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Writer Capt. leon
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The Lonesome Gala
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8BBqaHrsO6jlfdjrhQVKposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection3PENANAZYMtiTrHxz

Capítulo 11: The Lonesome Galacopyright protection3PENANAlFbW5lDxOs

Outside the palace, in the large main grandstands leading up to the palace, a young man in elegant tuxedo was sitting while he saw the city lights in the distance.copyright protection3PENANAD7OTk7kBYf

“Trixie... I wish you could see those lights next to me. Maybe I should just drop everything and come find you, but Penelope Pitstop won't tell me where you went unless I beat her in the race.”copyright protection3PENANAmXe9rw3SeA

Thus spoke Speed Racer in a low voice due to the pain of love and a shadow slid down the steps to touch the young man's shoulder.copyright protection3PENANAszfDwlZaSN

“Speed Racer?” Suddenly a soft, crystal clear voice said, it was Penelope Pitstop.copyright protection3PENANACwUqpfxJRw

"Speed, what are you doing out of the salon?” asked the runner.copyright protection3PENANAZetenVKqOZ

“Oh, hello, Pitstop. I just wanted to get some fresh air.”copyright protection3PENANA0gzgU5BTfu

“I see, I thought you were thinking about your girlfriend because you were sighing so much.”copyright protection3PENANAGS0BiqRQaI

The spine of Speed Racer suddenly seemed not to support the weight of the pilot's torso and came forward, thankfully the runner was sitting down and so he didn't roll down the stairs.copyright protection3PENANAm9WQokM9KA

Speed Racer glanced frowningly at the long-haired, shiny golden-colored runner.copyright protection3PENANA8LRI1LNDF3

“And what are you doing here, shouldn't you be with your husband?”copyright protection3PENANA7mV8XeyP5J

“I was there a moment ago, but he made me notice how you came out of the party crestfallen and I decided to see what happened to you, did you trip or something and people laughed at you?”copyright protection3PENANAxsTujhO5qz

“Tch, hey Pitstop, I'm no kid.”copyright protection3PENANAGzkxhlj4ZY

“I'm sorry, but when you reach my age, you can't help but worry about the young people around you," said Penelope with a sad gesture.copyright protection3PENANA86k3fiiO7n

“I don't know what you're talking about, you look very young to me," said Speed Racer, unable to avoid seeing the blonde competitor from head to toe.copyright protection3PENANAxFPqa8IZe8

“Hey, no flirting with a married woman!”copyright protection3PENANAyUHTrZfK4e

“What!, I was doing no such thing!” Suddenly the boy who wanted to keep protesting said, but then Penelope's soft hands held the young man's cheeks sweet and soft and they quickly turned crimson.copyright protection3PENANAJcl3gBmypu

“How lucky Trixie is to have you as her boyfriend!” Penelope said happily, as she was pinching him, stretching his cheeks and kneading them.copyright protection3PENANAWX9LokU6j8

“Beja de bajer ezo, ño zozy mingunm mmiño! (Stop doing that, I'm not a child!)” tried to say Speed Racer, but Penelope wouldn't stop while laughing and laughing.copyright protection3PENANAeS2WMuV1fZ

“Take, take, take, that's what you deserve for flirting with a married woman!” laughed Penelope with a funny laugh.copyright protection3PENANAfYbB2sco0C

“What's this about flirting with a married woman?” suddenly said Pedro Bello, Penelope Glamour's husband, as he walked down the wide bleachers and frowned.copyright protection3PENANASWz2IXmD3G

“Nothing dear, I was just messing around with the poor boy who has sorrows of love.”copyright protection3PENANALhyOekj9my

“I apologize to my wife Speed Racer," excused Pedro Bello, while he relaxed his face and shook his head, "as you can see, she is very competitive, not only in the races but also outside them. Now, my love, stop pricking the poor man and leave him alone with his pain.”copyright protection3PENANA9CxkdzNqYN

“No way, he looks so cute pouting!”copyright protection3PENANA2RKBTszg6C

Speed Racer took Penelope's hands and pushed them away firmly but as delicately as he could.copyright protection3PENANAWRUvG8QZic

“Oh, my God, and to think that I used to see you as the cliché image of a damsel in distress of the 1920s," said Meteoro, who rubbed his sore cheeks.copyright protection3PENANAyrO6M2GzsE

“No way," complained Penelope, "that image was the one that my former tutor, Silvestre dos Caras, imposed on me. He even bought me that ridiculous auto factory princess Barbie doll. Did you know that all his devices didn't help me at the races? They were just makeup devices.”copyright protection3PENANAmvw76pAFGG

“But my love," said Pedro Bello with his typical Robert Red Ford style Hollywood stud smile, "if you loved all those appliques in your old car.”copyright protection3PENANAiCyc8ekYeD

“Don't even remind me," said Penelope blushing, "I was so young and naive. Besides, I couldn't do anything on my own, I even lost track of how many times I was rescued by Mafio and his friends.”copyright protection3PENANAaN4ZTQ2zpv

“I'm sure nothing would have happened to you," said Pedro Bello. “You are so clever that you would surely have solved any situation, in fact, you did, in the end you discovered that the Sinister Claw was none other than Silvestre dos Caras. Ah I feel so lucky to have married not only the prettiest girl, but also the smartest girl of all.”copyright protection3PENANAeM0KT7atMR

“Awww you says such nice things, dear," said Penelope, moved with emotion, and she was ready to embrace her husband.copyright protection3PENANAa4uIhCXCAb

Meteoro smiled at the tender scene and considered it best to return to the room and leave those two alone. Meanwhile, at the base of the stairs and decks, there was a girl holding a tray of fine sandwiches.copyright protection3PENANAfLZjLS9Osz

“Ewww, if those two kiss, I'll puke," said Meena, who kept choking on her snacks.copyright protection3PENANAjHljseqCId

.copyright protection3PENANAuTiYBzAycb

.copyright protection3PENANAKrXJLICVw5

Inside the room, Gru was not paying attention to the words of Rex, Speed Racer's older brother, regarding the mission entrusted to them by the Anti-Villain League. His mind was distracted at the time.copyright protection3PENANAuQNP9f4ASN

"This is like deja vu," Gru thought. "The same thing happened to me when I saw El Macho on his restaurant cover. I know I've seen that woman before... if only she'd taken off her mask."copyright protection3PENANANmG6kiFURS

Margo, Edith and Agnes had taken Mama Lobo to her father, and after a few words the woman invited the girls to see her fast car.copyright protection3PENANA5Ck3l5LY1i

When the three girls and the mysterious runner came down the stairs, they met Penelope and her husband, who were hugging each other and laughing quietly.copyright protection3PENANA4v8Rli6qSY

“Ewww, if those two kiss, I'll puke," said Edith with a disgusting gesture, while her older and younger sister looked at the couple attentively, but not for long as they followed Mama Lobo to where her car was.copyright protection3PENANAeGkVMEdsz5

"On top of wearing pink clothes like me," Meena thought indignantly. "She also decides to say the same words as me."copyright protection3PENANAkFHFI3Ku1L

The girl scout decided to follow Edith and her sisters as she suddenly became curious.copyright protection3PENANAN6hVXDe437

"Maybe this will benefit me, maybe I'll find a way to take revenge on those three and that nosy lady."copyright protection3PENANA3hNndz2q2C

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAvnic20fNvh

Oh no, bad idea Meena, very bad idea! This is going to get interesting, vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection3PENANAzinQeltsqx

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