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Writer Capt. leon
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New corridors appear
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MiApYWCEWDAadKeovfDxposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection3PENANAPxJWfNTHbs

Capítulo 3: New corridors appearcopyright protection3PENANAEYKenJb0o7

The pink stele approached the other cars and made a spectacular skid that slowed down the motorized one to few centimeters of the match-5 of Meteoro.copyright protection3PENANADYhQJweeLS

“Wow, that must be Penelope Glamour!” exclaimed Nahikari.copyright protection3PENANAMBqvyFjrnu

“It seems so, although from the information I have, the runner is supposed to wear a retro racing suit, but we see that the one she wears is very modern, but it does keep its characteristic pink color.”copyright protection3PENANAT1tEgRorRM

“What about the car, James?”copyright protection3PENANAzuLRlunzJ9

“Well, this one's changed for the better too. His previous motorized car was a stereotype racing car type of a Barbie doll car... is a toy of Muggle girls, Nahikari . Just like her racing suit, her car looks very modern, a Dodge Viper GT but with an open cabin, it keeps the bodywork in various shades of pink.”copyright protection3PENANAsvKS0jykLV

“It looks awesome, James.”copyright protection3PENANAOFWhjd8HF0

“I know Nahikari, even though I'm a man, I wish I had a car like this, despite the pink color.”copyright protection3PENANAufuf6PKtpt

“And what's the name of the car?”copyright protection3PENANADSYnKZHijs

“Her driver named her: Gatito Compacto.... well, it has nothing compact, that thing is huge!.... Oh this is going to get good Nahikari! Penelope just got out of the Compact Kitty, without opening the door, she just jumped and landed on the ground using the same pose of Speed Racer! Yeah, the blonde just stole the pose from Speed Racer, and the Muggle journalists went crazy! She's bombarded with questions and pictures, but she doesn't even flinch!”copyright protection3PENANAe87aqroz84

Penelope approaches Speed Racer with a determined step and stops a couple of steps away.copyright protection3PENANAzDj3SpTDTj

“I know it's rude to point the finger, but listen to Speed Racer," Penelope said, pointing at Speed Racer. “You may have won the last Grand Prix, but I, Penelope Glamour, will beat you.”copyright protection3PENANA6wb5UW4Beo

Penelope then pointed to the sky.copyright protection3PENANA3sxbDXC2wL

“It's not only with Speed Racer, I'll also defeat you all, I'll be the winner of the Rhea Eggs trophies!”copyright protection3PENANA66oqahP3UI

All the runners opened their eyes in surprise, including Gru. Margo, Edith and Agnes also opened their eyes, but unlike the adults they did so with a marked note of adoration.copyright protection3PENANAm0ey59uaKJ

“Hey, James, it looks like other cars are coming.”copyright protection3PENANAzOc6ZP3CSA

“It's true, a dark green Aston Martin is approaching. It seems that it is the Garra Siniestra by Silvestre dos Caras, who gets out of the vehicle and makes a very exaggerated caravan towards Penélope.”copyright protection3PENANAnZGLpQ2eUW

“Hey, James, I think it's a ruckus!”copyright protection3PENANAXhXcP3ljd6

“The driver of El Tempestuoso, Pedro Bello just threw a punch at Silvestre dos Caras! Several security guards separate the two guys! Mafio and his co-pilots, they also add to the chaos, I think those seven also want to settle accounts with Silvestre dos Caras!”copyright protection3PENANA2NUeTU4XwX

“I wonder what all this fighting is about?”copyright protection3PENANAxTWeFm4HBY

“I receive information, it seems that Silvestre dos Caras was Penelope's tutor and he made several attempts on the runner's life. The subject was years before acting as a masked suit and green mask guy called The Sinister Claw.”copyright protection3PENANAEyfBL5E7oS

“That's terrible, James! What could that guy be doing in the race?!”copyright protection3PENANAdrF8Gz2Kwz

“Apparently Silvestre dos Caras were discovered and sent to prison, however, he has just been released for good behavior. And as for the fight, it turns out that Pedro Bello is Penelope's husband. And as for Mafio and company, they saved Penelope on numerous occasions and have been friends ever since.”copyright protection3PENANAI4tEi80nQB

The security guards put the place in order again and just in time as another corridor approached.copyright protection3PENANAluaB6WGK35

“Another car is coming," said Nahikari, "it's the Estrella Fugaz and it's driven by the Rex.”copyright protection3PENANADgwjpcSsXp

“Nahikari, I understand that Rex is the older brother of Speed Racer. Wow, although old-fashioned, Rex's yellow car looks pretty intimidating.”copyright protection3PENANA1FtukMDl9t

“It's good that after the previous fight, two brothers met and fraternized... Oh no!”copyright protection3PENANAXvX8644NP7

Rex had gotten out of his vehicle and approached his younger brother. Sped Racer approached to greet his brother, but was punched in the left cheek.copyright protection3PENANASsopMOBEgy

“This is for dad, he's very disappointed in you, little brother, you promised him you'd only do mechanics.”copyright protection3PENANA4ieyMykqUu

Speed Racer stood up and was slapped on the right cheek by his brother.copyright protection3PENANATRZRZ6V3TK

“This is for mom, she's very angry because now she'll have to undo all the calendars and reservations for the wedding.”copyright protection3PENANAbMdAbZoNEE

Speed Racer/Meteoro tried to answer, but was punched right in the mouth of the stomach and fell to his knees.copyright protection3PENANAmIWAhJ9B93

“This is for me, like your brother I can't forgive you for breaking your girlfriend heart.”copyright protection3PENANA62V5UVbPZ5

“But Rex...”copyright protection3PENANAAaSNL3M9Qr

“And this is from Trixie," said Rex, who was delivering a letter to Speed Racer.copyright protection3PENANANd9KNrtX2D

“My love, now I realize I was a fool to try to keep you away from the races. You're so wild to drive that I was always terrified of losing you, but trying to protect you only hurt and isolated you from me. I know you'll never stop driving, at least in such a dangerous way unless you find someone to outdo you. Penelope Glamur is a good friend of mine and I asked her to calm the fire in your heart by beating you in this race. Meteoro, even if that happens, I don't think anything will be the same between us anymore, so I'm retiring from your life. Goodbye my love and I wish you all the happiness and trophies in the world. I'll always remember you... yours, Trixie.”copyright protection3PENANA18FWeASqpR

Speed Racer started crying as Rex walked away.copyright protection3PENANAvZ2oNNrzWi

“Nakihari, another car is coming.”copyright protection3PENANA0KvaujBYgE

“I'm sorry," the Hufflepuff wiped her tears, "the new car is a small scarlet car and is driven by Mama Lobo.”copyright protection3PENANABiNhe1R6sg

“The red car is a porsche boxter," said James, "a woman's car.”copyright protection3PENANAYXg0m3ONDK

“It's not a woman's!” said Alan Harper, who watched the presentation of the cars on cable TV back in North America. “It's not like that, Berta, Jake!”copyright protection3PENANA6EuCOZWqXd

“Of course, Dad," said his son, who had returned from the army barracks, and then without his father noticing, he and Berta shook their heads.copyright protection3PENANA5yvSPKUGRm

“Nahikari, I see another car coming... it's yellow, wait... it's a banana split! I think it's one of those cars that delivers food just like the bodywork of the vehicle.”copyright protection3PENANAXPkeQGhEuU

“It says here that the Muggle "dessert" is called: banana, and is driven by Kevin and his co-pilots are six...., just like the drivers of the chugabum. And there the corridors come down that apparently....for Merlin's sake!”copyright protection3PENANApByUdnTaOQ

“I don't know Nahikari, they look like elongated yellow pills. They are a kind of Muggle medicine that varies in content depending on the disease of the Muggle.”copyright protection3PENANAnTpTLeDFVv

“I had never seen such creatures before in Magic Creature Care with Hagrid.”copyright protection3PENANA2Tlm7b2pQx

“Well, I hope the Muggles keep swallowing that they are humans in disguises.”copyright protection3PENANAkf8T9lg3w5

“Look James, the driver Gru looked out of the open window of his big car and is yelling at those little yellow guys!”copyright protection3PENANAUUYjNJyrpu

“Right, and the little guys make faces at him and threaten him with their fists! Whoa, Gru wants to go out the window, but he's held by his three co-pilots! they look like they're little girls from here.”copyright protection3PENANAWsnhOvtRUk

“What could little girls be doing in a race?”copyright protection3PENANAofAw8KSpNo

“I don't know, but here I get new information, apparently Gru's co-pilots are his three adopted daughters, and the yellow guys are called minions and worked for Gru. Now I understand Gru's fury, those little yellow guys are competing against him.”copyright protection3PENANAuHis16czxC

“Zoquete! ¡Zoquete!” the minions shouted to Gru as they laughed.copyright protection3PENANA4u4rMTXgKS

“And the last car is coming, James, it's small and it's driven by a little girl! She is wearing a Girl Scout outfit but with a pink skirt and hat, and her name is Meena.”copyright protection3PENANAA97aFfUyFI

“Oh no!” exclaimed Isabella, Phineas and Pherb's friend, to her explorer friends, "It is Meena, just when we thought we were getting rid of her because she was an evil explorer, now appears in this race.”copyright protection3PENANAX9pgCrmO0U

The other Girl Scouts shook their heads as they looked at Meena's car.copyright protection3PENANAr5ovwaouq9

“Nahikari, Meena's car is a white go-kart stroller that was apparently modified. It has rear wings on the sides and powerful turbines at the rear.copyright protection3PENANAm0iubYK5wp

“JE in your face, I told you I was going to tell my mom! What do you think of my go-kart? I call it: The Minion Crusher.”copyright protection3PENANANuydKbE60F

“Oh popo," said the minions as they exchanged nervous looks.copyright protection3PENANA1rKpWhAlM0

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAu81NDcLnii

Meena from Minion Crush, showed up!copyright protection3PENANAM6MlkxwZEw

Hurry up! vote and comment so that our little friends don't get crushed by her.copyright protection3PENANAFFYq4UIEgu

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