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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!sYgjqR8m9kZgR7EeDSMDposted on PENANA


Chapter 13: Friendshipcopyright protection4PENANAUo2aIs2RPb

The rain was beginning to fall in the surrounding area and in a very short time a flood broke out that caused the few passers-by in the area to seek refuge in their homes.copyright protection4PENANAbOs2W6gzY3

Leonard's escape was hindered by the heavy downpour because his glasses were not waterproofed, but Sheldon's situation was no better.copyright protection4PENANAcMP9G9jvjf

“Damn it, Penny, the windshield wipers don't work. I can't see anything!” The madman cursed as he opened the window of the car door and stretched out his long neck to make Leonard more visible. Oh great, the red emergency light on the dashboard just came on again!copyright protection4PENANAzeEBpn4reT

Sheldon was confident after he saw that driving a car was not difficult, but now the rain made it extremely difficult to drive the vehicle, and the fact that he had to stick his head out the window to drive made it impossible for him to hit Leonard, who was only a couple of meters ahead of him.copyright protection4PENANACpI5sEbIea

"I have to go up that hill!" Leonard thought, short of breath, as he was about to cross next to a sign he couldn't read because of his nearsightedness and the fact that his glasses were hit by the constant rain.copyright protection4PENANAMrXBADLT95

A strong gust of wind shook the sign and part of it headed at a deadly speed toward the tiny man.copyright protection4PENANA9IjOkIboap

The metal sign almost decapitated Leonard, but he, in a display of reflections unbecoming of his person, crouched down in time although he fell clumsily into the muddy ground due to the rain.copyright protection4PENANAiMP0RhF30T

Sheldon would have taken advantage of Leonard's fall to run him over, but the sign almost decapitated him as he was embedded in the frame of the car door.copyright protection4PENANAeMkbnUP9OZ

“Yyyaaaahhhh!” shouted in a ridiculous way the lanky at the same time he decided that the best thing to do was to put his head back in the car.copyright protection4PENANAeYIyM2hXrr

Leonard struggled up and began to climb the slope, which was short but very steep.copyright protection4PENANAnJdcK5uq9u

Sheldon saw what was left of the standing sign but couldn't understand anything since that part was written in Spanish.copyright protection4PENANAjngDzEyoNn

The lunatic had once endeavored to learn Finnish, but he never endeavored to learn Spanish, a language spoken in a country bordering the United States. Nor did he want to learn it despite the embarrassment he suffered from not knowing what the hell were saying or who two of the people he took to the Physics competition where he faced his friends years ago.copyright protection4PENANAo2l6A88R6A

Leonard got to the top of the hill and something tripped him up and caused him to fall and roll down the hill to the other side.copyright protection4PENANAjtkxG4CavM

Sheldon printed more speed, forgetting to change the gearbox speed, and when he reached the top the car came to a dry stop.copyright protection4PENANAFOaVsJA18n

“But what's wrong!” shouted the madman as he tried to start the car.copyright protection4PENANAowqJC0RLSX

“Oh great!” Sheldon told his metal model of a freight train, "The red light on the dashboard came on again!”copyright protection4PENANAlbrFI8Kljf

The sound of wind and thunder muffled any other sounds in the vicinity and Sheldon, with the busy talk he was giving to his model train, could not see a real train approaching at full speed where he was.copyright protection4PENANA7Y4iUw1uxa

“Granny," Sheldon said at the last second as he saw the metal mass that was the same model as his miniature train headed for his face.copyright protection4PENANASWHiFjix5b

TRUNKKKCCHHHHHHHYYcopyright protection4PENANAvrnX665Rro

The sound of the crash was so loud that it beat the thunderstorm.copyright protection4PENANA7znbRhHTLf

Penny's car was in flames and after a couple of meters it fell like a ball of fire on the side of the train tracks, which continued its march due to the impossibility of braking due to the physical laws of inertia.copyright protection4PENANA4DbLWR5fpa

“Sheldooon!” Leonard shouted, and although he knew he had killed his mother, he went to the aid of his friend.copyright protection4PENANAqVBOSIUXAm

Penny's car was nothing more than twisted irons that were slowly going out of flames due to the incessant rain. There trapped in the iron through his burnt body was Sheldon Cooper.copyright protection4PENANAmHVJSN1AHN

“...Sheldon” Leonard wept as he wept at his friend's dreadful, violent end.copyright protection4PENANAPLr1xnSCCh

Suddenly, a blackened hand held Leonard's leg.copyright protection4PENANAN3cpR57L3H

It seemed impossible but Sheldon was still alive, and dying by fire is one of the most horrible ways to die. Brain and heart are protected by the skull and torso ribs, the last organs to be incinerated.copyright protection4PENANA7po39hRaRz

“...Sheldon.”copyright protection4PENANAXGloHSLAvo

The dying man could not speak but with the other hand he reached his friend with his heavy train model as tears streamed down his charred face.copyright protection4PENANASir4HiaP4d

New rays spectrally illuminated the surroundings and highlighted Leonard's shadow, which held the model train and then crushed his friend's skull several times with it.copyright protection4PENANAwcDVgMc8X3

Giving him the blessing of a quick death was the only thing Leonard could do to repay his friendship.copyright protection4PENANAHVK2ksU52p

On the hill, the figure of a cat snorted in anger as it arched its back in fury and his tails were stiff and bristly.copyright protection4PENANAuUIVZpeaej

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAnLw1HMNUUL

And I keep trying to help the protagonists not to die, but they keep trying to ignore me. Sheldon, next time look at the clues, oh wait, you can't because you're so crackled up!copyright protection4PENANAYCGJE0bz6e

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