. Besides, don't you remember what that man told you about how death would haunt us?”copyright protection4PENANARgS5ZgtEMO

“Please, Penny," Sheldon contradicted her, "even someone with your near-zero education at a rural school in the Midwest could not believe in such a thing as ocus pocus, tell him Leonard.”copyright protection4PENANAldBXIwRe33

“Ehmm...”copyright protection4PENANAewBHP9rt7x

“Leonard!” his roommate shouted at him.copyright protection4PENANAeYO64Nnys9

“Well, it's just that too many things happen at the same time.”copyright protection4PENANAnNmYL5uDky

“You know! I'll go see what that Thundercat says in his web page.”copyright protection4PENANAGy4hgUrIny

"To avoid the touch of death," said the website that, by a bewildering coincidence, appeared as an opening page on the laptop, not Sheldon's, but Leonard's, which was on, even though he claimed he had turned it off.copyright protection4PENANAgCx4JBS6al

“What the hell," said Leonard and Penny told him to shut up.copyright protection4PENANAgx8DvUJ0x3

"You must watch out for the clues. These vary depending on the taste of the survivors, for example, those who survived a parachute exercise will see clues in extreme sports programs and magazines that will tell them when and how death will strike; music lovers will find clues by randomly changing the dial to tune in to stations; and so on...".copyright protection4PENANAyeCDwTyYBV

“By Leonard Nimoy! If I, the Homo Novus, were to decide the fate of the people, I'd have this guy castrated! That's what we do with pigs in Texas!”copyright protection4PENANAxRy4WiGPpQ

“You're right," Amy supported him, "I would rather order them to cut his penis, that's what I do with the monkeys who want to get too smart.”copyright protection4PENANAaFnjjSd2TL

Leonard and Penny, tired of "Shelmy", went to the front apartment and Sheldon remembered something important.copyright protection4PENANA6r0I5wCDud

“Amy, today is our anniversary and I was supposed to invite you to see how I, I mean, the Homo Novus, worked, you know, to appreciate the work of a genius.”copyright protection4PENANAz25761qNQP

“Sheldon...” Amy said in ecstasy because her boyfriend remembered her anniversary.copyright protection4PENANAD1u1kNUyQN

“Don't interrupt me woman. I was saying, as my brilliant idea couldn't have been, instead I'm giving you these DVDs, they're old but they belong to the greatest genius in history, they're sure to be worth a lot in the future.”copyright protection4PENANAjWfjFkQhXl

The DVDs belonged to the genre of terror and were: In the shadow of Kilimanjaro, which was about chimpanzee killers because of the drought in Africa; Link, about a homicidal chimpanzee who plays the butler; and Shakma, a baboon subject to medical experiments, the cover read: "They tortured him in the name of science, now Shakma comes to take revenge".copyright protection4PENANAuxnzFuB5hs

Amy hugged her boyfriend who looked uncomfortable with the woman's display of affection.copyright protection4PENANAUVtpXNdRm3

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAFFZUZFfQWd

Quickly! vote and comment if you want Amy to realize the clues I gave her to avoid death.copyright protection4PENANAbrKz1p3Cul

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