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Writer Capt. leon
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Mrs. Yutani's call
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AnnzpWPHTkmtrHuhBHfIposted on PENANA

DESPICABLE MEcopyright protection4PENANAdnxp2mrgji

Capítulo 07: Mrs. Yutani's callcopyright protection4PENANA4UFrt5oiNh

Away from the Muggles underneath, the magical hot air balloon flew over the runners who were accelerating along the Paraguay River.copyright protection4PENANAD9L4RgmsXB

“A good postcard scene we have down there," Nahikari said, "Right, James?”copyright protection4PENANAbaZIA252ip

“That's right, Nahikari, all the riders drive the cars with skill. Well, actually, we have a casualty because the sergeant and the soldier's special super scrap iron won't participate in this phase or any other.”copyright protection4PENANAkmj0NM5b5S

“And why is that, James?”copyright protection4PENANAtI2eNTu9ls

“The Muggle police arrested them for destroying the Obelisk, the monument in the city of Buenos Aires, and I don't think they will let them go until the last phase of the competition is over.”copyright protection4PENANALxDKgdMlg4

“James, tell us more about this phase of the competition.”copyright protection4PENANAKAr3AeQFqW

“The third phase, the Asunción phase, takes place in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. Competitors, as in the previous phase, must circle a landmark of the city, in this case the Icon Tower, a tall scarlet building, and then cross the finish line that is just in front of the Lopez' palace, which is the seat of government.”copyright protection4PENANAyTFA8stCBP

“We see that the magic camera focuses on the runners who are not in many, but in a group that sometimes becomes compact and sometimes we find the runners with a lot of distance from each other.”copyright protection4PENANA4nnH7DVUYb

“That's right, Nahikari, and now that the Minion team's Split banana has been remodeled, it's not as far behind as it was in previous phases.”copyright protection4PENANAZJMqNmEE24

Numerous people in scattered groups were on the banks of the Paraguay River to watch the competitors pass by. One or two police officers were also on the waterfront to prevent people from crossing the road when the vehicles approached, an unnecessary task since the noise of the cars was heard long before they approached.copyright protection4PENANAABYfb6IFIk

The enthusiastic spectators waved frantically at the competitors with their hands, even though they knew beforehand that all the attention of the riders was focused on the roads. Some of them, however, covered their ears with their hands, because the noise of the engines was very loud.copyright protection4PENANAvNHTvOwqJv

“And it's Penelope Pitstop's Compact Kitten, who is leading the race," said Nahikari.copyright protection4PENANACIfo82LNGO

“Following closely by Speed Racer's Match 5 and the other riders," said James, "it would be better if they were to speed up now, as they will find it more difficult to get to the capital when they arrive.”copyright protection4PENANAShpQwBWfhF

“Muttley, it's now or never," said Pierre no Doy Una, and then the dog pressed a button that made a second exhaust pipe come out of the super Ferrari, through which a large quantity of oil was poured.copyright protection4PENANAzNtgGZ5cqO

“James, all the cars behind the super Ferrari started skidding out of control!”copyright protection4PENANAI2xXrFZcsG

“Only Brutus and Listus' Swagen logs are not affected, safe because of the circular saws on their wheels," James said.copyright protection4PENANA1lXqbu18Jj

“Now Dr. Locovitch's car/convertible spreads a kind of wings and jumps over the oil stain.... and now Baron Hans Fritz's stuka rakuda follows," Nahikari said. “And it seems that the "despicable me" led by Gru also unfolds a couple of strange flaps and also jumps over the mess caused by Pierre no Doy Una.”copyright protection4PENANAOi6izMhEZH

"Good thing they did it in order and not like in the first phase or we'd have an accident.”copyright protection4PENANAtHJ0FaFFn8

“Well, I think there will be an accident anyway Nakihari, because Silvestre dos Caras' Sinister Claw has just hit the rocomovil of the macana brothers, and it goes off like a billiard ball... and hits Pierre no Doy Una's super Ferrari! It seems to me that both cars will not be able to continue with the race.”copyright protection4PENANAlotjPFNRNx

“How do you think the pilots will be?”copyright protection4PENANAaCPgUp2b31

“Don't worry Nahikari, the brothers Piedro and Roco are very hardheaded and are fine, in fact they got out of their "car" and started hitting the super Ferrari with their macanas.”copyright protection4PENANASwJCxoMd3a

“Because of Pierre no Doy Una's tricks," Nahikari reported, "the following cars are out of competition: Rex's shooting star; Meena's Minion Crusher; Mafio's and company's Chugabum; Silvestre dos Caras's Sinister Claw; Pierre no Doy Una's Super Ferrari; the macana brothers', Piedro and Roco's Rocomovil; Lucas and scaredy bear's Speedy Still ; Mamá Lobo's Red Porsche; and the minion's Split Banana.”copyright protection4PENANAlpzPIovwfj

“And informing the magical world," said James, "we have already entered Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.”copyright protection4PENANA3pVTFPiI1m

“That's right, James. And leading the group is the Frightening Car of the tenebrous couple; followed by the Stormy led by Penelope's husband: Pedro Bello; and speaking of Penelope, it is just her, who then follows with the Compact Kitten, is closely followed by the Match 5 of Speed Racer, and right next to each other are found: Gru with the Despicable Me; and Brutus and Listus with the Trunkswagen; and closing the march come the car/convertible of Doctor Locovitch; and the Stuka Rakuda of Baron Hans Fritz.”copyright protection4PENANAJTTtwqSjDV

The Frightening Car had overcome Pierre no Doy Una's trap, thanks to the flight of the dragon in his tower/bell tower, and for this reason had been left without "emergency thrust" to maintain its position and now, was surpassed by the other runners when they reached the Icon Tower.copyright protection4PENANAtZl2P4qkAG

In the same situation were Gru, Dr. Locovitch and Baron Hans Fritz.copyright protection4PENANADE5yxLoQtp

“And it is the Trunkswagen with Brutus and Listus, who take the lead in the curve of the Icon Tower," said Nahikari.copyright protection4PENANAcdj6GQwy9a

“Indeed, the saws of the rare vehicle of the lumberjack and beaver give him enough traction and grip not to have to slow down.”copyright protection4PENANAuCaQFZU6jv

James was right, however, the initial advantage in the end was not enough against the power of more powerful cars that quickly overtook the Trunkswagen and came closer and closer to the finish line.copyright protection4PENANAMW9SvHDUy6

The capital's people cheered for the runners who were in the lead and in the midst of all that noise, a pink beam prevailed over the others.copyright protection4PENANAkLkER1uoAD

“And it's Penelope Pitstop, who crosses the finish line first!” Nahikari shouted. “Followed by none other than her husband Pedro Bello, and in third place is Speed Racer.”copyright protection4PENANAy4gIVVIQ21

Streamers and others rained down on the winner who was hugged by her husband, and even Speed Racer was plunged into the "rain" and greeted the people of Asunción.copyright protection4PENANAlOYvHudkoL

.copyright protection4PENANArIwLmnMQMm

.copyright protection4PENANAukrK3mGMcJ

Already after the trophy was handed over and so forth, a runner did not join the party in honor of the competitors.copyright protection4PENANANyyM4fghzE

“You're useless," Ms. Yutani said on a Skype call. “If I'd known about your incompetence, I wouldn't have moved my influence or paid for your bail.”copyright protection4PENANA30nzMKXyBK

“It's all the fault of that clumsy Pierre no Doy Una," Silvestre dos Caras excused himself. “I tried to immobilize Penelope Pitstop's car with the Rocomobile, but I hit the Super Ferrari instead of the Compact Kitten.”copyright protection4PENANAU54lQ8IxVV

“Shut up! I told you to stop that obsession with Penelope Pitstop, now you work for me and you have to win as many trophies as you can, stop being so pathetic.”copyright protection4PENANAgIuOvy3LQD

“Listen, Mrs. Yutani," said the despicable man, putting together the little patience he had left, "at least I made the special super junk never compete again.”copyright protection4PENANAqTEOtqyrY9

“It's true, it's true," said the woman, "those clowns were undercover runners working for the Pentagon. One less problem I need to worry about, now we're missing the three who work for the anti-villain league.”copyright protection4PENANAbTfgf5pYDk

“Three? I thought it was just Gru and Rex.”copyright protection4PENANATT2nIyWMkM

“Don't think, I don't pay you for that. I haven't discovered the identity of the third agent yet, but keep an eye out.”copyright protection4PENANApLF4z9u8At

Mrs. Yutani cut off the communication and Silvestre dos Caras closed the laptop abruptly.copyright protection4PENANAiLmx1CDqAg

“Penelope Pitstop.... you can't always save yourself.”copyright protection4PENANAKtaNRSmNEG

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAA4rg81pDaZ

Who will be the third spy? Vote and comment to find out!copyright protection4PENANA6sLt0N5EdF

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