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Writer Capt. leon
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¡chucu, chucu, chuuuu!
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!SwV33fiXsqjHKvyh9waUposted on PENANA

Fanfic translated with DeepL and myself, forgive grammar and punctuation errors, thank you.copyright protection3PENANAbGotvWabzC

FINAL DESTINATIONcopyright protection3PENANAss8ovcEO96

Capítulo 02: ¡chucu, chucu, chuuuu!copyright protection3PENANAetNZYlg7Sr

At the train station, the seven friends arrived, they looked agitated by the rush, but they had made it.copyright protection3PENANA237qwCnHOX

“So this is the train," Raj said with his breath cut off, "it looks more modern than the trains in my country, well we're already inside the ¡chucu, chucu, chuuu!”copyright protection3PENANAkhpsGVEkJO

“Raj," Sheldon scolded, "that onomatopoeia is wrong. This train doesn't do any ¡chucu, chucu, chuuu! This my friend, is a magnetic levitation train like the ones recently built in Europe.”copyright protection3PENANAqXheXgzens

“Yes, like the shinkansen, the "bullet train" of Japan," Howard said, as he made a gesture of being a cowboy who drew his weapons. “If I were sheriff of this train I would take all the girls straight to the land of the rising sun to meet their emperor.”copyright protection3PENANAFqvNQ2qeKf

“Sheathe your miniature cowboy pistols!” Bernadette, his little blonde wife, told him, "remember that you are already married.”copyright protection3PENANAb4wAxcwcxf

“Besides," continued Sheldon, "although there are bullet trains in Japan, there were never any sheriffs there, not even the Far West, not even...”copyright protection3PENANA0YdicbyMpW

“Yes, yes, yes” Penny cut him, who drank from his beer can, “nor were there any Indians, Comanches, Mohicans, or anything else, now let's go inside I want to go to the bar of the ¡chucu, chucu, chuuu!”copyright protection3PENANAe4mKSdMjrx

“Someone got up from their left foot this morning," said Amy, Sheldon's girlfriend, referring to Penny, "a left foot attached to a beautiful, turned goddess' leg.”copyright protection3PENANAyDB4e9hKlP

Leonard pushed Sheldon inside the train and everyone looked at the décor of one of the cabins.copyright protection3PENANA0lNeE0pcMO

“Look! This train is child-friendly," Leonard said. "In case of fire, exit the emergency exit, marked by the image of the Hulk, the incredible man."copyright protection3PENANA81TvLMIy5a

The men were delighted but the girls rolled their eyes.copyright protection3PENANA5DNHI2QZMb

“I hope nothing goes wrong," Raj said, "this solar-powered train reminds me of the Simpsons.”copyright protection3PENANAONxC1bCqop

“Calm down my ¡chucu, chucu, chuuu!" Howard told him, "in that chapter, the train goes out of control because Homer Simpson is at the controls. They'd never put anyone that stupid in real life.”copyright protection3PENANAfxq92bVLK0

In the cockpit of the train, Zack Johnson, the good guy but not smart Penny's ex-boyfriend, was checking the controls.copyright protection3PENANAVPDJxlLoly

“I was right," said Zack "this automation thing is the best thing, I don't have to do anything, I'm just sorry I don't have a cup holder for my hot coffee.”copyright protection3PENANAzal7MnjoOH

The train left immediately and everyone enjoyed a journey that, although very fast, was not felt in the interior, it was like travelling on a cloud.copyright protection3PENANAN3eechp72a

“I can't believe they don't serve drinks on this train!” Penny complained.copyright protection3PENANA8YZLHx7tVs

In the cockpit, Zack was also having trouble with his drinking.copyright protection3PENANA2vCoCpLWOz

“I've already emptied my hot coffee from the thermos flask and now I'm going to put it on top of the controls.... don't fall down, don't spill it... okay, that's it.”copyright protection3PENANADCDSQQ9gYc

The driver, not averting his eyes from the magnetic rails, felt with his clumsy hands for his not sleeping pills in a compartment, but mistakenly grabbed his instructor's insomnia pills and put them in his mouth by mistake.copyright protection3PENANAq6aqSSXZmT

The man to pass the pills took a sip of coffee, but this one was so hot that he burned his lips and spit out the coffee and pills.copyright protection3PENANAsoo4M1uxXi

“Don't fall glass, don't fall down glass!” Zack begged to the coffee cup back on the controls.copyright protection3PENANA7BVKuLAE2y

“The three-second rule, the three-second rule!” said Zack squatting down as he looked for the pills. A draft of air brought the sleeping pills to the man's fingers.copyright protection3PENANAQsF1TxTRwg

“Well, I found them and now I'm going to take them...”copyright protection3PENANAKYE93raxZ7

In that the driver saw the glove compartment and discovered that inside it were the real pills to stay awake.copyright protection3PENANAQ6JLRdxrSz

“Ugh, I almost made a mistake, imagine what would have happened if I had taken these other pills," he said, and then got up again to see the controls. “...oh shit...”copyright protection3PENANA0I2FJVcDNJ

The hot cup of coffee had spilled over and its contents were scattered over the entire length of the controls.copyright protection3PENANATxHyHLZRjY

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAZ95IVWWsnO

Thank you for reading, don't forget to vote or comment.... unless you want to be followed by death....copyright protection3PENANA2ox44h0gUN

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