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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AJdGulRYymzM0gIIov4Lposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection2PENANAOhNCcFXGoD

Capítulo 14: Surprisescopyright protection2PENANA8ZmlFRHxPf

The sirens of police cars had stopped sounding, but the rotating lights of police vehicles continued to rotate on their axis. Watching the whole chaotic scene were Nahikari and James.copyright protection2PENANAUp2UGKD4gH

“It was fortunate that Minister Lynette found out the whereabouts of Gru's daughters," Nahikari said.copyright protection2PENANAQ5ZDIbjFSI

“With magic, anything is possible," James said dryly.copyright protection2PENANAj0IGmnx3Vm

“Please, James, I explained everything to you. You're not still angry with the minister, are you?”copyright protection2PENANAjPMlKs6nxn

“I guess not.... I just hope this ends well, but I know it won't.”copyright protection2PENANA5ns41bfkQ8

“Do you think so?”copyright protection2PENANA2a9KQv8nz4

“Ron Weasley and his wife Hermione Weasley, war heroes. When the tabloid press finds out about their separation and the relationship with Brazil's Minister of Magic... it will drop manure on the fan, that's for sure.”copyright protection2PENANAJSTweDYl0v

“Do you think your uncle will give her a divorce?”copyright protection2PENANAI5TbaUmqed

“I guess, what I'm sure of is that it won't be pretty.... stupid Uncle Ron, it's all his fault even though it hurts me to admit it.”copyright protection2PENANAyhnH2ddbAM

"You see," James continued, looking at his girlfriend's expression, "my uncles were at first very much in love, but eventually my uncle began to treat my aunt more like her mother or her servant. That and the fact that he's now neglecting his figure... my uncle is obese.”copyright protection2PENANAfkF8QUMPfM

“That's terrible... I mean, that's what he's treating your aunt like a servant.”copyright protection2PENANAlYSea38xtm

“Hmm, so is the other thing. My aunt always told me that my Uncle Ron was very fond of food. Of course, when he was young, it didn't matter because he never got fat, but when he grew up, he not only grew tall but also wide.”copyright protection2PENANAK2E8KGmXSW

“Don't make fun of your poor uncle.”copyright protection2PENANAJ7hpg8j2Xz

“I know that's mean, but you should see my uncle. He can' t move from one side to the other unless he uses his wand. He can't get through any doors. The last time I was at his house, I saw them widen the chimney.”copyright protection2PENANAPiyIwILEff

“Oh, for Merlin.”copyright protection2PENANA10iG92nv0f

.copyright protection2PENANAsJnJ9DSsGP

.copyright protection2PENANA1v8zeFi0jy

Unrelated to the couple of young magicians, Gru hugged her daughters tightly and kept thanking an unpleasant Meena.copyright protection2PENANAglzy1IBodB

“It was nothing, sir. The ones who saved your daughters were the club brothers, or something like that.”copyright protection2PENANAEGk1quEiWl

“Oh no, no, no, nothing like that, you helped my girls so now consider yourself always welcome in my house.”copyright protection2PENANA8YQgy5VQ5f

Meena tried to protest but when she saw Edith and Margo's dismayed faces, she put on a docile face and assured Gru that she would go to her house to play with her daughters.copyright protection2PENANApmBYUCGv1U

“Gru, I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's one thing you should know about," said Rex, Speed Racer's brother. It was obvious that he was referring to his secret mission to the Anti-Villain League.copyright protection2PENANA6FArH1VljS

“Does it have to be right now, Rex?”copyright protection2PENANAGrQxIpDDgI

“I'm sorry, Gru, but it's urgent.”copyright protection2PENANATF4uDZ7ku9

“Ag, whatever. Meena, I entrust you to my little girls” asked Gru to the evil girl scout and Margo put on a face of few friends since she was the one in charge of taking care of the troublemaker Edith and the innocent Agnes, besides, she was older than Meena.copyright protection2PENANAfBOP2vQYRa

As soon as Gru and Rex were out of sight. Meena pushed Agnes away from her hug.copyright protection2PENANAQyCH6k6JYn

“Don't even think that I'm gonna play with you.”copyright protection2PENANAsR2xmGwt01

“Hey, why are you so mean?” Margo scolded her as she adjusted her glasses and looked at her frowning.copyright protection2PENANACfCr5FXWEO

“And what do you have against our friends the minions?”copyright protection2PENANA7unJct3jc2

“You ask me what I have against them? After what they did to me!”copyright protection2PENANAGFTIcgpIJp

“So what did they do to you?” Agnes asked this time.copyright protection2PENANAJmFmNK2KHG

“Those, those... They ate all my cookies and never paid me! They're not free, you know, I had to sell them all over the block. In the end, since I didn't get my quota, Isabela, the leader of my scout group, expelled me with ignominy.”copyright protection2PENANAzOaXxnqBGD

“I didn't know," said Margo, who exchanged glances with her other sisters. “I'm so sorry Meena, I'll talk to Kevin and the others, I promise you they'll pay you back every last cookie.”copyright protection2PENANADnjx5vNvdx

“What's the point? All my life I dreamed of being a girl scout with fashion style and now it can't be.”copyright protection2PENANAUXTAkGlmr2

Meena made a real sad face.copyright protection2PENANA21RdYoAp0h

“You know, the four of us could form our own Girl Scout troop," suggested Agnes, and they all looked at her.copyright protection2PENANA3EEmbKRZf5

“It's a good idea Agnes, what do you say Edith?”copyright protection2PENANAw93pJn64Jy

“If you allow ninja girls in your troop, I don't see why not.”copyright protection2PENANA7LzYZynzYn

“Well, what do you say, Meena?” Margo asked her with a smile.copyright protection2PENANAQ11uodffdu

“I didn't tell you the whole truth, I also did a few bad things in Isabela's troop," said the runner with shame. “I think I could be categorized as a villain, that' s all right with you?”copyright protection2PENANAlJDo9nLgsu

“You're kidding!” Edith shouted out in frustration, "We spent our whole lives surrounded by villains and had su much fun! Of course you're welcome.”copyright protection2PENANAOAgoyfWWPV

Meena looked at the girls with eyes open like plates and then started to cry. The girls hugged her next and this time Meena didn't seem to mind.copyright protection2PENANAkGWmbkzqAM

.copyright protection2PENANAUVwyjFW5Vp

.copyright protection2PENANAAKZR8y75uW

In Dr. Locovitch's laboratory, Gru was able to observe that a meeting of all the runners was taking place.copyright protection2PENANA0PDXbOiLeS

Speed Racer, Pedro Bello, Mafio and company, Baron Hans Fritz, Penelope Pitstop, Kevin and the minions, watched as Gru and Rex entered.copyright protection2PENANAx9O4H8JEdF

“It's good that you've both come at last," said Dr. Locovitch.copyright protection2PENANA3Op3FyCME7

“Hey wait Doctor," Gru interrupted, "Meena is missing.”copyright protection2PENANAIEWlC7aUSp

“The issue we are discussing, Gru, is very serious and it is not for the girls to interfere.... I learned my lesson from when we faced El Macho.”copyright protection2PENANANqyCugKeVY

Gru put on a bewildered face and then Dr. Locovitch, without giving up his sarcastic smile, grabbed his face with his hands and took off his disguise.copyright protection2PENANAUYMk2rSFew

“Doctor Nefario!”copyright protection2PENANAMWbIiOQtIJ

“Surprise Gru! I also work for the Anti-Villain League and Silas Ramsbottom asked me to come in incognito.”copyright protection2PENANASw9q8EHSTC

Not only Gru, but Rex and the other runners looked on in amazement at Dr. Nefario.copyright protection2PENANARNBD7E50jj

“Ag, that man drives me crazy!” Gru complained loudly and went to sit down with Rex.copyright protection2PENANAx5gJOzxF2f

“I'm sorry about this, Gru, Rex," Dr. Nefarious apologized. “But Silas Ramsbottom saw that it would be convenient to have an undercover agent, after all we are talking about someone very important like Mrs. Yutani.”copyright protection2PENANAoULylTd3M6

“Co-Chairwoman of Weyland-Yutani Industries” Rex said.copyright protection2PENANAFDUhh2Vm2e

“And what does that have to do with the mission and why should everyone else be in this place? Do they also work for Ramsbottom?”copyright protection2PENANAGzjWj8vQNy

“I'll explain that right away, but first the first thing, since you two were late, I'd better show you the monitor so we can save time.”copyright protection2PENANA5ctRKPLXSy

Doctor Nefario turned on the huge monitor and revealed what the Rhea Eggs trophies were. More classified photos and information appeared linking Mr. Weyland's death at the South Pole to the destruction of a small town in North America and the arrival of a spacecraft of space marines carrying xenomorphic eggs.copyright protection2PENANA4ybYPs0KP3

“Apparently Silvestre dos Caras works in secret for Mrs. Yutani and from the security camera footage in the lab, he already has all the xenomorphic eggs," Nefario said. “The man is heading to French Guiana, where he plans to escape with the eggs with a spacecraft that will leave the Guiana space center. Once in space, Ms. Yutani will have the legal means to keep the eggs, God only knows what she would do with those things.”copyright protection2PENANAYvDirWqXMd

“I understand Doctor Nefario," said Rex, "but everything you told us does not explain the presence of the other runners in the laboratory.”copyright protection2PENANAwSpZKaOw8H

“Yeah, that's what I was going for. As you all know, Silvestre dos Caras was obsessed with taking Penelope Pitstop's money. In his Sinister Claw disguise, he made several attempts on Penelope's life, well, Dos Caras just kidnapped Penelope.”copyright protection2PENANA4dffb4IcOx

Everyone exchanged disconcerted looks as Penelope Pitstop was right in front of them.copyright protection2PENANAgN3U5uQvsD

“I think I'd better explain this part," said shy Penelope. “You see, Silvestre dos Caras kidnapped Trixie.”copyright protection2PENANAJYw9YgjNMs

“What! Explain yourself!” shouted Speed Racer.copyright protection2PENANAuRFJ7ROP4D

“Well, Trixie came to South America to be with you Speed Racer, she dressed up like me... and then she was kidnapped.”copyright protection2PENANAnkqrfvW50o

“Since when was Trixie in South America?” wanted to know Speed Racer, who was losing the patience more and more.copyright protection2PENANAJKnfTmwd9j

“Well, ever since the competition started, I'm sorry Speed Racer, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have agreed to Trixie's plan.”copyright protection2PENANAFEalohcc7h

Speed Racer was shocked by the shock, so it was Trixie who had challenged him when they met in Montevideo. Now it was all fitting, he thought it was strange that Penelope had copied his classic pose so well in front of the cameras.copyright protection2PENANAPvCfWRLSXM

“Damn it Penelope, what were you and Trixie thinking!”copyright protection2PENANAhGwFVp1sDb

“Hey friend, beware of that tone of voice," said Mafio, who along with his other companions was very overprotective of the blonde runner.copyright protection2PENANALiPVEddQql

“That's enough, we don't gain anything by looking for culprits right now. The best thing is to go after Silvestre dos Caras and rescue Speed Racer's girlfriend," said Pedro Bello, to calm the mood.copyright protection2PENANA7fQKvNBhGy

“Well, what are we waiting for?” said Baron Hans Fritz, "we have the fastest machines found in this part of the world, only we can accomplish this mission.”copyright protection2PENANA3XezDaZECC

Bata lata rescote Trixie," said Kevin and was backed by the other Minions.copyright protection2PENANAPnVFjzSwqi

“Well," said Dr. Nefario with that expression of severity so characteristic of him after exchanging glances with the others.copyright protection2PENANARyyIi4vUlc

“Don't worry, Speed Racer," Gru cheered him on. “I know how the villains think because I was also one. Silvestre dos Caras won't hurt Trixie, at least not for the moment. I'm sure he'll try to get rid of her spectacularly enough for everyone to see, that'll give us time to rescue Trixie.”copyright protection2PENANAsoaGYNRXrt

Pero lo pepote Penélope visto tue Silvestre dos Caras," said Kevin.copyright protection2PENANAAhRwWa5PHw

“Kevin, you're right,' said Gru. “If Silvestre dos Caras sees Penelope, he'll find out she actually kidnapped Trixie. We have to stop him from seeing Penelope or he'll kill Speed Racer's girlfriend.”copyright protection2PENANA8z5GhoKNi5

“You can't leave me here. It's my fault for all this mess, I want to help.”copyright protection2PENANAZKu9rsWipo

“I suggest that Penelope go inside the "despicable me"," Rex suggests. “That vehicle of yours, Gru, is so big that Penelope can hide in it.”copyright protection2PENANAM0GDwDOCtv

Sped racer had no objections and all the drivers got up to go to their cars. Sylvester two-faced had a great advantage over them, but as Gru had said, the villain would surely take his time to finish off what he thought was Penelope.copyright protection2PENANA8B4ehmC29U

Speed Racer jumped into his car and struck one of his fists against the palm of his other hand.copyright protection2PENANA79FBi64fpt

“No... This isn't Penelope's fault. If anyone's to blame, it's me. Trixie, my love, don't despair. I'll be coming to your rescue soon.”copyright protection2PENANAEbtlPZYDBs

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANA8K3dZkzBmJ

Oh no! Poor Trixie. Hurry up! vote and comment to save her!copyright protection2PENANAwuSb6biarI

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