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Writer Capt. leon
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Ladies' Gala
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ef0t1eUWxOiQufdIxAsLposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection3PENANAysxt2sxAoL

Capítulo 10: Ladies' Galacopyright protection3PENANA8D0871n2XV

Soft music delighted the audience at the palace, guests who glanced away to the young couple who had entered.copyright protection3PENANARfMmvZ43Aw

“I wonder who they are?” said the people over and over again as they saw Nahikari and James.copyright protection3PENANAO9ZlD2NaCc

“It's very beautiful and that hairstyle, superb.”copyright protection3PENANAVLPWUXXiZV

“The young man who accompanies her is very good-looking.”copyright protection3PENANAdQbZcGZhKz

The two young men felt a little intimidated, fortunately the young Minister of Magic of Brazil came to receive them.copyright protection3PENANAOyINUmQIws

“Miss Lovegood, Mr. Potter, I'm glad to see you came to the party," said the handsome man as he kissed the young witch's hand.copyright protection3PENANAUseKo8HmqH

James, who at first was grateful to the man for the invitations and the costumes, now felt a sense of jealousy as he watched as Nahikari received the young magician's courtship.copyright protection3PENANAiDytDKaC2U

“You look lovely, Miss Lovegood, and you, Mr. Potter, look very nice in that suit.”copyright protection3PENANAcQtVEnhu5O

“Thank you very much, Minister Do Santos," Nahikari, a little blushing, thanked him.copyright protection3PENANAX0gbKFjs1K

“Yes, the party isn't bad," James said, his tone bored, "I've seen better.”copyright protection3PENANAajoIN1tXEv

“James! Forgive him, Minister, my friend is sometimes a joker," Nahikari said nervously, deciding to change the subject at lightning speed.copyright protection3PENANASQmlM0I4vO

"Excuse me, Minister, but did you also invite the scary couple?”copyright protection3PENANASsO8DzOX2P

“The spooky couple received an invitation from the Muggle rally organizers, however, I interviewed the couple and suggested they not attend the gala.”copyright protection3PENANAHd95VW7pUL

“I think you're being very unfair," said James, who was still defensive, "I see those guys over there, the minion and brothers Piedro and Roco. They're not... very conventional, you might say.”copyright protection3PENANAVMCi8oiQsO

Nahikari was red with embarrassment and wanted to be swallowed up by the earth at that moment, fortunately Minister Do Santos didn't look angry at all, rather amused.copyright protection3PENANAFkgttU3iS6

“The minion and those cavemen belong to the Muggle world, strange as it may seem. And while the other guests and the international Muggle press may think they are people in disguise, the problem with the dark couple is more complicated than that. You see, those two could have attended the gala under the excuse that they are wearing costumes, but the international decree of secrecy of the magical world is very specific in that sense.”copyright protection3PENANA8zjhFfeME9

Lynette Do Santos, sighed and gave a drink to the glass of champagne he was carrying at the time.copyright protection3PENANAxAV9S3ybU1

“A very unpleasant matter, I would not have minded the presence of the dark couple at the gala and in the race, but the Minister of Magic of Romania and the Winzegamot, are categorical in this respect.”copyright protection3PENANAZzmg3Qa783

“Does this mean that the vampire and his companion will no longer participate in the competition?” Nahikari asked in surprise.copyright protection3PENANAdgCwyiLM4p

“I'm afraid they won't be able to do that anymore. Even the aurors of Romania came to "escort" them to Europe.”copyright protection3PENANAVC0RMSVl3P

“That's terrible!” Nahikari said.copyright protection3PENANAm3pIjtyuAH

“You couldn't do anything about it?” asked James, this time leaving the tone of confrontation.copyright protection3PENANAxNXajvs5ix

“With my intervention I managed to get those two not to be put under any charge, the Winzegamot magic court will not prosecute them and therefore they will not go to prison, which would not have been a surprise considering the multitude of magical rules that those two violated. They will return to Europe and the whole thing will be forgotten.”copyright protection3PENANAveav5Xn1ir

In those moments a couple was making their appearance at the party. They were Penelope Pitstop and her husband Pedro Bello.copyright protection3PENANAQFugnNJWij

The man looked great in his gown, but it was his wife who was in the spotlight. Penelope had arranged her hair in an elegant ponytail and the pink gown, far from making her look like a Barbie doll, looked exquisite on her.copyright protection3PENANADP7B0q6tvp

“I see that pink is the hallmark of Penelope Pitstop," said Nahikari, impressed with the dress.copyright protection3PENANA10DbwJ9TKr

“She looks beautiful," said the minister.copyright protection3PENANAlB6PRuDArV

“I think so," James would corroborate with a blank stare.copyright protection3PENANAU4L1FMsMfY

This time it was Nahikari, who was jealous and elbowed James in the ribs and then headed for one of the balconies of the large hall.copyright protection3PENANAcgYPsvyBpi

“You'd better go get Miss Lovegood a drink," Lynette suggests. “In the meantime, I'll try to calm her down. Trust me, it's for the best.”copyright protection3PENANA3KTazLFdm6

James acknowledged his guilt and was afraid of making things worse, so he swallowed his jealousy and trusted Do Santos' advice.copyright protection3PENANA9gbVhRHKEX

At the same time as the two men went to both ends of the room, another lady appeared. An elegant woman with a divine face, short hair and gorgeous pearl-colored suit.copyright protection3PENANAIQeHFGceiB

“Oh how beautiful," said the people present over and over again.copyright protection3PENANAxmlrwVcc9y

“Several muses have honored us with their presence tonight," Baron Hans Fritz celebrated, as he toasted the trio of ladies who had attended the formal event.copyright protection3PENANAiiOue6lVRZ

“Miss Lovegood?” said the young Minister of Magic as he stepped out onto the balcony where the young witch was standing, and the tears began to stream from her eyes.copyright protection3PENANATzQ7gvNtK6

“Mr. Minister... excuse me, you must think I'm a fool.”copyright protection3PENANA4hsqIZlVbv

“None of that, please take it," said the man calmly as he handed the young woman an elegant handkerchief.copyright protection3PENANAtuOiY2pkYg

"You must have no doubt, I'm sure Mr. Potter knows what he wants to spend the rest of the evening with. And it's not Mrs. Pitstop or any other present but you.”copyright protection3PENANAkRQaY7GMAq

“Do you think so? I feel insecure, there are so many things...”copyright protection3PENANATEIl5qlrmw

“Could you mention which one is the most worrying for you? And don't tell me you're unsure of yourself. Principal McGonagall, she's told me so many great things about you, she's very fond of you. And as for your appearance, let me remind you how the other attendees were delighted with your beauty.”copyright protection3PENANAWP1K8ZMykK

“It's just makeup and a dye spell and hair grows...”copyright protection3PENANAPECFOBMunn

“Don't underestimate yourself, I know a beautiful lady when I see one.”copyright protection3PENANAUh2CC73Yyp

Nahikari blushed but Lynette's words restored her self-esteem.copyright protection3PENANAvufwenw1WQ

“Then," continued the minister, "once those little doubts were resolved, you could tell me what else your affliction would deserve.”copyright protection3PENANAMLupqi0dNo

“Well, James belongs to Griffindor's house, his whole family belongs to Griffindor, even his uncles and grandparents. I'm from Hufflepuff instead.”copyright protection3PENANAAIFCkiJogi

“You must have no doubt, I understand that Hufflepuff House is characterized by its strong spirit of work and effort. I'm sure it would be easy for you to overcome any heart or academic problems.”copyright protection3PENANAOLM3i1rO3n

“You're right, Minister. I was a fool to hesitate.”copyright protection3PENANAEQ99fzrfNe

“Call me Lynette," said the minister, and then his sight was lost in the palace gardens and he sighed with pity.copyright protection3PENANADnWi0hAKGR

“Something's wrong, sir.... Lynette.”copyright protection3PENANA2uDPyVR0JU

“Ah, I wish love was as easy as you two. I, on the other hand...”copyright protection3PENANAonKxwZ7YfU

Nahikari placed his hand on the young minister's arm and gave him a smile to encourage him to continue.copyright protection3PENANAdSiabisM38

“I'm in love with a woman much older than me. It's funny, I have achieved many successes in my professional life but next to my love I feel like a child, and that is that she has done so much for the magical world. I wonder if I'm worthy of her attention towards me.”copyright protection3PENANAE5DhVbcMcV

“I don't think age should be a problem for love," Nahikari encouraged him, "if two people are on the same timeline, there shouldn't be any problem for them to be together.”copyright protection3PENANAGAjr7QrePG

“I wish it were that easy. You see Nahikari, it turns out that the woman I'm in love with is married.”copyright protection3PENANA92zrdKKFxN

“Married...”copyright protection3PENANAObSrsNDEzP

“A loveless marriage and she has assured me that she will soon ask her husband for a divorce. I am afraid of Nahikari, not for myself, but for her, for she is a great figure in the magical world and her soon-to-be divorce will attract a lot of gossip to her. I don't want her to suffer for what the tabloids could publish... ah, there are so many Rita Skeeters in the magical world.”copyright protection3PENANAAgpTHxK8Lz

“Nahikari?” James said a little hesitant when he entered the balcony with the drinks.copyright protection3PENANAPUBomP96uG

“Well, the night is young and it wouldn't be fair for you to carry the pain of someone outside your romantic evening.”copyright protection3PENANATiRMKkAnZa

Both Nahikari and James blushed and bowed goodbye to Lynette.copyright protection3PENANAdzqDs8achW

“This... Here," said James, who nervously tried to give the girl the champagne.copyright protection3PENANAM6QnvddEjH

Nahikari extended her arm, but in the end she did not take the glass, but James' arm, and taking a few brief steps and standing on her toes she kissed James on the mouth.copyright protection3PENANAkc0cZLxz8w

James was stunned and after the kiss, Nahikari smiled warmly at him.copyright protection3PENANAJm5aZyi9LA

“Apparently the Griffindor courage this time went over to Hufflepuff's side," said the young woman.copyright protection3PENANA5xHWVc98Qt

This time it was James who approached Nahikari and kissed and hugged her at the risk of dropping the drinks. Yeah, this would be a nice evening.copyright protection3PENANAQbFQoEBVeK

Though the music was still going on, the two youths were still on the balcony, when Nahikari realized something.copyright protection3PENANArX7x766pgR

“James, I just noticed I didn't give Lynette his handkerchief back.”copyright protection3PENANA0loHikTssJ

“Don't worry, I'll give it back to him, you wait here and I'll be right back.”copyright protection3PENANAViVB9jgLeu

The young man went into the living room and saw that one of the farthest balconies was Lynette, who was partially hidden by some curtains.copyright protection3PENANAwGrDdyJjYZ

When James approached, his heart seemed to stop on the spot. There on the balcony, Lynette was kissing with nothing less than the lady in the lovely dress and short honey-colored hair. That was his Uncle Ron's wife, Hermione Weasley.copyright protection3PENANAbZlAGEUz6m

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAj1FeDOxTzM

TACHAAAN!!!!!! vote and comment on how you felt about the end of the chapter, don't be shy.copyright protection3PENANAn6sPJGnt0m

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