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Writer Capt. leon
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the bear and the beaver
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gU6Axb9kqGytZlutcyIBposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection3PENANAnuCmoG5fO3

Capítulo 8: the bear and the beavercopyright protection3PENANAD5YKGwVPQm

The overwhelming heat of the Amazon struck the runners as they ran beneath the protective shadows of the high tropical groves on either side of the road. The warm air in the air made the hot air balloon of Nahikari Black Lovegood, and James Sirious Potter, fly efficiently, but the high altitude of the magicians did not cause the temperature to drop.copyright protection3PENANAvpQvKkYXTG

“I've got it, James," said the witch, as she cast a measured cold spell on her companion to relieve the terrible heat.copyright protection3PENANAygbbDzRIPG

“Thanks Nahikari, I was never given these spells," the honey-colored curly-haired wizard thanked her, making the girl blush. “You should also apply the spell, it seems that the heat is affecting you, your face is turning red.”copyright protection3PENANAMtLKdrh9h7

“Emm, I'll do it.... let's start with the show because the magic camera is already focusing on the runners.”copyright protection3PENANAwNxmihHgeA

"Welcome to the magical world of the rally: Rhea eggs, race developed in South America, James.”copyright protection3PENANAWNR8YvHQdw

“Magicians and witches who see us, this stage takes place in Brazil, however, unlike the previous stages, the goal this time will not be in the Brazilian capital: Brasilia, but rather in the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro. This is because the Muggles wanted to take advantage of the fact that the 2016 Olympics are about to take place in Rio de Janeiro, all in order to give a better and bigger show to the Muggle television audience.”copyright protection3PENANAx0ZiLdK2n2

“Many trees cover the competitors," said Nahikari, "but don't worry, the magic camera has a built-in Weasley sweep spell that makes the trees around it look invisible and allows a perfect view of the Muggle corridors.”copyright protection3PENANAaTPHf7ZXod

“The "Weasley sweep," better known to Hogwarts students as the "peeping Tom," allows students to see from the corners whether the new cretinous janitor, Donaldo Trumposo, or the new librarian, Hillary "I turn a blind eye" Clintony, are around," James added.copyright protection3PENANAyl1pt0UaQ8

Principal McGonagall spat out her tea as she swore by the memory of Albus Dumbledore that she would punish the young sorcerer as soon as he returned to school.copyright protection3PENANAHo8HHUVsWi

“Don't be so hard on young Potter, Minerva," said the portrait of Albus Dumbledore as he laughed amusingly.copyright protection3PENANAu7cjOsrOpP

“McGonagall, have that Potter clean the latrines without magic," Snape's portrait said harshly, "that's what I had his uncle, that Ronald Weasley, do.”copyright protection3PENANA1Xa3mD3hOU

“The runners split into two groups," said Nahikari. In the first: Lucas and scared bear's Speedy Alembic; Brutus and Listus the beaver's Trunkswagen and; Dr. Locovitch's car/convertible, which literally runs down the track as a pair of metal legs come out to help him in the difficult terrain.”copyright protection3PENANAqwizdZt9rq

"And way behind them are: the Split Banana of the minions; the Red Porsche of Mama Lobo; the Rocomovil of the macana brothers, Piedro and Roco; the Super Ferrari of Pierre no Doy Una and Patan, the dog; the Sinister Claw of Silvestre dos Caras; the Chugabum of Mafio and company; the Crushing Minion of Meena; the Shooting Star of Rex; the Stuka Rakuda of Baron Hans Fritz; the "despicable me" of Gru and his daughters; the Match 5 of Speed Racer; the Compact Kitten of Penélope Pitstop; the Stormy One of Pedro Bello; and the Frightening Mobile of the tenebrous couple.”copyright protection3PENANArWxEfm6Gav

“The tough terrain makes racing cars or narrow-wheeled cars difficult this time," James explained, "and it's the unconventional cars that lead the way this time.”copyright protection3PENANAwcsGfPkj78

“But Troncoswagen has the thinnest tyres of all.”copyright protection3PENANAdxEw6SwA1X

“Maybe, but remember Nahikari, those tires are really circular saws that give it a traction of not believing.”copyright protection3PENANA1tUz79VdQ6

“Ag, this is useless," complained Pierre no Doy Una, "Muttley, throw in the studs and break the tires.”copyright protection3PENANAJnjb3z1oS8

The dog grabs a small barrel and staples it through a funnel behind the driver's seat. The studs then come out of the villain's fake tailpipe.copyright protection3PENANAw6FbCM48n6

“James, Pierre no Doy Una, is cheating!”copyright protection3PENANA6oz0XHaTV1

“Don't worry, friend, look.”copyright protection3PENANA0EojQsSRQL

The ground was so muddy, the tacks sank when the tires of the other runners passed over them.copyright protection3PENANAZnRFyusCDP

Pierre no Doy Una was furious and insisted on the low ploy of the tacks and Muttley continued to listen to him, but after a while the studs ran out.copyright protection3PENANAJJeiKb0V5W

“Useless dog, there are more tacks in that other barrel!” shouted the man to the dog, who tried to signify to his master that they were not studs what was left in the last barrel.copyright protection3PENANAW5AlorNhiD

The villain punched the dog in the head and the poor fleabag had no choice but to pour the contents of the barrel through the funnel, which of course were not tacks, but naphtha, and when the liquid came out through the fake pipe that was stuck with the real pipe...copyright protection3PENANA3i1UXzpqc2

“What was that!” Nahikari shouted as the blast wave of the explosion hit the magic hot air balloon.copyright protection3PENANAgVMuewGfrL

“It seems that a tremendous explosion came from the Super Ferrari," said James, who was hugging his partner at the time.copyright protection3PENANAboQMJfdxwv

Nahikari blushed, and was not the only one as the young wizard with green eyes and broad shoulders had also blushed as he realized the embrace with which he had caught his friend.copyright protection3PENANAbzNcuLLTcY

None of the young men cut off eye contact or tried to separate, but the approach of the magic camera made them return to reality.copyright protection3PENANAWsUIX8eDoG

“...This, well, what can you tell us about the race, James?”copyright protection3PENANApz4flOvyl2

“Hey, sure.... it seems that all the runners in the second group were fired everywhere. I don't think they are hurt because the thick grove of trees stopped the cars from falling, but I think it will be too late until they come down from the treetops, so only the cars from the first group will have a chance to win the race.”copyright protection3PENANA4wCSJ7Ev0Q

“It's a shame James, and there we see the riders who are already approaching Rio de Janeiro. Leading the way are Brutus and Listus's Troncoswagen; followed very closely by Lucas and frightened bear's Speedy Still; and at the end of the race is Dr Locovitch's car/convertible, which continues to run with those huge metal legs that came out just below his car.”copyright protection3PENANAtXjnFgwUUU

“Things are getting interesting Nahikari, the Trunkswagen and the Spedy Still are glued together and the goal is already in sight.”copyright protection3PENANAAjuFzQu4oP

“Come on, don't be afraid," Lucas said to the bear who was his co-driver, "take the wheel of the other car.copyright protection3PENANA7tmJl5Q0AR

The poor bear who was scared to death complained, but in the end he tried to obey the pilot's orders.copyright protection3PENANAR4OasurZol

“Hey, what are you doing!” Brutus complained when the big bear grabbed the handlebars.copyright protection3PENANAUZFoEfe9kD

Listus the little beaver, grunted threateningly and then jumped into the face of the bear, who wept mournfully.copyright protection3PENANAZr7mass1t3

The whole scene was chaotic and the two vehicles were still stuck side by side, but due to the confusion, they had slowed down, which had been taken advantage of by Dr. Locovitch, who was moving toward them in a determined manner.copyright protection3PENANASk7HuAbWzz

“And the car/convertible "jumps" over the two cars and goes ahead of the race... and crosses the finish line!” Nahikari shouted.copyright protection3PENANAityXSdc7nw

“The end of the photograph shows us that the Spedy Still crossed the finish line in second place and the Trunkswagen in third, only millimeters away separated the two cars," said James, who passed the photograph to Nahikari, who revealed second and third place.copyright protection3PENANALmYSI8la9O

The young witch could not help but laugh when she saw the comical picture of the two pilots and their co-pilots "together and scrambled" trying to separate and at the same time separate the beaver that was still fighting the bear that put a frightened face that looked so funny.copyright protection3PENANAd28lJDVUzu

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAuRY3PRh2YE

Author's final notes: no animal was hurt in the creation of this fanfic and any resemblance of any character to real-life people is pure coincidence.copyright protection3PENANAyJ0xBJFWTP

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