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Writer Capt. leon
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Fighting in cassocks
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tHcFKS9laeW8mkTB0TCwposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection4PENANAOOlve1exqh

Capítulo 5: Fighting in cassockscopyright protection4PENANAVTY7zJ0I4a

The Uruguay River had been left behind and a delta accompanied the imposing view of the Rio de la Plata. And under this surprising frame, several cars tried to pass each other in the race. Race whose prize was the obsession of the competitors: the Rhea Eggs Trophies.copyright protection4PENANAX0jjkcUl5w

“As you can see from the magic camera, the cars down there come closer to each other in order to take a better position in the race," said Nahikari. “This phase, the Buenos Aires phase, is very close to the previous phase: the start phase, so Dr. Locovitch and Baron Hans Fritz will not be able to participate until their strange vehicles are repaired.”copyright protection4PENANARUldpzeE7E

“Thats right Nahikari," James corroborated, "in this phase the runners will first pass through the city of Tigre, which is very close to the Argentine capital. Once there, they will have to head towards El Obelisco, go around the Plaza de la República, and head towards the Casa Rosada, where they will receive one of the trophies: Golden Rhea's Eggs.”copyright protection4PENANAV2yUa7DaQH

“And now close to the Tiger," said Nahikari, "the riders are grouped as follows: first comes the Meteoro's match5; followed very closely by Penélope Glamour's gatito Compacto and her husband, Pedro Bello, with El Tempestuoso; Pierre no Doy Una's super Ferrari and Muttley, the dog; and Rex's shooting star.”copyright protection4PENANAlNIE73R2oW

“The second group of runners," James told us, "is made up of: the Crushing Minion of Meena; the Chugabum of Mafio and his six co-pilots; the Frightening Mobile of the tenebrous couple; and the Sinister Claw of Silvestre dos Caras.”copyright protection4PENANAygRUthtIVA

“And ending with the last one group," Nahikari recounted Nahikari, "there are: the Rocomovil of the macana brothers, Piedro and Roco; the Alambique Veloz of Lucas and the fearful bear; the "despicable" led by Gru and his three daughters as co-pilots; the trunkswagen of Brutus and Listus; the red porsche of mama Lobo; the banana Split of the minion; and the super special junk.”copyright protection4PENANAnRDVLN3oYT

"And we arrived in the city of Tiger! James, the super Ferrari is falling behind and the second rider's group is approaching.”copyright protection4PENANA6jHPYOSPQh

“Damn it," complained Pierre no Doy Una. “Muttley, activate the smoke lance.”copyright protection4PENANAMpxEj1VNJR

The dog presses a button and a second escape emerges behind the villain's car, then a thick cloud of black smoke surrounds the runners who were stepping on his heels, causing them to brake and skid.copyright protection4PENANAo7I13tP6SO

“That's cheating!” Nahikari shouted high up in the basket of the magic hot air balloon.copyright protection4PENANA0Y7IN6xGVo

“In quidditch cheaters always lose and there is no exception here," James intervened. “Apparently the super Ferrari has a leak and the closed cabin is filling up with smoke. Pierre no Doy Una can't see where he's going... and crashes into the railing! I don't think Pierre won't be able to stay in the race.”copyright protection4PENANAXHNvl7xhVh

“Well, he deserves it," Nahikari approved, "no car was involved in an accident.... oh no, I was wrong! The chugabum appears to be immobilized. What can you tell us, James?”copyright protection4PENANA8koRmrkbyc

“Well, apparently the chugabum skidded and his four tires exploded from the friction, a pity just as they entered El Tigre.”copyright protection4PENANAZzb7hZdPG9

“What do we do now, boss?” asked one of the tiny six co-pilots.copyright protection4PENANAdDR19d9Gu4

“Look gang, there are the train tracks nearby. Let's put the Chugabum on the tracks!”copyright protection4PENANAXDomuKOPWn

“James, I don't believe it. Those seven Muggles are pushing the car to the train tracks.”copyright protection4PENANA2WWe3edh3T

“Well, I don't know what they're trying to achieve with that, the Chugabum is not a modern carbon fiber car, it's an old-fashioned car made of pure iron, so its weight won't give it much speed on the train tracks," James said.copyright protection4PENANAqhxiiHvrn0

“All right, boys, “said Mafio, “let's use escape power!”copyright protection4PENANAvlEUI9FwYB

Suddenly, seven pairs of tiny legs were coming out from under the Chugabum and they started running frantically, making the old 1920s car not only advance, but also speeding up. Nahikari and James could not believe it and watched the sudden acceleration with the use of their omniculars.copyright protection4PENANAT1yQfB4tT8

“Unbelievable!” said James, as Nahikari was speechless. “I don't know how those Muggles do it but they're advancing at a hell of a speed.... they just overtook Rex's shooting star; Pedro Bello's Tempestuoso; Penelope Glamour's Gatito Compacto; and finally they overtook Meteoro's match5!”copyright protection4PENANAnkpUCHC89Z

“James, there's a train approaching on the other side of the tracks!”copyright protection4PENANA8FlMz4VfAU

Mafio and company jump and make the Chugabum turn around, and using escape power, run away from the train that is on their heels.copyright protection4PENANARuWplb1pFU

“And the Chugabum goes in the opposite direction to the other runners.... and it goes, it goes... and it went. I've already lost sight of tem," said James as he wore the omniculars.copyright protection4PENANAy2eYXRGzZP

“Oh, poor things," said Nahikari with a face of consternation (and laughter) on her face.copyright protection4PENANAz7uVU4ZPjA

"And the runners have already entered Buenos Aires! And now they are heading towards the obelisk where they will circle the square to go to the finish line located at the seat of the Argentine government.”copyright protection4PENANAKa4GzpSAPx

“Because of Pierre no doy Una's tricks, most of the participants fell far behind the vanguard group.”copyright protection4PENANAvoAJnxA37z

“That's right James, only four competitors will have a chance to win the first Rhea Eggs trophy.”copyright protection4PENANATGHoBBsBqL

“...Nahikari, I see that in Republic Square, it's getting crowded.”copyright protection4PENANAbaWgRwGJ6w

“What, that can't be! That whole place would have to be clear for the race.”copyright protection4PENANAgBURlioWlw

“They seem to be monks wearing banners and religious effigies," said James, surprised, and then he put on his omniculars to see better.copyright protection4PENANAvfcdDOO5qf

At both ends of the enormous plaza, two groups of people approached each other and looked at each other in the purest style of gangs of New York the film.copyright protection4PENANARBqNShjy0q

“Plagiarism," said Leonardo Di Caprio, as he watched Muggle TV and polished his Oscar.copyright protection4PENANA5h208oixkD

On one side came a group with a banner that prayed: Church of Maradona.copyright protection4PENANA4QSh3w5RBw

The other group also had a banner, which read: Messi Church.copyright protection4PENANA6s8xg0OAzP

“The pure Maradona taught us that the true path is the passion for football.”copyright protection4PENANA1E64FfsXNM

“Messi's untainted player teaches that the only way is to give his all for football.”copyright protection4PENANABRDu8G0eyB

Suddenly someone said, "Well, our Maradona wasn't evading taxes," and the typical "salon brawl" began.copyright protection4PENANAKF4SclT0Vt

“Watch out, get out of the way!” shouted Speed Racer as he honked his car horn, but the fans were immersed in a berserker state from the "dog-face" fight.copyright protection4PENANAPX8W1NctKZ

“Who are these guys!” Penelope Glamour shouted as she bragged about her driving as she evaded the lunatics in front of her.copyright protection4PENANAgmRTQ0zRf7

“My love, be careful!” shouted Pedro Bello to his wife, even though he couldn't afford to distract himself from running over anyone.copyright protection4PENANAtZMxSYTMZP

“Crazy," Rex grunted, while barely keeping his yellow car from hitting anyone.copyright protection4PENANAfOMnLNaXhV

Fortunately, the four riders were experts and avoided running over the fools who continued to insist on the fight. Less fortunate were the runners in the back who were unable to continue the race.copyright protection4PENANAXxhOq8P0Z4

“Soldier, I'm going to fire the cannon!” shouted the sergeant's big mouth in the special super junk.copyright protection4PENANA7s4U0XTTJT

“But sir, you can't shoot civilians!”copyright protection4PENANAIZIvmtixqz

“Quiet soldier, it will only be a warning shot," said the sergeant and then fired the cannon, with such misfortune that the projectile struck right at the base of the Obelisk.copyright protection4PENANAto7LcxT2xT

The huge monument began to crack and then began to fall gradually on the people underneath it.copyright protection4PENANA6FmaAm7tgR

The runners fled in all directions but the fans of both sides fled in a straight line and just below the Obelisk.copyright protection4PENANAmZQ5udyNLZ

“Turn right, turn right, turn right! Forget it," James said resignedly, watching the Obelisk fall to the ground, crushing all the fanatics.copyright protection4PENANAnenu0A2TCz

“Plagiarism," Charlize Theron, the actress who co-starred in the movie Prometheus, who ended up being crushed by the spaceship, told Muggle TV.copyright protection4PENANANIf9TPv1jM

“As my partner Nahikari became mute again from the impression (you can't blame her), my person tells this instead. We can already see the Casa Rosada, and Speed Racer and Penélope Pitstop are approaching, followed very closely by Pedro Bello and Rex.”copyright protection4PENANATGLKLgXj4J

"And we had a photo finish, gentlemen! I get the tip and it's.... Speed racer, who crosses the finish line first, followed by Penélope Glamour in second place and her husband Pedro Bello in third.”copyright protection4PENANAjsYHWYhZSU

"Trixie, I made it," Speed Racer thought euphorically as a beautiful model handed him one of the Rhea Eggs trophies.copyright protection4PENANAzFDOOwEkyX

The trophy was equal to any cup except that it bore a bronze replica of a rhea egg.copyright protection4PENANA7rDTbo99Ie

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAS2GRJCP0CH

What an amazing end, my friends, but it's not over yet, vote and comment that there are still many chapters to go.copyright protection4PENANAVbny0c4ExD

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